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Luna Bliss

They built that..they built that!
I just want to know, where's the barn for the women?


that elephant..

they didn't build that.

Prokofy Neva

The idea that the Republicans are anti-women is an Obama propaganda myth. You can't confuse what one southern state does with the nation, and you can't confuse the platform of the party at the convention for how they will govern. I don't believe for one minute that women's rights are under threat -- if anything, the persistent *lying* about this is only re-doubling my certainty about NOBAMA.

Ahab Qvetcher

"that elephant..

they didn't build that."

No, probably not though the Republican Party in Sl group contains many fine builders. But they did buy it off of SL Marketplace from some virtual entrepreneur who did.

Luna Bliss

I don't believe in 'left' or 'right' anymore really - they seem to be constructs useful to those in power - to divide and conquer us and run off with the loot. I was wondering if I would even vote this year, thinking I probably should because at least the left will throw the poor a bone or two. But after I saw this Ryan guy (and not articles written about him, not any propaganda the left was creating, but Ryan talking about himself and what he believed and the bill he was trying to write with Aiken about abortion) I became totally galvanized to get out there and vote for Obama.
Many states are making it difficult to get abortions now - the religious right wants to turn back Roe vs Wade - there are many reputable sources reporting this.
Archaic religions that still feel the need to dominate women need to escape from the middle ages. Keep your hands out of my womb! If you don't believe in abortion, then don't have one! It's just not right to subject a young woman and her baby to poverty (often life-long) because of some archaic religions womb-envy.

Prokofy Neva

Luna, there aren't "many states making it difficult to get an abortion". There's...one. And even that "one" -- Missouri, which is what all the hooting and hollering really comes down to -- allows abortions legally up to 21 weeks.

If you can't get your abortion by the 21st week -- that's more than 5 months pregnant when you are obviously showing -- then...what's wrong with you?

What's wrong with you is you're in a situation of profound unchoice where you think the baby's father is going to stay with you or you will somehow gain something in this relationship.

You can always leave Missouri to get an abortion, and Planned Parenthood which is in every state and a phone call away and amply funded will help you if you have no money.

Lots of people have to leave their jay towns to pursue opportunity in the wider world. I did. So rather crying poor because you have to leave home to have an abortion if you happen to be more than 21 weeks pregnant and in Missouri, make your way in the world without the government and the entire country having to become involved in your personal choice. CHOICE, remember?

The archaic religion I'm most concerned right now is the Marxism of at least 150 years' vintage that still hobbles the minds of so many "progressives" and Democrats and are responsible for the president's lurches.

Nobody has their "hands" on your womb, Luna. If you're not 22 weeks pregnant in Missouri -- and even there you have CHOICES -- then nobody has any "hands" on you. In fact, not even then.

Your ranting and raving about all this suggests a kind of hysteria, truly. You're smart about other things like business in SL and your critique of Open Sim is spot on, so try to become a little more critical about this hysteria. No one has any hands on anyone's womb except a woman who has, first of all, the CHOICE to use birth control, and if that fails, has other CHOICES.


just make sure that the "yacht" you guys buy from the marketplace to park in Romneys spot has the "correct" Dominican Republic flags hoisted...:)

all good.. red /white / and blue i guess.

Luna Bliss

Being a feminist does not automatically mean one is a Marxist, though some feminists are. I don't believe, as Marxist feminists do, that the removal of private property solves anything. It's not the property that's evil, it's what you do to GET that property. I know, I was using all those feminist sayings, sounding like I was making feminism a religion, but those phrases just say NO to these religious right-wing nuts so succinctly - "get your hand out of my womb", and "if you don't believe in abortion then don't have one!" And I do believe they would take us into some version of Handmaid's Tale if they could. Why? Because people in power don't give it up easily, and in their archaic relgions they still maintain that power over women, and feel justified via their 'hotline to God' in making women subordinate by controlling their bodies.
I know you have said that only one state is doing this, but that's not true. Read this: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/04/14/states-introducing-unprec_n_849251.html
At Huffington Post I see their source is the Guttmacher Institute, and I have not researched the validity of them (could be Obama sponsored), however I've seen lots of other articles where the attempt to reduce a woman's right to choose is being diminshed, not to mention all the other assaults on women these days that the right is on the wrong side of (equal pay for equal work being one).
Regarding any unfortunate woman getting pregnant in Mississippi, you can't expect some young girl to have the money or even the courage to travel out of state to get an abortion, or to have the presence of mind at such a young age to use birth control. Girls at that age just want to be loved, their brains aren't even fully developed, and they make bad choices. We shouldn't commit them and their child to wrecked lives of poverty just because they are young and made bad choices.

