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Prokofy Neva

It's not doing anything.

I dunno, maybe I should ask for my money back.

Actually, the instructions said it wouldn't do anything but would grow...very slowly....

I don't get how i'm supposed to snuggle with it.

Horus Vale

Prok - I guess you have to feed it to get it to grow. Now if you over feed it, does it blowup into a boulder? Or maybe it will change colors or crumble into sand, LOL. - Horus

Horus Vale

Prok - I went to visit your pet rock and it has indeed grown. It went from baseball sized to basketball sized in just this short time. Better watch out, at this rate you will have a huge boulder sitting there in no time flat. Hehe, its like the Blob. Its just keeps eating and growing bigger, LOL. - Horus

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