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Elwood Abernathy

Well. She/he acts uneducated.

Tanaya Baxton AKA Queenie Danick

You're damn right...

And if that makes me a bitch for saving other good paying renters from having to deal with you're idiotic foolishness such as being too lazy to correct small things and work with them over minor issues then so be it. Hopefully others will see this and follow suit in saving renters from dealing with tacky second life slumlords such as yourself whom have no respect or reguard for others. Thanx for posting that as well..it's like watching you commit suicide and I'm loving it.

Prokofy Neva

No, I'm not "lazy" I'm just not a patsy who undoes *existing tenant's plants* in order to satisfy the whims of bitching demanding sub-intelligent new tenants.

I'm also just not willing to change a standard parcel set up at the whims of some passing bitch who is not likely to stay there long anyway, when there is no good reason to. It's just a kvetchy, obsessive desire to control on the part of this tenant and get service people hopping and fetching to serve her whims -- it's a kind of "role play" that some tenants want to enact which I'm not here to provide.

I hope these publications will warn future friends/partners/landlords for these lovely "ladies" as well.

Prokofy Neva

And no, I am no porfessional.

I am Porkofky.

Tanaya Baxton AKA Queenie Danick

Not only are you a rat faced slumlord, but you're also a filthy dirt faced liar !

First you said the owner of the tree was no longer reachable..
[2012/02/25 17:13] Prokofy Neva: no because it's not mine, it's an old tenant's who I can't reach, it isn't in the way *of the parcel you are renting*

Now you want to turn around and say that the owner of the tree is an existing tenant...get your lies straight pinnochio for your nose proceeds you.

And if you have a paying tenant it is no longer about what your ass is happy with, it's about you seeing to it that your tenants whom pay you 4500L, are happy with their space as well as the EMPTY space around them which may obstruck their view with worthless objects that float in the air that KNOWONE is NO LONGER USING.

It's a sin and a shame for you to be so damn stupid but then again if you were raised by cattle then one obviously cant expect much from you now can they!?

And yes..you're porkofy on your period. Take that tree and stick up your tired trifling ass!!!

Prokofy Neva

Um, go and look at the parcel of land from the Linden road, dumbass (you're banned from the parcels so you'll have to stand no the road).

There are two squares that were bothering you.

One square is the protruding edge of the *other tenant's parcel* which has a set of trees on it.

The other square flush with the road also has a tree on it.

There are two parcels, both have trees on them.

Turn on view/property lines, like I've said six times already and you'll "get it". Although maybe not, as you're as dumb as a post.

Nothing is floating in the air, because the land has been moved up -- somebody, likely YOU, flattened it and left the tree stuck in the air.

I've never seen so much frothing and fuming over...some trees by a roadside not blocking the view and NOT PART OF THE PARCEL YOU RENTED DUH.

I'm not required to accept overly demanding asshole tenants who can't take a simple explanation and a simple "no" for an answer but keep greedily and demandingly stamping their little stupid avatar feet and demanding more. Go find someone else to torture *shrug*.

Keep talking, as you are the best advertisement against yourself.

Elwood Abernathy

You, Tanaya, act uneducated. If you are going to play a game read the rules of the game first.

Tanaya Baxton AKA Queenie Danick

The land had been flattened days before I arrived there. But being the sneaky slummy slime ball that you are, you came and raised the land while I was AFK waiting for you to respond to make it look as if there wasn't a problem. Did you forget that you are one who said that I COULD USE THE LAND AS I WISH to put my own plants there...DUH DUMMY DUH!? You dont tell someone that they can use something and then come fix it to your liking.

Lying and covering up is never the best policy!

As far as you go Elwood, it's perfectly fine if you are one of those people who want to give your money away to someone whom restrict of your rights of living happy and comfortably..great for you. But in the meantime I will need to suggest that you go sit your spineless-follow the leader ass down somewhere as for you are a non-factor whatsoever..Thanx!

And I will keep talking I dont give a damn who say's what nor do I care what one thinks about me. At the end of the day you and everyone else will know that I stand up for what it is right and will call your ass out when your wrong!

Prokofy Neva

Um, sneaky? How can someone obviously coming and doing something be "sneaky"? That's hilarious! I don't know who levelled that land, perhaps another tenant. I didn't level it because I would have had it up to match the tree.

When I came to the lot, I figured that perhaps the fact that the tree was up in the air was what was really bothering this demanding bitch queenie, so I simply adjusted it so it wouldn't be up in the air -- the way *I* want it on my landscaped sim which is, after all, my property, to do with as I please. I like to make things nice for tenants, but geez, I'm not going to be a patsy and return a tree I like and can't get back (because i haven't heard from that old tenant for ages and he may not be around, he was one of those people driven away from mainland by the whole Zindra thing which cost him business.)

Um, why is *landscaping land that is not part of a rental* and *allowing other tenants to landscape as they please* "restricting rights" of another tenant? That's absurd. They are not required to live there. In fact, it's *fucking insane* to demand that the world adjust to one like that.

