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Ann Otoole InSL

If google is found to be censoring content for unethical reasons and it gets into the major news services then yahoo and bing will get to compete for the space google left as their stock value evaporated overnight and the company lost all their assets. And believe me bing would put a lot of effort into putting google away because bing (Microsoft) has the cash to do it if they get the dirt.

Since LL is a walled garden they can do whatever they choose. There is no viable competition yet. But competition is on the horizon now.


well we all know that LL buys at JC Penny.:)


Also twitters getting into the "value of like" vs. the value of fact....

Orwell would be so proud.



looks like others who write, er "slave" for a living are a little peeved at the CBM and Huffingtons 315M payout-er payday.

it not like web2.0 as a biz plan is anything new to all these "journalists" right?..

"ooh shiny...cant see truth....lol"

Prokofy Neva

Magnet healing lol.

You're hilarious.

That reminds me of one of the staples for the butt end of the Russian news show I used to work for -- Magnet Boy of Magnitogorsk. You could put 88 spoons on him to hold, he was magnetic lol. His grandma used to put spoons all over him.



they had a "magnet" guy on the cable tv show "STAN LEES REALIFE SUPER HEROES"....lol no shit.

they would "test" the claims of the super powers...


magnet guy just sweat alot.:)

alchemy--tribal --post literate its all that burning man junk left over from Marin in the 1970s;)

The History Channel..lol its full of make believe puesdoscience..ancient aliens, ghosts,and secret societies...

virtuality trumps reality every time.

Brought to you by Q-ray bracelets v.20 -now using "algorithms".;)

Laetizia Coronet

But Ann Otoole, Google already has their hands in the search results in certain ways. There is for example Google Suggest, the search words they suggest to you when you've half typed something in the search box.
In Dutch Google there is this little thing I noticed yesterday.
When I type (the Dutch equivalent of) 'criticism of is', it suggests 'Islam' or 'ISO'. When I then add an r to make '... isr', it stops suggesting anything.
(Oddly enough English/American Google does suggest 'criticism of Israel'.)
I'm not one for conspiracy theories, and I am certainly no believer in any crazy antisemitic 'the Jews control it all' crap, so I'll leave any conclusion up to the reader. But it's known that they game the suggestions.

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