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Ann Otoole InSL

LL doesn't care what you say. They have official block lists. Anyone critical of @rodvik 's little company gets silenced.

Nothing will change.

Prokofy Neva

What are these "official block lists" of what you speak. You mean the way LL used to blog the visiblity of the Herald from inside the Lab? Well that's silly, Lindens would read it on their own time anyway.


"o They added some changes to the TOS about not collecting data about avatar alts inworld -- that was a sop to the Red Zone Revoltion. Yet it's fairly worthless as I've explained, and it led to the Lindens doing another bad thing along the way, making it seem as if the zone for chat log privacy concerns is the wide Internet, and not just their servers and the context of Second Life (the removed the phrase "In Second Life and on the Second Life forums" from the text of the CS.)"

Actually that is moved, not removed. It appears in paragraph 5 of the heading section


"All Second Life Community Standards apply to all areas of Second Life, the Second Life Forums, and the Second Life Website."

As to a list of RZ merchants, a list of merchants *not using RZ* does exist and is updated frequently. If you were to publish a RZ list yourself about folks using it, I am sure it would reach a very large audience.

Jasper Tizzy

I hear that the Lindens are going to add your name to the block list since you can't keep your trap shut long enough to catch a breath.

Prokofy Neva

? Add my name to what block list? for what?

Say, aren't you that person who scammed everybody in a bank or something?

Argus, I know about that. But I'm concerned about it. Because while it seems to remove it to the header to describe the entire environment, I'm worried about what it means when they pull it away from the context where it was clear before.

Also, before it was clear. That line now in par. 5 makes it sound like it *could* still apply *elsewhere*. That is the thrust of the meaning of par.5 is "it applies all over" not "it only apply here" in case you thought it only applied in the forums or only inworld.

Well I like the idea of a list of those NOT using RZ. Add me to that list. That's another way to do it.


Yes, I see what you mean but would hope that it coming at the beginning would emphasize it applying to all below. Will add you to the RZ Free list.

Ann Otoole InSL

twitter block lists Prok. If you can find lindens and try to follow and are blocked from almost all of them, and blocked from things like the snowstorm project twitter account, then you will know LL's actual leader, whoever that is, has ordered you be blocked and to be ignored and your emails filtered to trash because you are a critic. That must be Rod Humble's idea of improved lines of communication and transparency.

As for this:
"In this entire saga, I've never gotten the basic thing I need to fight this war right: a list of the major stores to boycott and urge my tenants to boycott."

Here you go: http://rzreports.tumblr.com/
And/Or follow http://twitter.com/#!/rzreports

There is a civil war in SL now. And every person using redzone or other spyware does not agree with the SL TOS at all. I won't be holding my breath for LL to get rid of the people that openly scoff at and violate the SL TOS.

Evil always wins in this backwards dimension.

Prokofy Neva

Thanks, that's very helpful.

I don't think I'm on the "block list" but I'll see.

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