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Prokofy Neva

Once again assfuck: Mio spammed me from an object for a prolonged time, I flew to the location and caught him in the act. I told him I was ARing him. He didn't say "Oh, I'm sorry" or "Oh, it's a mistake," but kept griefing me for the next two days, and was allowed to do so, despite my multiple ARs.

Pretending that being a guide to Insilico is somehow some lowly position which means he knows nothing about the Emerald viewer is fucking absurd. In fact, it merely shows a level of obsession and fanboydom that is typical of these sandbox furries.

Your implication that we have to ask griefers "nicely" before we can expect them to stop is justification of griefing. You don't ask someone politely to stop griefing when they've been doing that for one hour or three days. They shouldn't be playing with PN/Woodbury griefing devices in the first place.

In fact, anyone getting BIG NIGGER DICK in their box from an asshole like this would have every right to yell, and every right to AR them, and the fake apology served up here, and not inworld, doesn't cut it.

In short, you are justifying the griefing against me. You are saying that unless I ask "politely" for people to stop harassing me, they don't have to stop. You are excusing and protecting this griefer repeatedly.

So, bye from my blog, violation of rule 2, this is inciting damage against me. Go justify griefers on your own blog.

Arabella Steadham

I don't really care what any of your commentators have to say, and i will not participate in another circle jerk over second guessing about Emerald. I can only tell you yet again, Mio was not a dev, never was a dev, and there is quite a distinctive difference between someone giving user support and coding a viewer.

Dunderheaded buffoons.

Prokofy Neva

Um, duh, Arabella, you're such a loon.

We get all that.

That isn't the point.

You weren't a dev, *either*, cupcake. But you were in up to your ears in all the dev, er, "issues," and you knew the story. You were in charge of spinning it.

So people in this project who have "support" roles are not somehow not part of the conspiracy. And you know that.

And serving as a guide in Insilico doesn't make this person somehow "the help" unconnected to the core of the operation.

And NONE of this is relevant to the fact that he is a griefer and griefed me, except that it shows the nature of this thuggish bunch.

Which we knew already, thanks, in part to all the stunning youtubes and blogs you all produced of your drama.

I'm glad you were able to have your five minutes of puffing up and feeling oh-so-superior though Arabella, Lord knows you need a lift these days.

Kenshiro Toki

Prok, even though I know you will probably just ignore this, I will attempt to explain this as simply as I possibly can. Perhaps you will learn something.

You can't always assume...
1) that someone owning an object has any idea of what it really does, only what it apparently does. Especially true with no-mod scripts/objects.
2) that everyone who owns an object that is griefing you is aware that it is griefing you.
3) that every object which is doing anything you remotely don't like is griefing you (or is even targeted at you in the first place).
4) that the best way to deal with what you perceive as a griefer is to be an incomprehensible, accusatory asshole.

Even people who don't grief tell you that #4 is the worst possible thing to do. Even the JLU's manual say that the best first response to a perceived griefer is to explain calmly what the situation is and how they think he/she might be a part of it.

If you act like that to people who ARE griefers, then you are simply giving them what they want in the first place. If the people you are acting this way towards are NOT griefers (i.e. the majority of individuals you bring up in these blogs), then they have no reason to help you and are justified in muting/kicking/banning.

It amuses me how now Corsi is somehow "causing or inciting damages" against you by explaining to you in simple terms that you don't have all of the information, and are ONCE AGAIN aggravating the issues instead of trying to solve them.

I do find it rather telling that instead of posting chat logs per your usual method, you are instead retelling the story as you want it to be. Even though usually your chat logs do nothing to vindicate your position, it seems kind of fitting that you weren't able to produce those this time around.

Prokofy Neva

No, Kenshiro, you're full of shit.

You're showing the usual script kiddies' tendency to justify and excuse criminality, and apologizing for griefing instead of condemning it by trying to find some edge case for it.