Luna Bliss

Perhaps I should not have performed a kind of 'drive-by pot shot' comment under the photo of the Republican area in SL. I usually reserve snide comments for people I preceive to be abusive, and I did not mean at all that this group should not be in SL, or that you shouldn't put the photo up. I've always enjoyed your photos of places in SL - they remind me of the old days of SL when I did more exploring, and provide a kind of window into the minds of all those in SL who create their dreams and love the immersive side of SL. At the time I had just watched part of the Republican convention where they touted this 'We Built It' slogan where they totally took Obama's comments out of context, and then nominated this "throwback Catholic" (most Catholics I know are working to reform the church so that it allows abortion and promotes women to positions of power) for vice-president. I just don't understand those in the Republican who are generally not abusive people, yet don't seem to see or care that by accepting those so far to the right into their party they are saying it's ok to abuse women. Even if they are doing this just to get elected and would not govern that way, isn't there a limit regarding what you should do to get elected?
But, given all that, I do want to add one more item to that photo besides the barn for the women, and that would be a big FOR SALE sign, as from what I can see the right is far more responsible for this problem than the left.

Marx Dudek

Luna, don't bother trying to debate with Prokofy. It's not worth the time expended.

Prokofy Neva

Many feminists are Marxists, and if not consciously Marxist, adopt an identity politics which is straight out of the Marxist handbook. I'm not for it, although I'm for women's rights.

I refuse to countenance this pernicious idea that the Republicans are "waging war on women". It's a leftist trope and it's idiotic and nasty. Not a single person spouting about this war has had anything done to them personally or politically, individually or collectively, to prevent them from having sex with whomever they want whenever they want with or without birth control, and to avail themselves of abortion services if they are not careful.Full stop. The outrageous posturing and propagandizing around this has really got to stop. Indeed it *is* about Mississippi 99 percent of the time -- that's where the

Er, the Handmaid's Tale? I really found that book offensive. The real places in the world that *already* live like that -- Iran, Afghanistan, etc. -- just don't get the juices flowing for the "progressives," and they irresponsibly and dangerously ignore or even defend such regimes. Instead, they fantasize that something like this will come to their own countries, which is sheer folly and demagoguery.

The *attempts* to add various restrictions on abortion don't succeed in 100 percent of the cases. There is no need to exaggerate the need for "struggle".

And at root, abortion is an assault on a woman. It is not about "health" except in a perverted sense that makes up a medicalization of social problems and psychological issues which in fact set a dangerous precedent for all medical issues. So it's understood that those who have religious and ethical values want to end this barbarism. But for that, they'd have to accept birth control, and that isn't part of Catholic and other religious teaching. And that's how it will continue until eventually, the clerics realize they can't have everything and have to settle for less for the greater goal of reducing the trauma of abortion.

Yes, I can indeed expect some girl to travel out of state to get an abortion, or even go in state, given the enormous number of organizations involved in promoting and protecting and FUNDING abortion. Indeed, I can. The reality is that most of the babies born from unweb mothers aren't the result of lack of abortion options. They're the result of the mothers because in fact it gives them meaning in their lives and makes them eligible themselves for state care. The idea that there are all these young women suffering poverty because of the failure to access abortions is a myth. And it opens up the question of why they couldn't even avail themselves of the barrels of condoms passed out for free in their high schools.

Abortion is accepted as the law of the land. No one wants people seeking back alley abortions and endangering themselves. But it's more than fine to question the sheer irresponsible idiocy that leads to these "choices" -- the situation of profound unchoice that often comes because a) a woman fears using birth control because a man makes her feel like it's not "spontaneous" or undermines his manhood or b) the hope a woman has that she can keep a man through a pregnancy. These are the issues that must be looked square in the eye because they are the real ones, not the manufactured ones of a fake "war on women" and hordes of Mississipi teens unable to board the bus to PP in the next state.

Prokofy Neva

I don't care if you make drive-by comments, but I'll debate them.

Most Catholics I know oppose abortion, find it a sin and a horror, but concede that it is the law of the land and don't campaign for it to be removed as the Evangelicals and conservatives in the South do. They let it go, and try to practice what they preach. I don't know of a single Catholic who is trying to get the church to reform on abortion, so I don't know where you're getting that, it's nuts. What they do want reform on is contraceptives. Most Catholics don't oppose them; most Catholics *use* them. And that's the reality. But they do oppose abortion, and many oppose the president's HHS plan telling Catholic institutions that they are *forced* to go against their faith and pay for contraception.

The entire notion that *the government* is involved in your sex life and pays for your contraception is in fact repugnant, and should be something liberals reject as well. And at least libertarians do for the most part.

