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Fleep Tuque

Thanks for the recommendation, it sounds like very interesting reading indeed.

Just as an FYI, that very last link seems to be broken for me.


virtuality revealed.. again...

second life as originator? seems we had tv life as reality/fantasy for all to see for 60 years now...

"the nelsons, the prouds, van duran,stempels..etc"

and that jump into the rabbit hole was no different than the movie to tv jump ...and now the tv to net jump just moves its all further to the jabberwocky world.

send me the pdf...:)

Prokofy Neva

Thanks, Fleep, I fixed the link to buy the book on amazon:


Well, buy the book, c3, you're a big believer in copyright!

Tom Boellstorff

Great post, Prok - I just ordered the book and it looks great. And I'll look forward to more of your review. I'm just starting a research project this May-October about Facebook in Indonesia - supporting research teams on two islands and going briefly myself. I know I sound like a broken record but it's amazing how people forget the basic point that technology is neutral in the sense that people can use it for good or ill. It's up to us to use it well, we can't just assume the technology can be designed in such a way that it's inevitably good. And social networking sites are a great example of this. I can't remember who said it - "for Facebook, you are not the customer. You are the product." And we really need to think through what we want these technologies to do for us.


what no u share?


all of web2.0 is about being the people as product, not a customers....

geesh, said that years ago.

Gary Wisniewski

Great review Prok. I just finished the book, and it was a refreshing combination of research, reasoning, and opinion. It had a personal appeal as well, since I am a huge Hitchcock fan and I loved the strangely sentimental analogies with Elster and Scottie in Vertigo and the fast-forward to modern day perspectives on the various facets of "reality" and deception depicted in the movie as well as in our modern social media.

I was searching for a review to recommend to a friend, and yours stood out. Thank you.


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