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She is probably doing this (hiding gifts) to get traffic. The longer people mill about, the better chance of that person showing as traffic. More traffic equals people thinking the store is popular. I stopped shopping at Bella Rose, the customer service sucks and Bella is just not a nice person. Her cheerleaders are kissing her ass in the hopes of getting free stuff as a thank you for protecting Bellas's honor. I have pretty much stopped paying for groups. When you pay a couple hundred dollars to be in a group that says they have monthly group gifts, I expect there to be a new one every month. And not a piece of junk either, I expect something that is worth what I am paying the group fee for. Not some out of date, old ...crap. And as far as these people saying that creators are not obligated to give out gifts or they are giving gifts to be nice, we should kiss their butts for doing so and the creators are the salt of the earth because they do gifts, I do not agree with that. If I paid lindens out to be in a paid group that promises monthly group gifts, then yes...they are obligated. By not doing so, they are ripping us off. These stores that go months before changing out the group gifts are crooks.

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