Obama's "you didn't build that" was not AT ALL taken out of context. I studied that extensively, and it was pure DSA clap-trap. He started out talking about mentors in your youth etc. but he ended by implying that businesses benefit from roads or schools or whatever -- and therefore the implication is that they should feel welded into a collectivized community.

It's just sheer awfulness with these progressives that they can't see that FIRST comes people's businesses, their creation of value and wealth and their GENERATION of tax revenue, and THEN comes the revenue base to use for things like roads. If a business benefits from a road, it's because it PAYS TAXES and PROVIDES JOBS and enables others to pay taxes. That's just BASIC. It's appalling that the socialists can't see it that way nor admit their socialism.

Luna Bliss

Ths 'we built it' manipulation by the right, totally taken out of context from Obama - I just don't get it. I have started several small businesses, my current one being in virtual worlds. Along with my very hard work, so much has been given to me by society that enabled me to succeed. All the infrastructure built by society that I use each day, the government loans given to me for college, and inspiration from my favorite teacher that inpired me there (a former nun and lifelong Catholic who taught Feminist and Religion courses at my college, where I met many Catholics who do believe abortion is okay, btw).

This 'we built it' controversy is being sidetracked and made circular by assigning a starting point...as if the truth could be ascertained by some primordial egg-road which everything springs from. Or it seems like some childish 'we were first' thing. The question is not 'who built that FIRST'....the question is 'who built that'. The fact is that YES, Obama is espousing SOME socialistic ideals, and what's so wrong with that? America has always tried to achieve a balance between socialistic type principles and individual freedoms, and when we lean too much one way or the other then trouble ensues. By this silly fixation on 'who built that first' the conservatives are just trying to stir up the working class by getting them to believe Obama wants us to achieve total Socialism (where the working person would have absolutely no control in their financial lives and not be given any credit for 'building it').

Obama and Warren were simply trying to address the fact that many conservatives are not appreciative of the parts of society that enabled them to be who they are. I'm sure that some on the right are aware of these factors but seem to believe private businesses should build these infrastructures rather than the government. While some conservatives WOULD build roads taking into account other people, I fear too many would only build a road to their own business or home (or maybe a road through everyone's house as they sucked up peoples homes on the way to taking far more than they should?). Really, the far rights attempted manipulaion of all this has just been too much - they took Obama's comments out of context and are trying to scare people into fearing that something akin to the Red Army will soon be marching down on us if Obama is elected again.

My fears are that we have swung waaaaaay too far to the right, but then I live in the vast, overly red central part of the US where abortion doctors are shot in church, and clinics where abortions are performed have been swarmed with right-wingers who would not let a woman pass into the clinic, and where Planned Parenthood is fighting to keep in business to serve the poor, and where some insane preacher pickets funerals of gay servicemen with signs saying 'death to fags', and where gays and transgendered people are taken out to fields and bludgeoned to death - not to mention all the attemps in state legislatures to remove women's rights. I think maybe in this central part of the US too much testosterone has seeped into the aquifers, maybe it's kind of a runoff from the injections given to cattle. It's time for the far right to stop thinking they are still bootstrapping it through the Wild West on their horse-trucks with shotguns in the back window - time to look around and notice there are ummmm..some other people around now. The Republican party is getting filled with way too many people on the religious right, and this is what is dangerous, and why I will vote for Obama.

Cathiee McMillan

What I don't understand is this.
When I was working Two Jobs to support myself. I needed help with things. I went and applied for these social government programs that are suppose to be designed to help. Guess what I was denied help because I made to much money. If I left one of the jobs then sure they would help me. How messed up is that. When hard working people who need a little help can't get it from the government. Guess where I got help from Not Planned parenthood. But from that nasty and evil right wing Church that the Socialist Liberals trash. This place opened its help out to people of any faith or party in need.
I also find it funny that the Liberals are screaming that the republicans have a war on women. But at the DNC they spoke about Ted Kennedy (Womanizer) and Bill Clinton (another womanizer) Seems to me a bit Ironic no?
Then lets talk about the racism card they love to play Here we have Biden talking about Putting black people back in chains and no one says anything about it. Even when Obama and Him put on that fake southern accent.
Yea people calling Ryan a racist and yet he never brought up that he dated a Black woman for 5 years. Yea he is racist ...Not...

Obama is a great speaker I really believe that. But Mitt and Paul Ryan are a Business team they have a plan to get this country back in shape. Obama has not meet with his job team that he put together for over 6months.
Oh and lets not forget the obamacare plan will hurt the middle class NOT the 1% everyone complains about. My company health plan is a health savings plan my company puts in 5,000 i put in 2,000 guess what I NOW will be taxed on the 5,000 my company puts in because of Obamacare. Who is that hurting? ME!!! not my company.
People really need to read and not the Liberal Propaganda. But both sides.

