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Prokofy Neva

My story is an antidote to these:



Gwyneth Llewelyn

Oh, not just "an antidote"!! It stands on its own as a great short story; with a nice touch with all those Snowcrash references :)

Granted, it's science fiction; wannabe griefers will never learn that they can get money simply by working... or that it can be so much fun, too!

Prokofy Neva

When you read the other stories, you realize why they cry out for alternative narratives.

cube inada

The funny part of all these "future" stories, is that they all rely upon "LL-Second Life Interface" to be around in the future and "as if" it's a viable future way.

Occam's Razor.

very Max Headroom...Video Stars:)

Prokofy Neva

Yes, because maybe we don't mind interfaces like you do, cube.

If you don't like interface, I dunno, go to real life? It's still available.

cube inada

"real life" has its own interfaces ..yes?

helen keller- tommy -c3


brinda allen

Very nice read Prok! Thank you,=^..^=

Darien Caldwell

I have to agree with Cube. Society has made it's choice already. The 'SL way' lost. But you can see the direction things are taking, and glimpse the future. Wii, Playstation, and XBox are leading the way to the virtuality of the future.

cube inada

i didnt say "society" has made any choice.... just the people who used the "second life" product and services offered by LL to date. They seem to be not satisfied with the results of it, and are creating its end.

other interfaces will be tried, other models to build either customers or communities or societies... my point was that "this" one, has shown it's major failings to most now- after 4-5 years, and in another few years, i think it'll be very hard to find any "active" oldbies...

one "failing" shown is that virtual worlds dont favor the idea or reality of oldbies..;)

only newbies...;)

Darien Caldwell

Doesn't matter if you said it. It's the reality. SL never caught on with society as a whole, because it doesn't meet their needs. The few like us who reveled in it, have all eventually come to see it's major flaws, and either turn our back on it, or turn against it.

Not satisfied is a good description.

Amanda Dallin

I don't think the interface for virtual worlds has been invented yet. At least not in a form that is workable and affordable. what we have now are flawed interfaces of varying usefulness depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

Very good story. enjoyed it


I really liked this. Nice read. ^_^

cube inada



what dont ya get prok?

show me a set uf "user gen" posters from the 30s-80s that ever "fought the remote/or knob/or tuner switch"

now GUNS. MISSILES.. those were INTERFACES that inspired art poster geeks to create.....very 1900s.-2000.;)

something has AMPLIFIED, somethign has CHANGED...an AGENDA has been released....

no rants, just facts... good or evil..? you choose.....

The LOLO Virtual Pet

Great little story Prok! More optimistic then Cubey's world....

All this short story writing I'm seeing other SL residents do lately, I'm tempted to write my own piece on SL's future scenario.

Happy to see the virtual pets business is still thriving after 2015 :)

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