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Victor1st Mornington

Insillico is dying...heard as much from a lot of used-to-be roleplayers that hung around the place.

If you go there now, about 60% of the "avatars" you see...are bots. It's not as if he hid them, they are all named the same, but it still put off a lot of would be roleplayers from staying there, they all went to Doomed Ship by the looks of it...

Prokofy Neva

I've heard this long complicated drama-story about unhappiness with the RP story itself there by the Insiliconners... I don't really get RP so I couldn't follow it. I find cyberpunk to be a really reductive, regurgitated, and redundant genre.

Ash Weststar

@ Victor1st Mornington

As an occasional visitor to In Silico, I haven't really seen a reduction in visitors, I do however know that it depends heavily on the day (Mon-Sun), time (More popular within American waking hours I found) and if there is an event going on.

I am aware of issues where people are getting annoyed by the non-roleplayers exploring, but this generally happens in a lot of RP areas, In Silico being well advertised/known does mean it gets a fair share of this, but this also translates into getting new role players in the In Silico world too, so not necessarily bad either.

The bots themselves have more or less always been there, I haven't seen the amount of them increase.

With regards to Doomed Ship, I haven't really seen many role-players that I encounter on In Silico on there (for one there is far more furs I find on doomed ship), so I suspect the communities are built up of quite different people.

My personal take on In Silico's visitors when it comes to traffic is that much like before, when they do get busy, the sims are maxed out resource wise periodically and wouldn't be able to handle more (reached user limit), which can be a dampener on some role play events - But I suspect other RP areas which are as popular would have these same issues on Second life. I find this an annoying circumstance because it forces role play areas to buy more simulators to compensate for the resource strain.

Henry Jiadom

Of course you will find disgruntled used-to-be roleplayers within a player base counting over 2500 people.
Nowadays i just hang out in Insilico when i am on SL but in my time i've played, which was over 2 years (left due to lack of SL time) i noticed most of the unhappy people lacked creativity or couldn't arrange their furry/vampire/godmod story with the insilico storyline.
Which left very creative and sophisticated characters to play with; this and the design is how Insilico stands out from the others, Doomed Ship is more a space/furry RP sim centered around sex.
Your claim "Insilico is dying" is way out there because the roleplay is completely optional, yet many people choose to do so on a daily basis, you can see yourself if you go there or on their community website.
All that aside - Insilico doesn't rely on the RP at all, it is one of best builds SL has ever seen and is still getting better. It has been featured countless times not only by LL but New York Times, NBC, BBC, architecture and SL blogs. The roleplay came much later and was a resident initiative.

te21dash Bade

The bots are NPCs and part of the story btw. http://insilico.gemini-cybernetics.net/ What has any of this to do with you getting griefed by freebie objects someone rezzed in a sandbox, not knowing what the objects are doing? Sometimes you are such a noob.

Prokofy Neva

Um, it's not just "someone" or "not knowing what the objects are doing". It's the tour guide of Insilico, an Emerald dev, who feels absolute impunity, and the object is a device sending out AIDS and BIG NIGGER DICK textures just like the Patriotic Nigras.

I had never really looked into how much Emerald was intertwined with Insilico, but of course it was, with Skills Hak being the prime connection.

Insilico doesn't interest me. I find dystopian models and "totalitarian chic" to be insipid and boring when it isn't outright a danger to freedom, not to mention civility.

I've heard other people complain more about Insilico lately, I merely report it. Obviously it will have its fierce defenders and of course it is propped up by the Lindens.

Corsi Mousehold

You know Prok. I got the exact same thing from the exact same person. I am Corsi Mousehold. You know what I did instead of bitching about it like a child and blogging on it to make the person look bad? I IMed them and talked to them politely explaining what happened and what was going on.

And you know what? She deleted it and it all stopped.

So do yourself a favor and think before you trash someone.

Or better yet just shut the hell up in the fist place and make Second Life a better place for everyone.