Prokofy Neva

It isn't taken out of context. As I've explained, Obama puts government collection first, then redistribution; he doesn't concede or even have a world view compatible with the idea that first comes people's generation of wealth, *then* comes their taxes which are democratically allocated as social goods. That's different than socialist redistribution, and how.

This idea that "so much has been given to you in society" is curious. What has been given to you by American society, if you're in America, is given to you by companies, corporations, and sole proprietors who work hard, build their dream, establish businesses, hire people and pay them. What comes first isn't a society of collectivism; what comes first is a free market where the free individual creates businesses. Then people pay taxes and decide where the money should go. You're mixing up also the state and the personal dimension, as Obama does, too, connivingly on his part, even if sincere on your part. You're confusing the help some beloved teacher gives you out of a sense of duty and civic pride even behind their job (but really it should be part of their sense of their occupation) with what the state gives out in a loan. This loan is made possible by business, which hires people, and then they pay taxes and the corporation pays taxes. They come first. Then comes the government. Not the other way around.

I think as a Catholic myself who has been to a number of Catholic educational institutions and churches all my life is likely in a better position to assess whether "many" Catholics believe in abortion. I don't find that, and public opinion polls would back me up. Don't confuse that with birth control as I said.

The "you didn't build that" controversy isn't a sidetrack but goes to the heart of Obama's socialism which is so wrong, mostly because of its stealth nature. Indeed the truth springs from an egg-road -- and that egg that comes first is people's businesses, THEN their taxes. Indeed, it *is* wrong to get that backward and socialism is indeed a great evil, especially because it always lies about its nature and its bad effects, and inevitably leads to crime.

It's not a "fixation" to point out that people's hard work, entrepreneurialism, and taxes come first, not some redistribution committee made up of old socialists.

Warren is awful, and even worse than Obama (who is forced to temper himself). She struts around raving about evil corporations getting subsidies -- huh? If they do get subsidies, so what?! It's to benefit the market and in exchange for other social goods which are decided democratically. Just don't like democracy, do you? Hate evil Congress bought by corporations who aren't people, evil evil? Sorry, but that's a fiction straight out of Pravda. Congressmen are elected; they make these policies; it's all good. It infuriates the socialists around Obama who would rather have a planning committee decide it all on i-phones.

I see no evidence whatsoever that the Republican Party or those even more conservative somehow want the government to stop building roads. This is one of those insane fictions of the left. If there is some libertarian cult that thinks this, understood, but it's not a norm anywhere. The problem isn't the roads, it's the excessive handouts in other spheres, including in student loans, in which shocking amounts of money are given out with no accountability or return.

Both Obama and Warren made comments that are straight out of the socialist playbook, trying to disguise it as homespun American folk ways, and they've been called on it.

As for your last incredibly tendentious and wild comments. How many abortion doctors have been shot in church, Luna? A few? This isn't the norm, and abortion doctors function in the "red central part of the US" and perform hundreds of thousands of abortions. What are you smoking? If there are demonstrators against abortion clinics, again, how many? Some. Has that really prevented all the abortions in America? Of course not. And let's take this insane group that harasses funerals. Er, how many demonstrations they've had? A few? And what did a court rule about them? That they get to do that because of the First Amendment, the same First Amendment that protects you. So you'll have to concede this -- their speech is odious, but protected. Make a counter demonstration.

As for gays and transgendered people taken to fields and bludgeoned to death, I know of one case. Maybe you know of two? Why are you extrapolating from this to make it sound like Iowa or Ohio are death zones for gays? They aren't. You are simply incredible.

And then, having painted a lurid picture based on a few cases that aren't indicative and in fact are prosecuted by law properly, you claim that it's "something in the water". Have you been reading too many Ron Paul newsletter? And that's its runoff from cattles.

I don't see the far right seeing they are still in the Wild West -- the Wild West is occupied by your friend Silicon Valley. They have traditional ideals and they should be left alone with them. This exterminism where the other side has no right to exist is antithetical to freedom.

It's because of the hysteria and insanity of people like you who can't tell the truth, who lie about the overall picture based on edge cases, that I'm voting against Obama, and having to accept Romney, because that's what there is. It's better than letting the socialists have their way for four more years. They are antithetical to American values.


i think your wrong....

if not for the federal "government" run military we would have eventually been invaded in the 1940s and the UNITED States would not have survived WW2 as a union. Henry Ford would gladly have been making Volkswagons if they sold globaly.

the economics of the right have drained our country over the last 30 years...if thats what we need for a new rebirth ? good luck with that.

even the Clinton years of "free trade" and "dereg of the wall street ethos" has been a mess, that only gave temporary bubbles... mainly around TECH... and all the gambling it fostered.

