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tonights "pbs- "american experience" was a recap of the TRIANGLE SHIRT WAIST FIRE -1910.

commerce is community..but mechanized, and dehumanized it can become the medium- consumerism. maybe there is another word...? but creative commerce alone cant stand--like a 2 legged stool.;)

early jaron lanier hippie dippy vr writing was all about his dream for human scale virtuality expressed.... of course without hard work towards that end- all we got was technolgy scale vr...

it's consuming us.

Ann Otoole InSL

botgirl smells of hamlet.

Prokofy Neva

You know, that's odd, Ann. I think Botqirl is just some IT guy who I think people have met in RL, no? I mean, he's somebody who is known *not* to be Hamlet. I may be hallucinating that, however, as I don't see it written on his blog.

My gut is that he is NOT Hamlet. You know why? Hamlet is a fairly lazy journalist. He will not go out and write copy for free. He's not the type to muse off-hours for free on a blog. He's someone who produces as little as he has to just to keep his column barely warm.

So I can't imagine him going to the trouble of creating and maintaining and writing about Botqirl, unless that was somehow some company's plan, to pay him for doing that -- and I find that really hard to believe.

So -- hmm.

Ann Otoole InSL

ah because it must be a dread HBGary conspiracy! j/k

yea you are right. the only place you find hamlet has a ridiculous number of page view ads.

Debbie Trilling

I sincerely hope that Rodvik Linden not only reads your notecard letter, but actually *gets* it.




the mistake of the amature creative.;)

id rather see charlie sheen on metanomics... hes a pro.

chiropractic ads

Living in this house in Mill on prosperity than those who work in factories or dissolution of a small tack Ticky unit property or apartment in one hand, never found prosperity.

melbourne alarms

It contributed to the credit crisis and housing market collapse and looming ecological crisis to contribute. But I think there is no consumption of the negative aspects of RL to play in the virtual world.

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