Prokofy Neva

Oh, fuck no.

People grief me like that -- starting up after a long period of not griefing me because the Linden banned all their mains -- and *keep* griefing me repeatedly over several days? I abuse report, I publicize, I shed LOTS OF SUNLIGHT on this fact and I scream LOUD AND HARD. That's how you deal with fucktards like this, not by suffering in silence and thinking that you can "reason" with them or that they will "go away".

The act of griefing of THIS TYPE -- sending the PN textures repeatedly in *this way* -- isn't like some casual thing, like some "kids just getting up to hijinx". It's deliberate, methodical, and purposeful. It's done to try to silence critics and remove dissent from online worlds. So no fucking way will I shut up.

You're one of the griefers themselves, often making common cause with them, colluding with them in fact. No doubt you've griefed me on alts I'm not aware of.

What was going on was Emerald was flexing their muscles and getting more sales for CDS Gemini and whatever else they're into.

So move along, Corsi MousenotMan, nobody listens to you here.

Eli Schlegal

"You're one of the griefers themselves, often making common cause with them, colluding with them in fact. No doubt you've griefed me on alts I'm not aware of."


Eli Schlegal

This thread delivers! Classic Prokofy. "If I say you are a griefer, then you are a griefer... because I said so.
AR,AR,blog blog blog. Who should I accuse next?"

Prokofy Neva

As is known, I have two simple rules on my blog:

1) you have to use a valid first and last SL or RL or bloggers' name

2) you cannot cause or incite damages to me or others.

Mio caused and incited damage to me and others, so he cannot post here.

His self-serving bullshit has been removed.

He didn't just "accidently rez" an item once. He deliberately deployed it again and again and again for three days running. When I came in person and told him I was ARing him, he feigned ignorance, although he was caught red-handed. That he was even playing with this spamming device in the first place casts his whole fake narrative into doubt at the get-go. He's simply another lying Emerald thug like the other lying Emerald thugs we've seen in the news before him.

These are the kinds of people who enjoy impunity with the Lindens.

Prokofy Neva


Um, yeah, right, fuckface.

Somebody who bombards your account with BIG NIGGER DICK from an obvious griefer object for three days running isn't a griefer.

Arabella Steadham

Mio was never an emerald dev, she was user support role inworld

Eli Schlegal

Nice job Henry. It's good that the truth wasn't covered up.

Corsi Mousehold

I can't let this go Prok. Nor will I. If you got your head out of your ass for long enough you would have realized that this object comes up every so often. About once every few months. I asked the lab to blacklist the item or at least get rid of as much as they could. Once I did it pretty much stopped. Why did I do this and not castrate the people rezzing them? Simple. It wasn't their fault.

The BND gun that has the bullet that sends the textures to us, was given away as one last final fuck you from the PN's to haunt us for years after they left. Why do I know this? Because instead of doing the usual Prokofy thing of screaming out and pointing at a person then spamming abuse reports until my fingers bleed, I did the Corsi Mousehold thing and I asked where they got it, How they got it, what place did they get it from, and so on. I got answers and apologies.

The object was stuck in a box along with other curiosities. None of which were griefer tools. Just randomly one item amongst a bunch of others named Big nigger Dick. Curiosity makes people want to see what is going on so ... They check out this curious item and it spams us. They have no idea.

And I'm sorry but it's hard to not believe someone that never uses it after you tell them what it does. Mio hasn't used the thing since. Nor do I think she would.

Grow up Prok. And take the sand out of your vagina.

