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Ann Otoole InSL

If you were smart you would abandon all your land, tier down to zero, go basic, and effective eliminate your financial liability with LL. (As so many are currently doing)

This way, when all the big game companies sue the crap out of Linden Research Inc. for allowing a constant flow of stolen video game content into the SLM (for which LL is paid a commission thus abating their "safe harbor" under the DMCA) you won't be out anything when SL is shuttered.

Better wake up pal.


yeah.. sue the "competition" now that LL is in the "text adventure" romance game biz...

Marx Dudek

Why Linden Lab doesn't offer 4096m2 tier free to premium is beyond me.

Why be beholden to an intermediary landlord when you can - as much as is possible in a virtual world run by a corporation - claim your own personal private spot of land?

The rental fees paid to estate landlords is for nothing more than a convenience fee for predictability in homeowner/landscaping rules.

Desmond Shang

Citing Tyche Sheperd's gridsurvey.com ...

6.7% to 7.8% of Mainland by area is abandoned parcels (details - 2nd Jan 2012)

As of December 2011 38829 Linden Homes are occupied (details - 2nd Jan 2012)

* * * * *

If they really want to drive the mainland to insolvency via abandonment, or just plain turn it into a socially desolate wasteland before that... adding bigger, fancier Linden Homes is a GREAT way to do it.

Wouldn't be surprised if it happens, though. SL Marketplace has also obliterated a huge amount of commercial land plus all the inworld experiences that encompassed. Rather than reverse that trend they are improving SL Marketplace... so I'd almost count on enhanced Linden homes!

I'd be worried, but... I'm not. If I have to cut back my economic interests in SL, that's great ~ I have other businesses where I make money, and I can devote my energies where it makes sense. Deleting regions scales back tier instantly.

What's really sad though ~ I'm *very* cognisant that Caledon and its Steamlands neighbours have been getting GREAT press lately... there are a lot of rank and file Lindens that care deeply about us.

But it's been about like being served an elegant tea, while there's a bayonet stuck in your leg. It's *wonderfully nice*... but just not counteracting the twisting blade.

Seeing mainland abandonment anywhere even *near* 7%... while another 43% is directly Linden owned already... 50%! what a mess. That tells me that they really don't have any idea how to fix things, either. Sigh.

Prok, they really need to hire you as a consultant.

Prokofy Neva

Not only have you been getting great press lately, you got the Lindens to put you on the splash screen with some Caledon hunt. How did you do that?! Can you pay for that now or do you just have to be chosen?

Hire me as a consultant? But I could only counsel austerity measures for them -- like foregoing their greed on growing commissions from SL Marketplace for the sake of inworld stores and tier and long-term stability.


Ann, I don't think it's as constant a flow as your making it out to be. Yes, there are a few bad apples right now, which LL would be very wise to make examples of. Sooner than later. Surely ll can do a little research on these creators and not violate dmca. (even if they did the work for the game company that made character, it's the game companies' now, and not their's to distribute)

We will get better at recognizing rips inworld, as well. Poor lod, non SL optimized UV mapping and Material faces, etc. etc. will make them stand out.

I look to places like renderosity for examples. They still rely on dmca and safe harbor after years of uploaded 'mesh', and appear to be doing ok, still.

Because of DMCA, and safe harbor, things like this can fester. LL literialy can't be proactive. I think the best(only) thing we can do as a community, right now, is email legal departments owning the said rips. Hoping they submit their own DMCA takedowns.

On the linden home topic.. I wouldn't want to see that project expand past the 512 parcels they use now. They are a convenient limited taste of SL land ownership and(hopefully) people move up to bigger and better locations. That size limit is the Only thing seperating linden homes from private estates and mainland. Well, besides the customer service a private rental business provides. If they grow beyond 512s I feel it starts getting very unfair. But, in all reality, it's not that hard to compete against linden homes in their current form, and perhaps their proposed future form. Just answer customer IMs and you've beat them! Lol


Will they make the parcels larger and/or add more prims?

Yes, they will. But it will only be for a Linden Home deal not if you own regular mainland.

The best deal for them would be to stamp out land for every premium in an instanced area. Just like regular games do. I'm surprised that they did not.

That being said, I don't think they will ever turn off mainland. If they get it all back it will be turned into something that will benefit their cronies.


Desmond Shang

Honestly Prok it wasn't my idea at all, it surprised me too to see it up there.

Last I looked they are promoting New Babbage now.

Perrie Juran

In general I am against the Linden Home feature as it has been implemented.

As a businessman I have been in the position where my supplier also became my competitor and it is very difficult, especially when they began underselling me.

Some customers came back because of the added value services we provided, namely SUPPORT. (There is a great thread on this subject right now in the official forums http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/What-is-Live-Chat-for/td-p/1391405 ).

Linden Lab has done themselves a great dis-service by cutting the hand that feeds it with the Linden Labs. Because SL is so dependent upon the concept of a gift economy they are ill advised to ignore the contributions Land Lords make beyond just their tier payments. Many Land Lords also become the go-to person with questions for their renters, especially newbs. It is added value service that is very important to SL's stability and growth.

If anything, the Linden Home should have been a 'Time Limited' offer. Free place to live for say six months, then get them off of the government teat.

I can as a salesperson understand the concept of getting a person to take 'possession' of your product as a sales tool. So I can see the value of the Linden Homes in this sense. But again, it should have had a time limit on it.

Prokofy Neva

Perrie, yes, that's a good idea, to make it free for 90 days or something, but then, most people would not take it. They don't like the idea of moving. I've found that to be true when I've offered people even an entire year for a low cost of a dollar a prim. They act as if they will put down roots on their 512s which of course they seldom do once they are acclimated a little more.

I think LL wouldn't have takers if they had that time limit. Would it work better this way (although not in our interest): free land when you are new, but after 90 days, the premium fee kicks in? That might work.

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