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Tanaya Baxton AKA Queenie Danick

First I'd like to thank the person who came to my IM and directed me to this blog, whom also knows you for the moronic asshole that you really are. Secondly I'd like to thank your stupid ass Prokofy for showing the rest of your readers and teanants what a fucking idiot you are, as you have saved me a whole lot of time and energy from doing so myself *smiles*.

I wont explain shit to you because obviously you're an imcomprehensible fucktard with the brain of a mosquito and even still that's giving your ignorant ass too much fucking credit. But I will however explain to your readers. As you all can see, I respectfully asked Prokofy to simply move a tree out of the way because it was blocking my view as well as blocking my plans for what I wanted to do as far as decorating. The lot was not being used by anyone and the owner of the tree was no longer around as prokofy stated himself. So, if the lot is EMPTY and the owner is NO LONGER AROUND then what is the got damn problem in getting rid of a tree so that new tenant who is paying(and I paid for a month might I add) can enjoy the space? Make's a lot of sense right? Uhh, No! I'm sure his lame ass argument will be that I was not renting the space but guess what, neither was anyone else and I would have willingly payed for that space as well as my plan was to already tell him that I wanted to purchase more prims because I knew going in that 937 werent going to be enough for me to play with.

As far as the neighbor's land overlapping my land, that is exactly what it was doing but it's pretty apparant this sloppy son of a stupid bitch does not know how to form a square...major fail from a major moron!! So because I'm a paying tenant who wanted to have a tree moved out the way and have my property lines corrected, he(she or it), felt the need to get snappy with me and call me out of my name first. I'm not sure what it is about this tree and why he didn't want to move it since it was not being used by anyone. But I'm gonna just go ahead and assume that maybe he was having some sort of "relations" with that tree..sorta like how most other dogs have with trees...I don't know.

But the one good thing that I can say about this ignoramous is that he sure knows how to open up his own ass and fuck himself in it all while forgetting to lube up first. He claims he likes to make money but yet he rather lose money over a fucking tree. Obviously he has nothing else in life to hold on to so he needs that one ugly ass little tree to possess over. So folx this is what all this little drama is over...a little insecure man possessing over a ugly ass tree, pfft!

Now prokofy back to your extra stupid ass! I don't know who the fuck you think you are, but I will show you who the fuck you aren't... you aint shit bitch, you lose!!! You better go get your life and watch who the fuck your talking to and while you at it go get yourself a lesson on customer service skills cause you aint got it sweety.

Thanx again for posting this you big dummy, you just saved a few potential renters from ever having to deal with your stupid ass. HA!

And Thanx again to this person who's name I will not ever mention as you requested..
[19:23] (NAME WITHHELD): Hi, I thought I'd mention to you that Prokofy has posted your IM on his blog. I wanted to tell you about it, but please don't bring my name into it. I don't know him, I don't want to know him, I just know he has been very horrible with some of my friends as well.

Now that you've fucked yourself prokofy, go ahead and give yourself a big Kudos and slap ya ass cheeks bitch!!

Tanaya Baxton AKA Queenie Danick

So you want to erase my comments because your a weak ass punk who's afraid of the truth...typical punk ass move from a man with a pussy!!

