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Crow Marionette, Texas

The pictures you've posted recently (for example http://secondthoughts.typepad.com/.a/6a00d83451cfe069e2016768e187d4970b-pi ) is the default noob avatar. It has nothing to do with Tizzers.

Conspiracy theorist

Chefsox = one letter short of an anagram of Foxchase?

Prokofy Neva

Of course it has everything to do with Tizzers. The point is that the day-old alts that Tizzers (or Hazim, Tizzers' partner) is selecting is the one closest to the old one that Tizzers and Joanna Falmer used to design or buy. A day-old alt is obviously going to use the default newbies at first before getting to the "stash". They may not even last long enough before the Lindens delete them.

Yes, anagrams would make sense. There's a Chefsox on Minecraft, and I believe Tizzers has said something like Cloud Party isn't intersting or addictive like Minecraft.

Linda Barker

Have you ever heard of copybotting, Prok? Nobody needs to get to any stash. Avatars, objects and entire builds can be saved on the computer and merely imported to SL in a couple of minutes.

Btw, the avatar is the default avatar that you get if you don't actively choose one of the others. Someone spending a minimum of time in SL would have seen that avatar everywhere. Maybe LL is griefing you by making their default avatar look like Tizzles?

Prokofy Neva

Um, yeah, if you are using a rogue viewer, you could save the items to your computer.

But they don't always risk that, and don't always do that because it isn't always a one-click thing.

Instead, they use prims that are like the dumpsters where you can put things in and then click to get them out again, or they have groups, or friends, who simply give them the folders again.

Der, we get it that it's the "default avatar". But there it takes one second to become a rabbit (which they've done in the past) or a robot or a box or whatever. So actively deciding to keep that "default" is a choice, consistent with the preference for red-hair female avs.

After all, you could chose the male av *shrugs*.

Um, I spend quite a bit of time in SL and I see lots of newbies arriving, although I frankly don't often see that av. Most people pick the blonde business people or the other hip ones and a sizeable number pick the animals.

And YOU must not spend any time in SL at all because YOU are not in the People List, Linda !Bye!

Conspiracy, you aren't either!

And Crow, nice try, but you're not either!

Suzi Helendale


Is that a drawing of you on the wall there, to the left?

Prokofy Neva


Suzi Helendale

Are you sure? It definitely looks like that effigy. (to the right, in the monitor to the left, sorry)

Prokofy Neva

No, I think it's just one of those 4chan memes.


gotta admit... the single setup based on the Wired Article is kinda funny...

in a south park kind of way....

greifing isnt the funny thing.... just the cartooning of Wired editorial style...

silent..a turned back on the digisociety of metahippiehappy dippie shippy dark elf play....

GreenLantern Excelsior

Looks like a random picture that someone found on Deviantart:


Google Image Search is great!

Aaron Bright

Bellino is obsessed with being center stage no matter what it costs him. He's a sociopath who is so bitter about his own life that he can't stand the thought of anyone else being better off than he is - which because of the hammering he's been taking over the years, is just about everybody.

Prok isn't doing a tin-foil hat routine. Tizzers really is bug-fuck crazy.

Aaron Bright

And no, you won't find me on the people search either, I am an SL user, but I fear reprisal from Tizzers. He knows who I am in SL, and he'll send his goons after me.

Prokofy Neva

Well, Aaron, perhaps that's a useful insight but since you're not in the People List, we have no idea of its validity.

I'm not sure if this analysis tracks about Tizzer, simply because "bitter" doesn't seem to be an apt description of someone who seems continually dismissive about the seriousness of life and continuously in meta-mode, laughing with arch coyness about the metaverse and for that matter the universe.

It also seems to me that he has skills and talents in demand in Silicon Valley where if anything there is a shortage of programmers and designers willing to work long obsessive hours on start-ups.

I haven't seen Tizzers get a "hammering" but then, I'm not an expert in Tizzers and am not interested in his life. The griefing of me seems both ideological and puerile. And he has help, either from groups he is in, or his partner Hazim Gazov, or whomever.

If Tizzers were more political about his technocommunism, in fact, he'd attack higher value targets like Anshe Chung or other huge rentals. I'm a two-bit mainland rentals agent with el-cheapo rentals. There are plenty of large music venues and malls that other griefers attack to get attention, and Woodbury doesn't attack them, and not because they have security systems.

I'm attacked because I am devoted to an open society and they aren't, I have an open group and they don't, etc. That's all there is to it.

And also "because he can," that's the puerile and infantile part -- relentless and repetitive head-banging like a child.

But this latest round is definitely creepy and violent and psychotic. It's not the norm to make RL effigies of people and endlessly pose them as being dead, beaten, eaten by giant chickens, or appearing as a hybrid human chicken, etc. etc. That suggests the schizophrenia or psychosis is now manifesting, which it can do in the 20s.

Prokofy Neva

Well, Aaron, you can't post here without a first and last genuine SL name. So contact me on email if you have more to add.

But I would encourage you in fact to publicize your name and your relevant information. The way griefers succeed is by creating an atmosphere of intimidation and fear.

I'm not so sure Tizzers has goons to send anymore. I see him acting pretty much alone in this latest round of griefing, or possibly with one other helper. There isn't the mob that he used to command when he had the huge group Woodbury University available to send random avatars to attack me. I don't see groups swarming around as I have in past years.

That's because some of them have aged out of the griefer category and now have jobs in Big IT. That's where griefers go -- Big IT, where they live to grief us in more subtle ways such as the aggravating interface of various Internet and electronic gadgets and apps.

Others may have gotten banned so many times on alts that if they remain in SL and still want to build and sell goods, they have stopped griefing. I know a few like that.

Still others have completely moved on from SL because it's boring and have gone to other worlds or games.

There's no more gang at Woodbury U as there once was. Edward Cliff, the griefer professor, still holds his position as dean in the school of communications, but he hasn't spawned a new generation of griefers as far as I can tell, and in any event I would hope after three bans, LL would not rent to him again.


Griefing in Second Life is so 2010.

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