How do such low-lifes become so entitlement-happy? Are they spoiled in childhood?

Elwood Abernathy

I do not and never have rented from ravenglass I have my own 3 sims to do as I please with.

Tanaya Baxton AKA Queenie Danick

AGAIN...you are lying and trying to cover up the fact of the matter!!! If the tree was already up in the air in the way then why the hell would you then come to raise the land so that it, along with the tree could block the view as well, moron?? Boy I tell you, you surely do take stupid to a whole new level LOL.

And again...you said I could do as I pleased with that land and so with that being said, it is no longer about what YOU want or what YOU like. If you dont mean what you say then STFU and dont say it at all. I didn't ask you to come raise the land because to me it was already raised just how I wanted it when I purchased it. I asked you to move the tree!! You came and raised it to suit your self so that you didnt have to get rid of a tree of a tenant who no longer exist in sl.

I dont give a damn why your former tenant left..that is their problem. But it is my problem when you allow your former tenants to leave crap behind which is in my way to do to as I please around land that I have payed for. I dont care if that lot was not apart of the rental..the point is it had crap left behind on it that was obsrtucking MY view and that's how it restricted MY RIGHTS as a PAYING TENANT.

How does a low life, lying ass loser like yourself think that you can just have people pay you rent and they just live with the fact that you allow crap from someone else to stay in the way because it's what you like? I dont when or where you fell and bumped you head but you better go back and bump it again and bring your piss poor ass back to reality, sir'maam...

Orca Flotta

Hm, there I wrote something pro Prok. First time ever I'm on her side ... and my comment gets deleted :(

Prokofy Neva

One of the reasons we have such ignorance on the Internet is that the Internet encourages not community but solipsism, the endless iteration of the ignorant "I". Tanaya exhibits that in spades -- unable to understand another's perspective, jammed on her own that isn't even logical.

A tree *by a roadside on a back lot* is not "blocking the view".

If you have a WATERFRONT PARCEL -- duh! -- most people would face their house and their gaze TOWARD THE WATER. That's what it's all about. WATERFRONT. As in "the front is the water".

The back is then the roadside. A tree doesn't block the view, it's just on a parcel smack adjacent to the roadside to landscape it somewhat. Given that across the road is some ugly club that left junk up in the air, a few trees are a good thing although neither the club or the road are in the view if you are facing TOWARD THE WATER.

Fixing the land around a tree in plain site isn't "lying" -- that's just doing something that this importunate little bitch didn't want done. She landed and felt she had to "remake" everything and learned she couldn't and kept stamping her little avatar foot.

People who put instructions for others on their profile like "I'm not here to entertain you" blah blah immediately identify themselves as selfish little controlling asses. So they don't push that past me, that's for sure.

None of my dialogue says "you can do what you please with my land". I have rules on a lease. What I actually said was:

[2012/02/25 16:43] Prokofy Neva: the spot next to the road is carved out so that the lots are even 4096 with 937 prims so it's not for rent, you can use if you keep to the same prim amount allotted of 937 prims

[2012/02/25 17:11] Prokofy Neva: No, as I said, I cannot take trees off land that *is not part of your rental* -- as I explained, your rental is parcelled to be 4096 with 937 prims

[2012/02/25 17:12] queenie Danick: i get that...but u did say i could still use it am i not correct??

[2012/02/25 17:12] Prokofy Neva: I said you could put your own plants on it, but I'm not removing those trees because I can't get them back then

"My rights as a paying tenant" do not include removing trees from other people's land or land that you are not renting, as has been explained now a dozen times.

The tree has never been "in the way" for dozens of people who have come through there, and it's not "in the way" for me by the ROADSIDE so I have no need to remove it. Indeed, that little tree is for me a hallmark of sanity, civilization, and reason and I will never remove it. In fact, I will put a little sign next to it now explaining why it is there


I understand that you and your tiny little non-responsive brain are pretty much incoherent when it comes to things so therefore I have to keep saying this to you....

It DOES NOT MATTER if it is a waterfront parcel or not. AGAIN...if I come to a empty parcel to rent in which I'm gonna sit my own house down then I have the right to face the house whichever way I want, no matter if it faces the water or the road. There is no rule that says I have to follow the decorative ideas of what your past tenants had done over the past few years. And not every house on that road is facing the water. But besides that, You don't know what type of decorating plans I had for that space so for you to tell me something about what past tenants did is pretty much irrelevant.

You see what your problem is, is that you are stuck in the same old routine of things which has pretty much has made you a lazy, incomprehensible, lacklustered bitch whom is unable to think outside of the box and refuses to allow anyone else to do so.

AND AGAIN...you said I could use the space to put plants on it yes and you said you will not be removing the tree which belongs to a tenant that no longer exist. Which brings me back to my very exact question...if you are going to allow someone to use a space, then why can you not move a tree of non-existant person so that..AGAIN..I am free to bring out my own creative vision of things? You could have easily gotten that very same tree if you wanted to. You been in sl long enough to know the ropes but then again the rock between your ears does not allow you to think so let me help you out a little.