Tanaya Baxton AKA Queenie Danick

As I stated before my first comment was deleted by a weak ass punk...
First I would like to thank the person whom sent me an IM about this blog and my conversation
with prokofy being posted and whom along with others know about what a first class idiot that
prokofy is. Secondly, I would like to thank you prokofy for letting it be know to everyone here
what a idiot you are as well *smiles*.
I wont waste my time trying to explain anything to you being that your a imcomprehensible dumb
fuck with the brain of a mosquito and even still that's giving you way too much credit. However
I will explain it all to your readers and tenants....
I rented some land from prokofy which had a small empty lot that was directly in front of it
which was not being used or rented. I simply and respectfully asked if he could move the tree
and I asked this because for one the tree was blocking the view as well blocking my plans for
decoration. He did not want to move the tree so then I simply asked him if he could at least
move the tree over and he didnt want to do that either. Now mind you all, I am a new paying
tenant(I paid for a month might I add) and all I want to do is enjoy the land that I have just
paid for. So why is it such a problem to move the got damn tree out of the way of a non rented
space, a space that he even said I could use might I add??? Then he start's with the insults
because I asked for a tree to be moved? Please! I'm sure his lame argument will be that I'm
not renting that space. Well guess what...I would have even paid to rent that space as well,
as my plan was to already pay extra for more prims because I knew that going in 937 prims would
not be enough for me to play around with.
Not only was this space not being used by anyone, but the owner of the tree had not even
returned to sl as prokofy stated in IM. Now why in the hell would he want to hold on to a tree
for a former tenant who hasn't been in sl for god knows how long and why in the hell would he
just wanna let the tree obstruck the view and deocorating plans of the tenant who is present
and currently paying and willing to pay even more if necessary, plus stick around for months?
Makes a whole lot of sense right? Umm, NO!! Im not sure what the attachment to this tree is all
about but I'm just going to go ahead and assume that maybe he has "relations" with the
tree...sorta kinda in a way that most other dogs have relations with trees, I dont know. And
as far as the neighbors land overlapping onto my land, that's exactly what it was but it's
pretty apparent that this sloppy son of a stupid bitch does not know how to form a square
correctly. Major fail from a major moron!!!
But one good thing that I can say about prokofy is that he certainly knows how to open up is
own ass and fuck himself all while forgetting to lube up first. He claims he likes to get paid,
but it's pretty obvious that he likes to get paid only to turn around and give refunds and lose
out because he's an insecure little man with an attachment to a ugly ass tree. But then again I
guess when you have nothing in life one may tend to possess over small objects in second
life...like trees.
Now Back to your extra stupid ass prokofy, I don't know who the fuck you think you are but I'm
gonna tell you who just who the fuck you aren't...you aint shit bitch! You better get your
life and watch who the fuck you talking to boy. And while your at it pick up a manual on
customer service skills cause you have none sweety. Read the book and read it good..and if your
ass cant comprehend then just slap yourself with that same manual until you do get it baby boy.
Once again I'd like to thank you putting this all out in the open as you have saved me a lot
of time and energy from having to do it myself. You also just saved some potential renters from
having to deal with your stupid ass.
And since you've already fucked yourself, why don't you give yourself a big kudos and slap your
ass cheeks while your at it silly bitch!!!

And Thanx again to the person whom IMed me with this info....
[19:23] (NAME WITHHELD): Hi, I thought I'd mention to you that Prokofy has posted your IM on
his blog. I wanted to tell you about it, but please don't bring my name into it. I don't know
him, I don't want to know him, I just know he has been very horrible with some of my friends as
Bravo..You lose bitch!!!

Orca Flotta

Cute kids these days. Just gotta love them.

Tanaya Baxton AKA Queenie Danick

Thanx for posting posting this IM and showing everyone what a first class idiot you are prokofy..you saved me a whole lot of time and energy. All of this because you wanted to save a tree for someone who has not returned to sl in god knows how long. You claim you like to get paid but its pretty obvious to me and a few others that you'd rather lose money because your a tree hugger. You didnt wanna get rid of the tree and I asked you ass if you could at least move it over and you didnt even wanna do that...because you didnt wanna lose a tree that was from a previous tenant whom no longer exist nor pays your dumb ass. You'd rather lose a tenant who pays and was willing to pay you more for the space and prims. You sound just as stupid as you look boy. Im not sure what your attachment is that tree but im gonna go ahead and assume you were having some sort of "relations" with that tree..sorta like how other dogs have relations with trees. And as far as the land from the neighbors yard overlapping into to mine..that's exactly what it was. But its pretty obvious that you a sloppy son of a stupid bitch that never taught your stupid ass how to make a correct square. It's also pretty obvious that your a imcomprehensible fucktard who does not understand what customer service is. I suggest you take your ignorant ass some place and go find a manual on how to relate and deal with customers...read it and read it good. And if you dont get it the first time then I suggest you slap yourself with it until you do get it. You've done such a great job here by opening up your own ass and fucking yourself slowly with no lube...why dont you give yourself a kudos and smack your ass cheeks to. You've just save some potential renters from having to deal with you sorry ass.

Bravo..you lose bitch!

Prokofy Neva

Um, nothing is "erased" on this blog just because it's hateful and stupid. If you use a valid SL name, your hateful remarks can be published as I run the freest blog in the SLuniverse. But if your posts are long and contain a lot of swear words sometimes they get caught in the spam file, especially if you keep repeating them 10 times, and then I have to manually fish them out.

Since you're as dumb as a post, let me explain for about the 10th time: the parcel you rented has border lines that do not include a) neighbours' parcels already rented with trees on them b) a roadside square with extra prims that has a tree on it.

So no, the trees cannot be removed from *land you are not renting*. It is parcelled that way for a reason: to give an even 4096 with 937 prims.

As I've been renting these parcels for seven years and have hundreds of people come through here and live very happily on these parcels with no one ever complaining about the parcelling, which is somewhat jagged at the top by the roadside, I have no reason to changing it. Changing it only would give an "off" number of prims that is outside of people's expectations, so I don't see ANY reason to change it, just because this empty-headed bitch comes along.

I'm not required to a) remove trees on land that someone ELSE is renting on ANOTHER parcel and surely won't b) on a spare bit of land where a previous tenant left a nice tree I want to keep because it landscapes the area.

