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Ariana Tinkerbell

You may like this, dear: Edward Clift on how to have an impact in the world: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KB5og0d4IT0

He's also launched a master's program in media for social justice, where he draws upon the school's experiences in virtual worlds. (greedy landlords who hate communists and so on)

Ariana Tinkerbell

Here it is (the program) https://woodbury.edu/ma-in-media-for-social-justice-information-session/

I'm told they discussed SL in the Social Entrepreneurship Workshop as a microcosm of the fight for social justice, and discussed their own university's role as a meeting place of young people who cared about a just society vs the dominance of the established power structures incl wealthy landlords like you.


Prokofy Neva, you disrupted our event by spamming all my guests FOUR times with your bot which had the following message:

"Rent from Ravenglass Rentals today! We're in business in 12th year. Founded by our legendary dear leader Prokofy Neva from Moscow (Perennial Winner, SL Poultry Competition)! Total freedom! Muslim-free rentals! No illegals! We're a proud MAGA community! White pride is our slogan! Your abusive message is permission to publish your chat! Contact Prokofy Neva to make Second Life great again and get your very own CHEAP cottage! #MSLGA"

I don't give a shit about how many competitions you have won, your business practices are DESPICABLE and I would NEVER rent from you or want to have anything to do with your spammy "MAGA community"!

Prokofy Neva

What a load of horseshit, Ariana. These people are griefers and TOS violators, not social justice fighters.
I am not a wealthy landlord, I have a little business in Second Life and I'm poor in real life. Go fuck yourself.

The Personal Is Political!

Good to see Edward Clift keeping well, looking good and obviously enjoying a fruitful, productive career teaching robotics to kids.

What a shame then that Prok continues to live for some inworld vendetta that ended 7-8 years ago. What a disgrace that the most 'productive' thing Prok has done since is to pollute the dying world of SL with racist bots, to boost her pity points and publicity for her unwanted land.

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