Starry Shippe

Arabella your word is about as good here as it was in second life. I am in the least bit surprised that mio has been abusing people because he did it to thousands and he had the dev powers to kick me as well as thousands of other users out of the emerald group during the fall of emerald. Don’t remember huh? Trying to block it out of your memory? Let me refresh it. You remember mio modularsystems AKA mio vespucciano going on a rampage with you kicking members out of the group. Or perhaps these transcripts will refresh your memory.
[14:20] Eternal Rage: [14:18] Mio ModularSystems: You have been ejected from 'Emerald Viewer' by Mio ModularSystems.
[14:22] Tegwenn McMahn: [14:22:05] Mio ModularSystems: You have been ejected from 'Emerald Viewer' by Mio ModularSystems.
[14:23] Distracting Nighbor: [14:22] Mio ModularSystems: You have been ejected from 'Emerald Viewer' by Mio ModularSystems.
[14:23] Lina Midal: [14:22] Gary Moody: [14:21] Mio ModularSystems: You have been ejected from 'Emerald Viewer' by Mio ModularSystems.
[14:24] Silk Hansome: Mio Modular Systems is sending all of us im's telling us that
[14:24] Distracting Nighbor: [14:22] Mio ModularSystems: You have been ejected from 'Emerald Viewer' by Mio ModularSystems.
[14:24] Tegwenn McMahn: STOOOOOOOOOOP !!
[14:24] Tengu Yamabushi: [14:23] Mio ModularSystems: You have been ejected from 'Emerald Viewer' by Mio ModularSystems.
[14:24] Rihana Sands: gee i'm gone and i didn't say a word!
[14:26] Richard Untermeyer: who the fuck is Mio working for now!
[14:28] Fangorn Dengaku: i think i'll file an AR about Mio
[14:31] Hideaki Wirefly: what's this? [14:20] : You have been ejected from 'Emerald Viewer' by Mio ModularSystems.
[14:38] Hideaki Wirefly: Mio ModularSystem kicked me out
[14:50] Ambrosia Kamala: "Mio ModularSystems: You have been ejected from 'Emerald Viewer' by Mio ModularSystems." <<<----- WTH is this?????
[14:52] Lucas Teatime: Oh so Lame Mio.......
[15:29] Orlaith Haalan: So Mio ModularSystems is a bad dev?
[15:29] Porsha Moran: Yes she is.
[16:15] Elixa Voss: yes Mio ModularSystems tried to sabotage the group I thnk.
I do not remember any support role people having a modularsystems last name. Mio was one of those bad devs that thought he could do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted so don’t give us that bullshit about how innocent he was when it’s right here in black and white. Go back to the little hole you have been sitting in since your permaban and let the rest of us enjoy our second life.

Prokofy Neva

Eli's creepy stalking and unseemly support for Emerald griefers is so noted.

There isn't any "cover up of the truth". We get it that Mio has turned in a fake apology and fake explanation. He can put it on his own blog. It's removed from my site because griefers don't get to post here when they incite or cause me damages in RL or SL. End of story.

As for Amanda's difference between "dev" and "user support" -- snort. A distinction without a difference. This user support tour guide knows the ins and outs of the programming as well. Don't take us for children.

Prokofy Neva

No, Corsi, YOU grow the fuck up, you raging asshole griefer suck-up. You're disgusting.

There's no way this was an accident. I went there an personally confronted Mio. I saw him spamming me, caught him in the act, and came there. I told him he was abuse reported for spamming.

He didn't stop, he didn't say, "huh"?, he didn't say "Oh, this must be coming from this object without my knowledge". Not at all. Because that's all bullshit.

Instead, he continued to spam and grief me for the next two days with the same object, demonstratively, sending me hundreds of obscene and racist textures filling my inventory and email offline.

Sorry, that's not a mistake, it's deliberate, and making up stories about it doesn't change it.

The object isn't "stuck in a box with other items". The item itself is one that performs this function as you can see from the chat spam.

Of course, there's a curious lack of curiosity about why an Emerald "helper" is mucking around with griefer objects like this in the first place.

For three fuckign days.

