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This is a good publicity ploy. If someone like you is calling for a boycott than more people will have a look to the location. :)
Thanks for the promotion.

Stephanie Meyer

Hi! Your last post about the Arcade was actually a good overview of what was available, and I did go over and try a few pulls. But the article also made me aware of the gambling element of gachas and the fact that there is no guarantee that you will get what you want.

Of the five items I got at the last Arcade, I have not found a real use for any of them, so what I got for my money was a learning experience.

I will still probably do a pull now and again: If even one of the items is something I could use (example, a machine where the items are the same except for color) or if I'm visiting a shop I enjoy but not in the mood to buy - then the gacha is more fun than contributing to a tip jar. If I go to the Arcade again I will try to avoid the higher-priced gachas.

I have put one of your barrel-shaped "Landmark Giver"in my Tourist Information Center, but thinking about gachas gave me the inspiration to create my own "Free Mole Landmark Gacha Machine." Thanks

Prokofy Neva (@Prokofy)

Stephanie, I'm glad you got some use out of the landmark giver. I will have to see your Mole LM giver, that sounds interesting, I think I have collected most of the Mole freebies.

Gordon, I don't care if it gives more publicity. Why would that be a deterrent to criticism? It also has some effect -- they reduced their reward system from 50 to 25 like other events.

More and more people are complaining about the high prices even reaching $100, and they will come down.

Gacha Addict

I'm late to the party but.... bumped into it accidentally - pretty ridiculous post filled with self entitlement.

Last summer I belive it was, linden exchange crashed, L$ became cheap to buy and creators had added fees to their withdrawals by LL + exchange rate for cashing out was a complete mess with terrible rate. It hurt small stores and businesses. Stores will adjust their prices based on economy.

You don't get to dictate how shops should price their gachas. Smaller stores prices will go up because they have to survive and make profit among the large brands who can AFFORD to make things cheap due to their enormous following.

Your little movement doesn't mean shit, all i hear is wah wah too expensive, boycott!

LOL Don't wanna play? Don't then. Who forces you? Only 2 stores had 100L gachas and I'm sure they felt their items were well worth it. Kudos to them for getting paid for their hard work.

Some of these brands offered clothing in ALL SIZES, not just one size/prize - that could be shared between friends wearing different bodies. Being a crazy shopper myself, I don't mind paying 100 for a top I can share with 5 of my friends who wear different mesh body. That's ridiculously cheap. So instead of whining like a spoiled child, get over it and go to gacha sales.


Guess what, sweet pie, I'm not calling for a socialist diktat to force people to set a price, I'm using the same free speech and free market to say consumers shouldn't pay $100 for gatchas, it's a rip-off, and guess what, I get to do that in a free economy, imagine!

It's not "smaller shops" which is a meaningless concept in a setting where ALL the merchants are big name or they wouldn't be paying the huge fee to participate. In fact, people don't pay the prices, and guess what, because we complain, they've started lowering them. There are less doing this now. I don't expect to have an impact with my little campaign, it isn't about me, because many other consumers themselves are saying the same thing.

More and more, these people have to put out 4 or more different gacha machines to accommodate all the mesh manufacturers who don't work off a standard. And that's "their right" too of course. But after awhile, you wonder why you are taking a chance to buy these things, just sell them outright, even for MORE, and give people a CHOICE not random bullshit. THAT is the issue. Sell them to those who want them, at the size and type they want, even for more. The end.

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