Somebody in the *Emerald group* whether or not they are a "dev" or a "user helper" or "tour guide" knows what objects do. You, like others, are showing an appalling lack of curiousity or accountability for the fact that Mio is coming into possession of PN/Woodbury/b-tard etc objects in the first place! These are known quantities and have been used countless times to grief people.

When a person gets a visit right from the object's URL (it's chatting and spams IMs into my email so I can locate it instantly), and I tell him that I'm IMing him, and he's standing there with the object in edit mode, and he goes on doing this for three days, I have no grounds to believe "it's an accident". I simply don't believe that it is.

As for the chat record, it was not an IM between two people, but room chat, i.e. said there on the sim, so I didn't save it. There's no master record of open chat that I'm aware of nor that I keep. The system enables you to keep chat only with an individual in IM, and you'd have to be cutting and pasting on the spot to keep it in room chat. It simply didn't occur to me that I'd have to prove anything and have to save chat in this instance.

I have to marvel that you'd be such a fucking retard that you'd imagine that an object that sends me textures BIG NIGGER DICK and AIDS with is somehow merely an object "doing something I don't like". It's an object griefing me, and as it turned out, others. Naturally, one has to wonder why, if Corsi Mousehold "politely IM'd" this guy and said, hey, you're sending out PN spam, could you please stop (!), then why...he kept doing this for two days to me.

Likely finally the Lindens caught up with him after a number of ARs. Or perhaps he finally decided to excercise a little more curiosity about his script kiddie sandbox toys he had received from other assholes in Emerald, if we are to believe the theory -- but I don't. We near learn why it is that Mio needs to be standing in edit mode with something named "Nippon Supa Baru Test 1" in the first place, eh? Again, awfully curious lack of curiosity about that.

Incomprehensible, accusatory asshole?

No, nothing incomprehensible about being equal, opposite, forceful and as much of an asshole as you need to be to get the message to the sandbox set that they cannot grief you. This is a very common form of griefing. The Lindens have helped mitigate it by making it possible now to locate the object (you couldn't before) and the owner -- before it would show only the creator of the object (that's how griefers set it up, to distract from their own spamming by making it seem someone else, usually someone not even in SL any more, or Philip Linden, or whatever, were spamming you.

Um, the Emerald devs and their helpers ARE griefers. This is has been amply established. Um, that's why so many of them are banned. The few that remain have some "in" with the Lindens we can't fathom. This is like pretending that someone in the Woodbury group isn't a griefer but just using their sandbox *cough*.

I don't care what the JLU manual says. They are griefers themselves only in reverse. I do it my way. Equal, opposite, persistent force -- and publicity, publicity, publicity. That's what works.

It's hardly the case that the "majority" of people I expose here are "not griefers". Of course they are when they grief. Those who behave like assholes in some given situation (various rental dementia types may not be griefers, but they are still assholes doing asshole stuff that needs to be exposed).

You don't reason with, negotiate with, apologize to, mediate with people playing with griefing objects that send you BIG NIGGER DICK spam. You abuse report them, you go to the site and confront them, AR them again as it continues, and you expose it and publicize it. Sometimes it's not worth bothering with. Sometimes it is. This is a time when it is, because it involves remnants of Emerald in SL that, given a chance and indulged in the slightest, will pick up griefing and harassing again in a heartbeat. I don't intend to allow them to do that.

Corsi isn't telling me that I don't have all the information; he's imposing his spin on this incident with the laughable gap in his story that can't explain why, if he called this idiot Mio and told him to stop spamming, why *I* would continue to get spam days later from the same object ROFL.

Furthermore, Coris, like Eli Schlegel, makes the same reasoning: that I deserve to be griefed and that I should "politely ask griefers to stop" or I deserve to *go on* being griefed.

Sorry, but under my rules, that's inciting damage and i'm not required to keep publishing it on my blog.

You have the same extremist geek view of griefers that enables them to be indulged and to spread that we see in Lindens and in the various freaks that supported the Woodbury invasion of SL. You imagine that publicizing and condemning crime makes it spread, when in fact it is the indulgence that makes it spread. Intimidating people into silence about crime in the belief it will stop it is one of the worst disservices the open source set does to SL, and I'm not required to buy into that fallacy, and don't.