Eli Schlegal

Prok... Stop deleting Mio's side of the story.
"Hi Profoky I am Mio Vespucciano . I would like to clear this matter up in the most efficient way possible. I would like to first apologize for any grief that you may have experienced as a result of me rezzing an object in a sandbox that had your avatar key attached to it which in turn spammed you. I had no idea until Corsi Mousehold (who was also a victim of this) pointed it out to me. When she IM’d me and explained what was going on I immediately deleted the object from my inventory, this was as of yesterday. As a result of me doing this I can assure you that you will not get spam from me ever again. I have absolutely nothing against you personally. I do not know who you are and you and I have never spoken before. This was by no means an intentional act. I am not in secondlife to grief anyone and as far as I know I have no enemies here and I treat people with the same respect that they give me. Anyone who knows me can surely attest that I do not play childish pranks on people; I’m too involved with maintaining my store MiYaZi and building to be bothered with wasting my time griefing someone I do not know. I would like to reiterate what Corsi stated earlier. If you would have just talked to me and explained to me that you were getting spammed by this object from the first day that it happened you could’ve saved yourself a lot wasted blog text as this issue would’ve been resolved expeditiously. The Object no longer exists in my inventory and once again I sincerely apologize for causing you grief."

Eli Schlegal

So I did a Yahoo search for Mio Modularsystems and everything that came back pointed to that person being a Support person and not a dev. It looks like Mio was a contact person for Japanese speaking Emerald users that needed support. That hardly sounds like a developer or a griefer for that matter. On the cached version of the Modular Systems web site I found a reference to a Second Life Emerald support group being closed due to the fact that it had been taken over by griefers. That would certainly explain mass people getting ejected from a group... that's what happens when groups are closed.
The page says

"In world Support Groups:

Warning: The group named "Emerald Viewer" has been compromised by griefers, we suggest to our users that they leave that group immediately.
Emerald Support - German (Lead by PixelProphet Lane)
Emerald Support Japanese (Lead by Mio Vespucciano)"

I never used the Emerald viewer myself... but I would never imply that every single person involved with it was a griefer. To do so just makes yourself look ignorant.

Prokofy Neva

1. Mio isn't just some support person. He is a tour guide for Insilico as you can see from his profile. He is intimately involved in the Emerald and Insilico projects. The very fact that he was fiddling with a scripted object in a sandbox wearing a duck avatar lets you know what kind of script kiddie he is. He may not be some crack programmer. But he's not some untechnical person assigned to answer dumb user questions with a handbook, that's retarded.

2. Yes, he's a griefer. He griefed me for three days with PN spam deliberately.

3. Others have come forward and pointed out some of his abusive practices in the past.

Emerald on the whole was notable for the fact that its devs personally, in a very hands-on and repetitive way, practiced griefing directly against me and others. That's not usually how the open source thugs operate. They usually go to the trouble to make alts.

Whenever a script kiddie like this tells you "warning, this viewer is compromised by griefers" you have to role your eyes and head for the hills. It's usually fake, and it's often an elaborate ruse. That the brand name Emerald could so easily be infiltrated by griefers -- Woodbury and PN -- is simply because they made common cause with them, pure and simple, and then sometimes, they had their own internal quarrels, but that doesn't take away from their essentially criminal nature.

The Emerald operation in SL was purely and intentionally criminal from the start, up and down the chain, in all aspects. The devs got their start making ripper and griefing viewers. They made a more popularized viewer but then merely used their popularity to start a new enterprise selling protection from griefing and copying that they themselves made.

These people are through-and-through, hands-on thugs. I witnessed this personally, I saw how they operated throughout their entire sojourn in SL, I saw how Rodney Linden, their big champion, and Skills Hak who was supposedly "never a griefer" operated (he joined griefers to harass me personally one day on Alston so that's a lie).

These people cynically phoned home and datamined; they cynically harassed a fellow griefer who was five minutes before that their friend and fellow sandboxer, Blak Hax, all of this is known and documented.

The only reason several of them remained in SL is that they were too big to fail, and the Lindens benefit from the land-office business of the CDS Gemini device and the Insilico build, ideologically and financially. That's all. Too big to ban.