There is no "real" far left--- for socialism-russia style- in this country.. there IS a growing - tech centric 'communism"( as you use it) BUT its still not at the levels of infleunce that the far rights "religion/no regulation on commerce" sect has grown too...
the obama you speak of is not real.. he isnt living the past . hes not a hippie who won the minds of tech kiddies in SF.. hes an xer who got pragmatic in chicago in the 80s.... when "america" gave his "race" a Cosby chance... and he took it...

the far right party HAS though Norquist/reed and others -- real political clout...

what leftie from the 30's playbook really has clout in congress?... bernie sanders?

so far. google/EFF/and Lessig act as rank amateurs in influence... give their bastard children another decade though of iphone politics...

American Values?... seems to me all the Wagons "joined" in the circles...

anyhow. the rt has no ideas that can get us out of the mess of the last 30 years....but they want to do it ONLY on their terms.

the dems at least "conseed" to try balance and consensus democracy...

"maybe" romney as president "could" be as "centered" as he was made to be in MASS.... but so far, hes shown little of that, and if the craziness of Norquist and his "pledges" keep "scaring" all moderate thoughts , then I see no choice but to not allow that craziness to lead all 3 branches of this countries gov.

the only "bad socialists" in america with any KLOUT.. are using corporate means... not electable means to get their power.

Prokofy Neva

No, c3, you're wrong. That is, "wrong" is the sort of thing you say about another person's set of political views based on entirely different premises and beliefs than yours.

I'm glad we've had this little talk, because it helps me see why for years, you've adopted this hurt, whining position about The Man who is always exploiting and deceiving you in the Metaverse by running virtual world platforms or creation tools, and seeing yourself as a helpless and injured victim.

Because I can only say that if you really believe that, take your starships to open sim and sell them there. After all, that's a system that isn't based on "the exploitation of man by man" and not, as in the old Soviet joke, "the opposite"? Right?

You provide the same shrill, disconnected arguments that the "progressives" provide every time any conservative or even liberal complains the slightest about the over-extension of the welfare state and government. You start whining that the government runs the military, that prevents invasion -- as if anyone even on the wild Ron Paul right is against the US having taxes spent on defense. It's insane, truly. Even sectarian nutballs concede that the US has to have some kind of government services. And normal Republicans of course grasp that defense, education, social security etc. are all needed. You portray Paul Ryan as throwing old people over a cliff instead of trying to hedge runaway costs. It's always extremes with you, and that's why you invite extremes. The problem isn't that Paul Ryan "lied" as the DNC and moveon.org harpies claim, it's that he has a different perspective on how to control costs in Medicare and Medicaid and sets it up differently. This "fact-checking" nonsense gets people to believe that there are "liars" and "the facts" only available to interns and online publications LOL. But it's bullshit -- the fact-checkers are only partisan lobbyists themselves tendentiously portraying some "facts" and not others.

The economics of the right haven't drained our country; the demands of the left have drained our country. The notions of equality incited by the left have led to the idea that everyone should have a house, and everyone should have a college education -- two things that most people borrowing for them and then defaulting should likely never had had, until they could earn them over time, or earn them only for their children. That's hard to swallow politically and philosophically, but you should look to those problems of ideology first before you blame the "banksters". The banksters only take advantage of this egalitarianism.

I'm glad you've debunked the Clinton years, and that's how you should continue to see it -- if you blame the right for "draining" the coffers, how come you're not blaming Clinton's tech bubbles and your friend Silicon Valley taking their manufacturing and tax dollars overseas?

Of course there's a far left -- it's called Occupy Wall Street and even socialist Obama isn't good enough for them. And of course it has influence -- Obama was elected, and may be elected again (but I actually think it's not even going to be close).

The Obama I speak of is not only real, I recognize him completely from the socialists I've been surrounded with in New York City, where he got his basic college education, for 30 years. And I recognize him from Chicago socialism which is also good at disguising itself in the community organizing rheotric.

The lefties' playbook in play now isn't the 1930s book, but the 1980s DSA book, which is to hide out in NGOs, nonprofits, community groups with single issues until you can spring out with the full-blown agenda.

Lessig has actually a lot of influence through his destructive Creative Commons notion, and through his "code as law" writings, and now as his "Congress is bought by interest group" projects which he is laboring away at to undermine Congress in the next round especially if Romney is elected. He's a time bomb. Watch.

American values aren't the hoary "family values" that get the left all raging. Even Obama has those family values, you know? He's married to his first wife, he has no scandalous past or present of affairs, and doesn't get blow jobs on the side in the Oral Office, you know? Your friend Bill Clinton did that.

