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So can you prove that the bots are not yours? Just curious because people seem to doubt your denials. An awful lot of people have received the messages.


You have been using your white privilege for way too long now.
you need to be banned.
We know it is you who is doing this from our investigation.
Lanterns Notified!
Linden Contacts Notified!

You're going Down..'Detroit style!


We had one of your bots spamming messages in the builders brewery group recently. Discussion followed after it was kicked and the vast majority concluded that even if it is not you doing this when one of your other personalities is in control, it might as well be. The only debate here is whether you are directly or indirectly responsible. This personal hobby of yours of engaging in griefing and trolling wars and then crying victim when it does not go your way is entirely your choice, but when it spills out and disturbs the rest of us that is unforgivable

Frankie Antonioni

I just found out something. Aemeth, and Jeaniesing Resident were created on the same day. So I think they might be the same person.


So here we go again. Another event disrupted by Prokofy Neva's bots who harrassed my guests a dozen times or so.

Prokofy Neva is quite clearly a conspiracy theorist and an advocate of far-right politics. She has now over several weeks earned attention in SL for her strongly anti-Muslim, anti-homosexual and far-right views, her belief that Christianity should order public policy, as well as her open ties to neo-Confederates and white nationalist groups. She is also an outspoken supporter of the birther movement.

Prokofy Neva

Apparently "Jana" is unable to read. These bots have nothing to do with them. Everyone has abuse reported them and they are removed one-by-one. I'm not removed as they have nothing to do with them.

These views are reprehensible and I don't have these views, nor any of these claimed ties; Obama has a birth certificate in the United States. Etc. etc.

"Jana" is likely one of the griefers.

Prokofy Neva


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