That you persist in trying to whitewash these thugs lets us know you're one yourself. You're also a big fat goon who has no girlfriend and is a loser. Get a life.

Prokofy Neva

Proof of the intertwined nature of Emerald with Woodbury and PN griefers is the Emerald devs' setting up of an "outpost" in the sim of Ravenglass on the Woodbury griefing-parcel that was bought to harass me. Skills Hak and all the other griefing devs came their frequently to fly around and cavort with the Woodburies.

Eli Schlegal

I'm not trying to whitewash anything. All I'm saying is, I don't see this as a case of griefing. You have no proof that it was intentional. Pretty soon you will be saying that anyone that even used the emerald viewer is a griefer. (Oh wait... I forgot, you also claim that nobody used it. LOL) I don't doubt that you have been griefed in the past. (possibly by people related to Emerald, maybe not) You invite it by the way you treat people and then you perpetuate it by publicizing it on a blog.

Prokofy Neva

Um, when you *fly to the griefer object, catch the griefer in action, and tell him you are abuse reporting him* and he *keeps doing this for three days, I guess it's safe to say it's deliberate, and the cover story is fake.

My griefing from Emerald is well documented. The Lindens properly disciplined them. All the main devs grief me. Even the lovely Arabella *snort* moved into Ravenglass to stalk me because I didn't realize she was with them at first -- I don't police and examine tenants in that way.

Lonely Bluebird and Discrete Dreamscape, by their own admission, came and killed some 50 chickens on my sim of Belarus last year. Others like Phelan also harassed me and it's all well documented.

What you are doing is justify griefing by saying that it's ok, if it is used to harass me for my blog writings.

You're claiming that my normal and critical and legitimate blog writing somehow "incites" and then "deserves" griefing.

You then imply that somehow recording this harassment of me "perpetuates" griefing.

And all of that is what I call *inciting or causing RL or SL damages*.

It incites damages against me to continually suggest, as you have done, that I "deserve to be griefed". It's like the concept that a woman in a skimpy skirt "deserves to be raped".

It implies that my critical blogs somehow "incite griefing" and therefore "should be griefed" -- and also that reporting on this fact then inspires -- and deserves more griefing.

This is what Cristian and Aimee Weber did with the issue of griefing against me on a podcast once, implying that I incited harassment and deserved to be harassed. Few people seemed to grasp that these two were banned not because I didn't like them, or they were annoying, or because I found them offensive -- but because they deliberately sanctioned griefing against me. They made it out to be ok.

So when you do that, you get banned from my blog. End of story. Go form a pity party with your chubby pale Dale Innis Dale Chess, maybe he can give you some tips on getting laid.

Corsi Mousehold

You obviously don't get it Prok. Notice HEY YOU'RE NOT GETTING SPAMMED ANYMORE. Nothing's coming in. You think it's because of this blog? LOL no. No one cares about you.

When I finally got a hold of this person .... It stopped. Because I asked nicely. So I have to ask this ... How did you talk to them in the first place? Were you rude with them? Did you yell at them to make Mio want to just mute you to shut you up like thousands of others have?

I think the funniest thing I see here is this:

"1. Mio isn't just some support person. He is a tour guide for Insilico as you can see from his profile. "

So .... Mio isn't support but she does something that a support person would do. GOT IT. THANKS FOR CLEARING THAT UP! I would go ahead and discredit everything else but I think I did that already when I pointed out that she deleted the object because I asked her nicely to do so. Yet you call her a griefer and a horrible person.

You're pointing a finger. Three are pointing back at you.

In short what I am saying there Prok is you are the number one biggest and and most damaging troll to ever have walked the entire second life grid. You are a horrific person, skirting the edge of griefing to the point of just staying barely on the proper side of the TOS for second life that there is no doubt in my mind, Linden Labs is just begging for you to fuck up once to get rid of you for good.

Stop trolling good people and get a damn First Life. At least try if your Depends will hold out long enough with all the shit you throw around.

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