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Laetizia Coronet

I like CC on Flickr. I choose to share some photos with the world, either because I want to spread a certain message, or because I need to include them in a blog run by other people. Saves me the hassle of writing waivers and all that. It also serves when you want to make a name for yourself, just like freebies in SL serve to spread knowledge about your work.

CC is not 'all bad' and I don't think it can destroy an economy, or we'd all be driving around in Garth FairChang's old stuff. People who think they can undermine the economy by giving away stuff urgently need to get their head checked.
(And having been in the GDR in 1987 I can report that the chic clothing stores were full of the most mediocre dresses averaging at about a month of workers' wage each. Apparently even the glorious "Workers' and Farmers' State" was unable to produce freebies for the masses.)

Prokofy Neva

You know, Garth Fairchang was NOT one of those commies trying to destroy the economy. That would be really unfair. He ran a solid business making cool stuff like that plane that turned into a boat and a car, and he charged good money for it, and people paid good money -- it was great stuff.

He also offered a few things free as loss leaders to help newbies. He loved helping newbies. I recall him giving me a few things when I was new, and also explaining things to me and making a gift of some things that normally he sold.

The store he ran with Pituca, his RL wife, was right next to mine on the sim next to Ravenglass, so I went there and shopped all the time. I just loved it. It had cool houses, gadgets, etc. I took some of the low-cost things and spread them further in newbie communities and also advertised his store to people to go to.

So I don't put him in that category at all. There is a concerted group of people who deliberately undermined the economy -- and Ina is here to let you know she's one of them -- and they had some effect, but it was ultimately pointless.

As for CC "not being all bad," I simply disagree violently. It *is* all bad. It harms livlihood. There is no reason it couldn't put up a license "pay me and take a copy".

If there was a simple user interface to do that, we could tip and pay people much more easily and many more people would create.

But that wouldn't serve the comrades' ideological jihad. They want to destroy the connection between copyright and commerce -- full stop. That's what they are about.

The Soviet Union produced vast quantities of cheap bad stuff. The stores could be empty of real meat or real bread even, but it would have "tushonka," which were these stacks of cans of what was like Spam, only far worse.

There was always at least tushonka, if nothing else was there.

cube inada

Last week I "tried" to get a actual capitalistic buisness model out of Dassault (www.3dvia.com) visit to see CC gone mad.

i had a cleint looking to pay for software license, tool licenses for web3d....

they have no plan.. all they want to do is continue to have free models made by a few k kids... i couldnt get a marketing guy to market anything that would make then a dollar today... they dream of googlbucks tommorrow.

they are largest CAD software tool maker- today- they want to be i guess the owner of all virtual 3d objects tommorrow.

except for unity3d i cant find a web3d tool/ provider willing to "sell tools' to third parties to make business with... none... maybe flash 3d in a year, or some techies will all hack webgl into more vrml (1995 repeat) vc backs creative cough studios... all making demos again with dancing elves from 1996.

ive watched this dance with web3d /vc/ startups for 20 years now... i can list 100 companies that are gone and you never heard of before SL even was named....

nothing stops or changes... that photo of obama and the lords of virtuality will create the LYBIA USA in 30 years... but first we need to learn how to all live like slaves or serfs.

the greatest virtual lie was that run away capitalism( unregulted rape of resources at any cost) WON the cold war over russia... it meant we led the race to machine/media totalitatism...but we didnt win anything.

egypt really is the place to watch.. to see if you can have any sense in the age of "feeling" and technology to moderate it.

most chinese under 20 have no idea what the photo of the tank guy was at tienment... but then again, it was only 20 years after mao as well...

technology run by faithful leads to each decade appearing as a media myth of the unknown...

even this blog must feel it has to remind others of GOM... only 3 years after it happened in the deep history lost to the google relevance algorythm we now pray too for SEO pennie ot linden pennie "livings"...;)



Prokofy Neva

One of the Herald's most famous headlines, an issue they would always show framed at their parties:


Betrayed! Lindens Phuck Gaming Open Market!

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