They don't block the view at all, because the view is toward the waterfront DUH, not the BACK of the lot by the roadside. Furthermore, I tell people that if they need to landscape themselves or put any builds by the roadside on the spare land they can, as long as they don't use up more prims than their allotment.

This arrangement has left 99.99 percent of the people who have rented there happy, and if someone wasn't happy, I never heard about it, and REFUND IS ALWAYS AN OPTION -- unlike most private island and even mainland rentals I know.

So if you don't get your way, instead of pouting and stamping your little foot over and over again, you press refund and you're gone.

Of course, the sub-intelligent always assume in their suspicious little minds that they are being ripped off if they didn't instantly get a refund. But since I see that there is money on an account, payment on an account, and don't see the refund going through, I figure either the person didn't click on the box or there was some glitch. I came to verify that there wasn't already a refund, and then returned.

Most normal people, if a rental wasn't to their satisfaction, and they get a refund, would simply go find another rental. "queenie" Tanaya Baxton is one of the sub-species of Second Life low-lifes who has to go on flying around, hassling other people, griefing, prim littering, blah blah.

The moral of the story is this: I am not required to reconfigure cheap rental land I offer on the mainland. The parcelling, landscaping, respect of other tenants, etc. that I do is my choice, and if you don't like it, you don't have to rent there. Again, throwing a tantrum like a total asshole and behaving like a cunt only makes you look bad, not me, as you were patiently told over and over again what the set-up was.

This kind of little low-life in SL always imagines they will get their way if they can just be bitchy and insistent enough. Not with me. Boot, ban, publicize.

Tanaya Baxton AKA Queenie Danick

It's pretty obvious to me as well as a few others that you're a simple minded bobble headed bitch. let' me break it down for your super slow ass...

1. If I show you respect(which I did in the begining), you show me respect back.

2. If I pay you 4500L, it's your job to see to it that I am happy with my living space and surroundings.

3. I dont give a rats ass about Your previous tenants and their happiness for they no longer exist nor matter when there is new and present tenant there who pays you 4500L plus more if necessary.

4. It is your job to clean up any floating objects that may obstruck a persons view or get in the way of their decorating plans.

5. If Im paying then it is my decision on where and how I want my view to be...I dont pay you to keep you happy.

So the real moral of your story is:
Your a lazy lying egotistical tree humping bastard who thinks that everything is right just because you said so.

You think you're gonna just come at me and say what you wanna say because everyone else is too scared to call you out tacky business ways...WRONG!!! You came across the right bitch to pull that stick out your ass and smack you around with it a few times.

Publicized and happily living elsewhere where REAL BUSINESS PEOPLE have their shit together and know how to make things right!!

Anyone is free to contact me if they wish...

Tiffani Ninetails

It is of no use to argue with Prokofy.
She is a bitter person who takes pleasure in being a self righteous, confrontational person.
What makes it worse is her delusional nature.
Normally, a troll realizes they are a troll; however I believe she is not self aware.
She actually believes that her actions are on the side of good, while she attempts to bully people and impose her delusional world on others.
Some people have "trolled" her properties in SL in the past, and her over-reaction to it only fuels the future occurances.
Some people think that she does it on purpose for attention, consciously; however, I believe she is actually unaware of her own overblown paranoia.
It does not make it right for them to bait this disordered person, it really just makes them bullies too.
Though, many people cannot help but empathize with those bullies because they have had negative encounters with this woman themselves.
Welcome to the world of SL. I learned in my first month what Prok was all about, and how useless it is to try and rationalize with her.
its best just to either ignore her, or watch the sideshow and laugh/vomit.

Prokofy Neva

I think Tiffani Ninetails is that stalker who harassed my tenants in Erie, got banned by them, and then began IMing me furiously as to why she was seeing ban lines everywhere, so I banned her on the rest of the lots. She kept persisting with this insanity *for years*. I'm not kidding. It truly is bizarre. Somebody couldn't...fly on my land (!) and they continue their grievance for years on end.

It's like this little joshua tree by the roadside that is so irritating Miss Queenie, who keeps stamping her little foot and holding her breath until she turns blue lol. What a tantrum!

