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This avatar upset by a picture of a pregnant "girl" has this in her profile:


My heart belongs to Daddy.
So do all my other Pixel Parts.
Don't ask, I am not interested.
My worlds are completely and utterly perfect now.
Oh.. and if you touch my Daddy
I will kill you.

Also this interaction is a VERY good example of how BDSM assholes ALWAYS spill out their abusive RP into other interactions with people completely uninvolved in their BDSM head trip. Here's what else she has -- sigh:

I would rather put a hundred "do's" in here
Than a single "don't" but here goes....
I am a million yes's if you hold my hand and walk me through the scary parts. Protect me, guide me, show me what you wish from me.
Things that I am NOT okay with: Girl on Girl, Scat, Beastiality, Incest, Ageplay or Death and Dismemberment.
I don't anticipate ever having to use a safeword. If I become uncomfortable, i will tell you so and we can work from there, but in the event that I have to stop a scene, my safe word is "Penguin"

Penguin indeed.

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