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Justice League /Red Lanterns

We are watching every move you make, it might be time you just retire to some private island renting from the chungs instead, mainland is dead don't be a fool going down with it.you're mainland days of terrorizing an innocent community is over, you are at the top of the list congratulations your number(1) with this being your only chance to redeem yourself, you owe it to yourself old timer by doing the right thing.. RETIRING!

1. Prokofy Neva
2. Lisa WarmAnimations
3. Penny Patton
4. Amethyst Resident
5. Sassy Romano
6. Mistress Midnight
7. Dane Zander
8. Shiloh Lyric
9. Schmooples Resident
10. Whirly Fizzle
11. Luna Bliss
12. Klytyna Resident
13. Stroker Serpentine
14. Strawberry Singh

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