1. You click on the tree and press "edit". You will then see big box pop on your screen...

2. Find the general tab on the big box...

Are you with me so far little brainless wonder-girl?

3. Find where it says "creator" and see who the creator of the tree is

4. Somewhere above "creator," find the name of the tree

Once you have done all of this then you can easily locate that creator or their store and buy another tree and replant it once I'm gone...I gave you 4500L to do so.

You are like a little fat kid stuck on junk food and afriad to try veggies because to YOU, it doesn't look right so you refuse to try it in order to see just exactly how good it really is.

As I said before, when one has nothing in life to hold onto it becomes pretty easy for them to obsess over small small objects in sl.

" Indeed, that little tree is for me a hallmark of sanity, civilization, and reason and I will never remove it."

That sounds to me like you need to come out from under the cave that you live in and revisit the real world my dear....

Cinder Roxley

"But it is my problem when you allow your former tenants to leave crap behind which is in my way to do to as I please around land that I have payed for"

now there's a concept. rent land and get to boss around your neighbors like it's yours too.



I am going to go out on a limb here and assume that you have no knowledge of what the word "former" means.
Let me show you the definition...

form·er/ˈfôrmər/Adjective: 1.Having previously filled a particular role or been a particular thing.
2.Of or occurring in the past or an earlier period.

If it is a FORMER tenant then it's pretty much safe to say that there isn't anyone there presently to boss around now is there!?

I guess you fell from the same tree as well as bumped your head on the same rock as prok...shame!

Anna Tsiolkovsky

Is this the offending view?


Because holy shit, that tree is totally blocking the view. I could barely see the ugly ol' road there.

You need to feature tenants of the more stable persuasion. A running theme of these rental dementia is the person in question coming and pointing out that 'I'm not the only one with a problem with Prok!!1!'.

A nice happy balance to the insanity, you know?

Prokofy Neva


Yes, it's that tree in the very middle. I will try to get inworld to shoot a close-up. Yes, those neighbours' trees, and my little tree in the middle of that lot at the far end, by the road -- yes, that's the culprit.



The tree that I am speaking of would be the single tree to the left hand side where he raised the land. That very tree that I am speaking of belongs to a FORMER tenant whom NO LONGER exist..which is what some here are failing to realize.

Never did I ask him to move a tree that belongs in another neighbors yard...and that's where some of the lies come in. I simply asked this winch if she could move a tree off a lot that was NOT IN USE by ANYONE..A lot that she gave me permission to use might I add.

That very single ugly tree blocked my view as well as my plan for decoration.

Money talks, bullshit walks...
As you may see, prok likes to dibble dabble in bullshit!


Just to make it so that I am clear here, Let's refer back to the photo going from left to right shall we..

The first set of tree's does belong to a neighbor, which are VERY NICE tree's might I add but however, those are not the tree's that I was asking to be removed. I am referring to the next single ugly tree where the land is raised which belongs to knowone, which prok feels brings her sanity. LOL!

Ahab Qvetcher

"Tenants," (A poem, with apologies to Kilmer)

I think that I shall never see
a tenant useful as a tree.

A tenant, cursing mouth obsessed,
by leafy tree made so depressed.

A tenant damning God all day,
While, silent, tree doth by roadside stay.

A tenant who doth spoil all view,
with her mere presence, mouth a-spew.

Who entertains us with her pain
At seeing trees her fair view stain.

"Poems are made by fools like me,"
But gads, what bigger fools there be.

Prokofy Neva

Thank you, Ahab, that is brilliant! Bravo!

Well, sure, I could go buy that tree, perhaps, or even ask that tenant to give it to me if it is on transfer, or whatever. But it's a joshua tree, I think, they aren't that common, and I just like it and I want to leave it there. and...it's on a spare bit of land that is NOT FOR RENT and NOT AVAILABLE. As it is, I said go ahead and spread out on it.

As for "lies," the record disproves this. Here's what the little importunate queenie said:

"and also the neighbors lot is coming onto my lot..could u fix that?? where it doesnt overlap onto mine?"

That part "coming into my lot" was filled with trees. Trees were what were bothering her. In order to "fix that" I'd have to a) reparcel and b) *remove those trees*.

But I certainly wasn't going to upset an existing, rented, parcelled lot and somebody's landscaping! Nor my own! Over somebody's insane idea that on a beautiful waterfront property, they'd have to FACE THE ROAD (!!!) and look at a stupid former club with junk in the air. Truly, it's nuts.

As I said, I cling all the more fiercely to that tree now...it is precious to me...I may add a fairy to it or something...

Amanda Dallin

So we can cancel the "Save the Tree" rally now.

If it was an RLV tree we could have chained ourselves to it. Somebody should make a t-shirt.


I'll rent from you Prok :) Seems lively there heh...

Lori / Skylar

Prokofy Neva

BTW, there is a Save the Tree tshirt available at that site.

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