Tiffani Ninetails

Again, it is just best to either ignore Prok; or watch the sideshow and laugh/vomit.
I have never harassed any of her tenants, but I actually believe that Prok thinks I have.
Her disorder is not feigned in my opinion, she actually believes the things she says.
My experience with her is as follows:
When I was less than a month old on SL, I was flying around exploring places. I flew above some house, and I get an IM from a person inside asking me if I want to be her "sub". After she explained what a "sub" was I told her that I was not interested in such things, and she proceeded to ban me.
I suppose she complained to prok, because next thing I know I am getting mmessages from this Prokofy person accusing me of being a "griefer" and a w-hat and a whole bunch of other things I had never heard of at the time.
She went on to accuse me of griefing her in the past under a different name, and thought the fact that I was less than a month old was evidence that I was a "griefing alt".
She threatened me with everything from RL legal action to trying to get me banned from SL by filing an abuse report.
That was my introduction to prok.
From there, I did IM her 2 more times (my mistake) to try and rationalize with her. I just informed her that she was wrong about me, and that I was not part of any group that wished her ill.
She responded with things like calling me eddie haskell, and stating that she was positive that I was part of some big conspiracy against her.
From there I had decided she was mentally ill and it was of no use to rationalize with this person, and I let it go.
From time to time, I would visit her blog; I suppose it is like seeing a really bad car accident. You know you shouldn't stare at the misfortune of others, but it can be difficult to look away sometimes.

Prokofy Neva

How many years ago was it that we first encountered Tiffany Ninetails? Three? Four?

What's amazing is that she continues to obsess all this time, but that the tale gets wilder in the telling.

What actually happened is that she was flying around bothering tenants. I never heard the story of the "sub" -- that's the first I've ever heard of it today, and she likely made it up -- but what I heard was that tenants were banning her, and she was flying from lot to lot as she was banned and not going away. That's always the sign of someone determined to grief.

She then perched on a bit of land that somebody had made into a park in the water and kept demanding to be unbanned. It was absolutely crazy. There was absolutely no reason to unban her from a sim with private residences and her insistence on this was insane. She had a million other places to go -- she didn't.

Indeed she had alts and would contact me on them after I muted her, begging to be unbanned (!).

Why did it matter so much to be let in to some parcels on half of a mainland lake sim??? It's just totally crazy obsessiveness, and that insane desire to be right that people develop in SL.

No one threatened any RL action against her -- that's totally crazy. They just put her in the ban list. I told her that I wasn't unbanning her and to get lost, my tenants banned her, full stop. Her crazy insistence on getting unbanned was completely out of line.

As for the claim about "w-hat," it was clear from the get-go that she wasn't related to the Anonymous/Woodbury sort of organized griefers but just a loon (of course, she might be, but it didn't seem like it).

There are no "conspiracies" here, and I don't recall calling her Eddie Haskell, but the fact that she's raised that now suggests that in fact she might have been Woodbury all along and is just trolling.

Wotsa Difference

Tanaya, I'm going to agree with the landlord here. As a tenant you do not get to landscape or control the REST of the land, just the very parcel you are renting. You can't just shout orders and get them to redo other parts of their sim. If you didn't like the view as it was, you shouldn't have rented there.

Also you can't expect to 'own' someone to be at your beck and call instantly in Second Life - that doesn't even work with real life landlords. In real life you could expect a 24 hour turnaround for a request, at most. So, you should've given the landlord a chance on the refund. SL can take a few minutes to process something. So give it a chance to show up in their transaction history before shouting and yelling.

You're responsible for your own behavior and language no matter what someone else's is, so say what you want about someone else, your own behavior and language are pretty bad. Paying someone 4500L doesn't allow you to treat them any way you want.

Most rentals will have 'no man's land' that they landscape on, common areas sort of, just for the view, and to let the rented portions have more prims. See, each meter of land in SL has a fixed number of prims. If the landlord wants their tenant to get more than that, they need those unrented, landscaped parcels.

And bottom line you were not renting that piece of land, it belonged to the landlord to landscape as they wished.

You sure got bent out of shape over a tree.


Wotsa Difference (yes that's my SL name. Don't hate.)

Wotsa Difference

A quick post script.

A person must have editing rights over someone else's belongings in SL before they can move something from where it sits.

If that tenant is not in SL any more then Prokofy (and everyone else) has no way to ask them for editing rights in order to 'move the tree slightly' as you insisted be done.

Prokofy then cannot move the tree to suit you. The only option is to leave it where it is or remove it completely. If it were removed, the only way to remove it would be to send it back to the former tenant. As the owner of that object, the object would be returned automatically to their inventory. Since they are not in SL they cannot put it back out again somewhere else for you either.

So what you were asking was not actually possible.

A more experienced SLer would've known that, and if you had given the other person the benefit of the doubt that they were not just 'playing with you' they could've had a chance to say it. But start cussing at someone and they might not feel you're worth keeping as a tenant anyhow.

That's how most of SL works.

That's how most of RL works too.

Prokofy Neva

Well thanks for those comments but you need a valid avatar, not a blank alt, which is what this account it.

As for the editing issue, I could either return that tree and buy it myself, or find the owner, as I think he's still around. BUT I DID NOT WANT TO BECAUSE I WAS NOT REQUIRED TO.

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