In combatting griefing for some five years in SL, here's what I found has worked, over and over:

o careful documentation and abuse reporting, over and over

o community bans for cause, not pre-emptive banning using tools like Ban Link

o open groups where people feel free to come and go but also have a stake in making sure that people who grief are banned, and help with the banning for cause

o no use of security orbs and bounce scripts which just aggravate people

o no use of security services or weapons which only attract more violence

o ignoring griefing that is one-off or not worth bothering with because it's just an individual with a beef against another individual and not part of a systematic attack

o strategic publication of griefing when it is part of a systematic, organized griefing group

o assiduous work to document all the griefing acts of a group and make the case that the group itself has to be banned when a significant number of group members aren't merely "guilty by association" but are actively associated with guilt by participation

o occasional petitions or emails to Lindens when they don't respond and more publicity

o empowering individuals to take care of their own anti-griefing measures with autoreturn, turning off particles during attacks, etc. so that they don't feel helpless and rely on security devices or groups

o uncompromising resistance to those who grief, and refusal to accept apologies, offers of "working together," accepting "security help" or other bullshit -- none of this works and is merely setting up the next round of griefing

And that's what I swear by.

Breen Whitman


Big Nigger Dicks 4. I think I have that one on DVD.

bob bobb

Mio isnt a coder OR a dev. She's almost too dumb to even greif someone on purpose unless its face to face. As far as an apology goes, she's literally insane. Bi-polar, schizophrenic. Thinks she "knows" people and how they feel, "knows" their secret fragile feelings. Give me a break. Anyways, I bet she did do it, then realized she couldnt stop it until she got help from Lonely BB. I dont know how she got in the Emerald ranks or INsilico tour guide position (I'd say greeter, and I think she invented this position herself) other than having friends and doing things nobody else wants to, but she's a mean, viscious, vengeful person. That being said, with her schizophrenia, she probably has no idea how much of a bitch she really is, and her apology was probably genuine. I've known her a long time, and she has enough friends that I'm safe in saying this about her without being greifed (Also dont know of her ever greifing anyone unless its a mutual joke face-to-face playing with inventory items). So, shut up already. Nobody cares, and Skills quit the emerald team BEFORE the "DDoS" attacks (what computer-illiterate people classify the event as) happened. Stop using your blog as a "war machine", you have no soldiers for it.

Amanda Dallin

"There's no master record of open chat that I'm aware of nor that I keep. The system enables you to keep chat only with an individual in IM ..."

Actually there is a log of open chat. You can activate it in Preferences under the privacy tab in a V2 viewer or the Communications tab of an old style viewer. It shows up in the same file as the IM chat under the file name Chat. I believe you have to be logged in with the old style viewers to change it but not on the V2 viewers. I've found it useful a couple of times.

Sure it's possible that someone could open up a griefing device by accident but they don't keep using that device over and over no matter how forcefully their told to stop. Prok should not have to put up with the griefing.

Prokofy Neva

I realize that Amanda. But 1.23 doesn't seem to have that anymore. It used to show up in the user/app/roaming etc folders as one big long scroll of world chat as distinct from IMs, but I don't see it there any more.

Again, why can't anybody become more curious about why this Emerald operative is playing with PN griefing objects in the first place?!

We've all had the experience where we get something that has some particle spammer in it we didn't realize -- we immediately delete it.

This didn't have particles -- but by clicking on it and seeing it in edit -- and our Emerald script kiddie was putting it in edit mode as I arrived -- you can see that it has those textures. You'd have to be totally ignorant not to realize what it was. To run it for days and not realize. To get a complaint from Corsi even ("asking nicely) and *still keep fiddling with it and griefing me and no doubt others. That takes a special kind of deep hubris, arrogance, assholery and indifference to others' harm -- which of course, was what was present in the first place by even getting these griefing kits and fiddling with them.



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