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Ann Otoole InSL

The only way this country will be saved is if the DNC and GOP are both voted out every election to the extent they are so marginalized they lose the support of the corporate dollars. Vote out all incumbents. Never elect another democrat or republican until the 2 party system is destroyed.

When they start saying "in 2 years you have the right to vote us out but not now" then it is time to vote them all out. And the democrats have made such statements that we have no right to vote them out this time around.

Vote them all out.

Yes We Can.

cube inada

ive split my ticket between what Ive perceived as moderate democrats and moderate republicans for years....

to use Stewarts words..even when one "AMPLIFIES" a POV... it doesnt make it any better.

geeks should know that 11 on the amp -was a joke... not a business plan.... so sad

Joseph Ferraris

Voting democrat or republican is downright stupid. They both are bought and paid for by all the same people. The differ on only the unimportant issues, but they are all pro-war, pro-NAFTA, pro-GATT, pro-drug war, and pro-bigger government.

Ronald Hax

Wow, what a traitor to the party! Bow you head in shame and walk away.

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