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Cetile Resident

So I just logged in and surely enough, I see two ads for high-end DSLR's. I don't think it's related to anything I've been searching for, though I did have a parcel near a photography studio in-world for a bit.

I don't mind the ads regardless of whether they're targeted or not, though; LL has the right to put them up if they want to.

Amanda Dallin

I don't mind the ads but do wonder when they put them there. I've seen them twice but usually their not there at all.


I haven't seen them yet on my dashboard page— but perhaps this is an experiment which the Lindens are randomly testing. Running ads on the website is not a bad idea, even if it is potentially annoying.


I haven't seen any ads, as Doubleclick and Google Ad Services are blocked on my browser, but on the SL-forum are threads as well:

Prokofy Neva

Thanks for those links, Jadeclaw.

Shamlet has also run an article on this citing Cieran Laval. And for once he makes an appropriate point, that Linden Lab should really open up the ad space there not just to Google ads, but to resident business ads like content creators. Well, why not run secondlife.com like sluniverse.com

Dox Voom

I found I was getting weird banner ads like this on Twitter's site. Turns out there was a plugin that managed to install itself on Firefox and was inserting the ads.

Go into your add-ons on Firefox and/or Chrome and remove anything that doesn't look familiar.


""...but to resident business ads like content creators.""
That's how FurAffinity is doing it. They have 4 adspaces on every page, two on the top, two on the bottom.
Aside from the occasional dealer ad, these adspaces are filled completely by member ads. I've never seen one space running empty and members are queueing up to get an ad running.
Seeing the number of stores on the marketplace, I'm pretty sure, it will be a similar success on secondlife.com.
However, I would reserve the adspace for inworld shops, to get more traffic to those shops. (If I buy something, I buy inworld, whenever possible to support those creators, who still keep an inworld presence.)

Cinder Roxley

There was an advertising beta a while back. I bought banner ads on the web profiles for really cheap prices and got a lot of clicks. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Commerce/Join-the-Second-Life-Advertising-Beta/ba-p/671936 Unfortunately, they killed the program only a few months after that with no announcement, and now I guess they're doing these.

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