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Ahab Qvetcher

As I write this, I am sitting in a local fast food restaurant as the local high school game let out. The avatars indeed look like all you describe, but then so do the local real life high schoolers.


I think you might be missing the point here Prok. You describe them as;

"look like ass"
"snarling, surly, suspicious"
"mentally retarded and/or stoned"
"low-IQ thug"
"drug addled"
"mentally diminished"

but did it not occur to you at any point that this is exactly who the majority of SL users are in real life? All that would be needed to complete the set is a morbidly obese avatar (easily taken care of with sliders), an animal sex enthusiast (achieved with furry attachments), a BDSM freak (achieved with attachments) and a creepy pedo (any avatar for a basis). All minor variations on these new "more accurate" avatars.

On the whole I think LL have done excellent work here introducing a touch of reality back into a game which so surely needs it.

Centopath Resident

Those ones are from a couple years ago, and look to be something the lab wants to forget existed. They also use useless mesh bodies that cant be modified, and new people can't figure out. The newer ones are better.

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