I'm talking about the American values for free enterprise, business, self-starters, Yankee can-do and know-how which have always been very different from the European handout states.

The right's simple idea of reducing the deficit, not taxing the rich so that they don't go overseas, reducing the entitlements, isn't somehow "bankrupt" or "evil," it's simply fiscal sound sense. Not everybody can have a house or go to college. The college loans handed out are ridiculous, like the mortgages. If they stopped handing out these loans, the collegues would stop sinking to a low common denominator where Marxist professors reign supreme. I've seen this up close and personal with my kids and their friends. You must not have looked lately.

The purpose of Romney is to chasten the Democrats so they purge some of their socialist extremists so they can find somebody more like Bill Clinton who is electable. The purpose of Romney is to get some of these extremists out of government agencies where they pursue their extreme stealth-socialism. The purpose of Romney is to stand up to the Russians, Chinese, Iran, etc. because we've lost time with the 1980s peacenik approach on these countries and it didn't work. And so on. Indeed, the purpose of this reign by Republicans will be to get the Democrats to get rid of the socialists and force them back into their own party again. Where -- until we have a four-party system! -- they will not be elected and can go back to running community organizations if what they really want is social justice and not political power, as they claim.


1. i do sell the ships in open sims... have so for years./

2. i didnt name ryan. i named grover and ralph. they have the power... ryan is just a face.and i suggest you listen to norquists own words on what he'd do to the national gov.... sectarian? well one who got every rep...to sign a stupid pledge. or resign.. thats power, thats media/machines.. thats not about the man...

3. the federal goverment controls the federal military.. under civilian -elected control... if you believe that IBM and FORD would have kept your family from lampshades and goosestepping over the last 60 years... im glad we had this talk.

you hoping that by bringing in the repubicans youll establish balance in the force...

thats how darth vader got in power.. billions dead so that his son could "flip" him 20 years later.

sometimes you just empower the crazies... like Philip. I had a mouth to feed, that why i came to SL.. never a game to me.

ive watched/fought the fangirls and boys empowering the extropian.singularists for decades.... cults on the take.. simple as that.

and the reality as you do seem to grok.. is that they really have little national power now-- OWS was a blip of adbusters yucks...--- BUT that in 20 years as i said, the burning men who makes the games you play, will have birthed the corporate nazis of the wired state...

ive voted for many moderate republicans... mostly when i lived in NYC... but Romney/Ryan as i said show so far no moderation in governing views...

and when did social justice not gain the rule of law, without politics/or violence.... that IS what the anti abortion crowd is playing..yes?

injured because after all, its only a game to you and others... a gain of all or nothing... no partnerships..only aquition targets to be later made...

run a business in this wired state.. then tell me about it.
you lament the corner book store thats gone...

mom and pop ...were not in business to make profits... but to pay for the kids food ....

balance was the goal.. between life and counting coins...

what corporation has this goal.. none... and this is why their takeover of all is the problem..there is no pretence of ANY civics... its pure machine logic. its as cartoon as any RAND fiction.

there are no extremists in the dem party gov .... clinton killed them... who do you call extreme? those who just want social equalities?.. i see no democratic party "pledges" run by PACs that could deter a candidate from national office..

the extremists are in tech/ fed by corporate business, which is not to feed employees, but only enrich the top few stock holders...corporate machinations.. not political.. though that want to use the net to change all that... but really. Hillary looks at Alec as a photoshop pair of hands... not any real "consultant" for the state department... shes making a generational mistake on what his influende will be on the future... but for now... hes nothing.. thats why he "hates you".. you make it clear to him that hes not much of anything...

its so clear we dont have a system for the middle class(life balance) anymore... do you really think that the BOD at X will build a new school, or pave a new road? have you ever BEEN to Silicon Valley? no museums.. no art.. no libraries... no sports teams... just gated homes and office complexs for the geeks... and foreclosed empty shells of houses in the futher desert for the cleaning crews....

Obama has no plan to get to balance in the machine hes stuck in( just like you in SL)... but its clear that Romney will just bring back the previous decade, and accelerate the end of the middle class.
and then youll have to play the SIMS... again.


btw- all my friends and close family have kids who are 13-17... so i have seen it all about college..

and school tuition has gone up how much from 1980?.. and how many new" 100k a year art schools teaching games are there"? google digital domain.. and read about how florida and its republican goc got fleesed by VC-- CEO of DD...and its new jobs for young kids...lol-- just like SV ways. but only with the last 6 years.. in florida.... bolsted by ric scott.. gov.. reb.. and vc- startup medical scammer....


i never owned a home since (i left the corporate "job/family" deal in 90- though they would have gone bellyup anyway by 2000- so much for security-)family and scholarships and some loans made me the first college grad in my family...81-85..i repaid those loans.. it was possible too in the late 80s....they werent anything like the tutions today.. and yes i paid NYC rents all those years...
and ive now watched event he most "corporate" solid of my generation..late 40's trying to get those kids into college.. all now dumped of jobs and struggling to keep 20 year homes.... now.....so lets not really think that the last 30 years hasnt been a suck from their corporate owners who now toss them and their pensions/401ks.. that are all halved... anyway.... unless of course all of us between 45 and 55 are just supposed to die before 65 now....

that is the plan..right?

Prokofy Neva

Well, as I said on the other thread, I don't believe these religious beliefs.

I don't see that the US is responsible for any "billions" dead. Oppressive Islamic governments like those of Sudan, Iran, and Syria are responsible. Kleptocratic thugs in DRC are responsible. The Taliban in Afghanistan is responsible. You are one of these "blame America first" types because you are so isolated, living only in America and not looking at the rest of the world. Do you have a passport?

I fail to see how I have "empowered" Philip, having been one of his biggest critics all this time -- and in fact my critique in the New York Times was about the concern that big corporations would overwhelm the fragile economy of sole proprietors and small business in SL, and I wasn't wrong -- it's just that it took the form of Electric Sheep and not Coca Cola.

I fail to see how any "empowering" of extropianists has gone on from my corner when I constantly critique them and did long before it was semi-fashionable. Merely because I believe still in the capacity of virtual worlds? You believe in them more if you make your sole living in them.

Um, burning men making corporate Nazis? Well, hmmm. With what, Facebook stock now marked down to $18? Groupon? Zynga? With what corporation, c3? Well? Where's that behemoth? That corporate Nazi? Google? Don't they stumble, too?

Romney and Ryan are fairly normal. The businesses they've been involved in aren't the evil rapacious killers that the left claim they are. They're normal. Business is normal.

It isn't just a game to me. I just don't make my living here, as I'm not stupid. I don't have the skills to make a living here. I just had a small business that didn't do very well, to try to understand it better and see more of it work. I'm glad I had that experience. Why would you have to be in it "all or nothing" like a crazy cult to learn anything?! Why would I run a business in this "Wired State" such as it is now, which fortunately isn't all-pervasive? You have to apprentice, join a guild, and live under guild politics. I don't want to live in the Middle Ages. Why do you?

The extremists are indeed in the Democratic Party. Elizabeth Warren and Van Jones ARE those socialists. And Occupy isn't in the Party for the most part, and yet, some are.

It's not true that tech behemoths don't feed employees. They do. Have you looked at what salaries the average geek pulls down? It's beyond $100,000 a year, with all kinds of perks like free lunches. It's a class that does very well.

Social justice that uses violence doesn't gain the rule of law. That is not what the message of the civil rights movement of the 1960s was about, in fact. Martin Luther King, Jr's method of non-violence won, not the Black Panthers' violent radicalism.

Prokofy Neva

And why wouldn't it be the plan to die, c3? It's not Second Life. You die. And life expectancy especially for women who died in childbirth was what, 100 years ago? 50 years ago? And it's gone up now, but why this endless expectation that you get to live healthily, forever?

How do we know that the prosperity of the 1950s following the Depression and World War II in fact was a bubble, or a bump, that in fact couldn't be sustained? A house and a college education for every GI!

Once again, I compare my 1974 yearbook with today's yearbooks. Most of my fellow students in a rural upstate town did not go to college and remained in the area, filling gas or filling Xerox machines as I did summers. Most people didn't get a college degree because big corporations still had jobs for them. Now those giants like Kodak and Xerox are all dead, *killed by your Internet*.

So I'm supposed to get a college degree so I can make websites with Instagram photos and copies of digital art swiped somewhere else?


Billions of dead-- in the fraking MOVIE STAR WARS... fiction.. hello;)

electric sheep- is dead(-5).. coke still lives (100 years)... which company offered a fair deal for clients/customers...

this is the mediaverse.-- you empower by writing about--- the sheep knew jack about design. they wrote they did, they got CBS to buy it..( yes CBSs first digital pr project was one i did;)they bought my salesman pitch too 20 years ago.

i was a 100k paid well tech/ designer for years... its not a career.. its a month to month follie for people like Romney and their childrens tech follies...

THAT IS what running/or working in a business in the real wired state today/ yesterday(10 years) has been...

nazis are born of systems... not singular fathers.... work 25 tech jobs over 20 years.. and your a tech zombie nazi... like it or not... and you spend you off hrs fighting on jiras with cat ladies who dont know code...;)

the plan in america in the 21st century should not be for me to die before my parents... if the plan for medicare is to "soylent green" all over 60.. well enjoy your walk into the chamber... i unlike Sol, wont go quietly. Ive just spent 2 years living among the 80 year olds... the joke is i cant, not at 48.. and the real joke is that the plan is more me to "live" 30 years as a month to month min wage worker till i drop.. thats the plan i see from your bringers of "balance". ill balance that with a gun sooner than i hit 60:)- assuming im not dead from living on fake foods for 40 years.

my internet? i just make media... i never owned the airwaves..or servers.. once i owned my tools... but you;) and the tech/banker cultists have taken that away;)

Kodak..could t have not died... it was up to people like Romney, -- kill it.. same fate he wanted for GM..yes?... sell it off for piece profits to a chinese car maker to come.. hell detroit can be rebulilt by jerry pattendorf.. hell bring millions of sheep.. er jobs... ok well maybe one for himself as a "guru":)

so you dont forget.. i was the voice of NON TECH cult since the early 90s... i unlike jaron, never got paid by Google... or microsoft, or even Apple.. who i filled the seminars rooms for in NYC during that time..

Warren extreme socialist?... read her bio... shes most likely spent more time in church than you have..:)

a iphone and an opinion for everyone? this is what your really voting for? thats been the "moneymachines" design for "everyone" for over 30 years now... thats their "better world" for others... they of course get to live behind the gates of the apple/googleplex thats NOT san jose... but 20 miles closer to the beach.

and when did i say the growth from 1950-80 was handed "well"... it was a "gift" of us having as a nation.. not a few corporations bommbing the hell out of germnany and japan and then bombing everyone else...

BUT it was a gift of time that the machine/media/ you? seem to now forgot.. and now look at the 1980s-2000 as the gift time.... as if that "leadership" can offer "balance"
and no "fact check" can make that argument...


MLK was all about the politics...that's how some laws got changed....the civil war, was how the BIG issue got changed.



so i guess i was right.. 20 years ago.

little consolation...

argue all you want.. but the top down, free the banks ideas that don regan and david stockman brought to the federal gov in 1980, destroyed the idea of a balanced middle as the goal for this democracy.

Luna Bliss

Prokofy, I am telling the truth from my experience in the Bible Belt. These abusers are not people who only have 'traditional values' as you say. I have seen horrific abuse cases against both gays and those who believe in rights for women for many years here - reported in the newspaper, on TV news, by groups I've belonged to that fight for human rights, from personal experience, and from my time as a Social Worker - far far more than one or two edge cases. Sure, the law addresses the most extreme cases, and perhaps I should not state the most extreme occurances to argue my case - most incidents do not escalate into murder - but the attitude they have is one of hate that encourages acts of violence (be it simply bullying or extreme cases of murder). There's simply no hope for these people who don't believe in science or the separation of church and state, and who try to mold society to fit their particular religion. Even now as I head out to the store today I will have to pass this 'church' with a big sign out front where they constantly put negative messages against gays, women, and abortion. Why don't they put 'god is love' or 'when you do it for the least of them you do it unto me'? Instead they just want to spread hate, and there are too many of these 'churches' spread throughout the central US.

It's not safe for a political party that aligns itself with such hate to come into power - this would diminish women's rights and throw far more people into poverty. Not only are they trying to control women's reproductive rights (end abortion, criminalized abortion even in the case of rape and incest) - they want to gut Medicare and diminish Medicaid - this would have disastrous effects on women, children, and the elderly.

Regarding the 'we built it' controversy, both sides are just beating their chests, the left saying community is first while the right saying the individual is first. They are both right, and both wrong. One can't exist without the other. To polarize this is of no use, and I can't imagine using this in the final decsion on which side to vote for, unless one believes Obama is on the brink of doing away with Capitalism entirely. I know I let myself get pulled into the polarization too for awhile, but I've decided it's ridiculous. What IS important is which side will take away more freedom and throw more into poverty if elected, and this year it is the Republicans.

I will continue to read what you write about Communism, and you know I was starting to explore this more on Fleep's blog with interest, having focused mostly on Psychology in my studies and past career, but I'm afraid I'll never view things through Russian eyes. This is America where we have both Socialism and Individualism combined. From what I'm seeing at this point in time you just can't apply Communism to everything in America, though one must keep a critical eye out for sure, and that's why I do like to read your writings about it.

lol regarding "something in the water"...I was not serious..had simply lapsed into silliness while considering the differences in geological structures on the coast vs the middle of the country (we get our water from a giant aquafer in the center of the country). I know nothing about any comments similar that Ron Paul has said, and I have no idea why people around here think it's cool to wear a cowboy hat and ride around in a truck with a shotgun in the back - to me it does seem like it could be some sort of excessive testosterone condition, but where it comes from I have no idea.

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