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WU as an organization hasn't been present in SL since... geeze, 2011? Have some of us kept playing, sure. But it's not really fair to associate WU with something they haven't had anything to do with in 7 years.

Secondly, TWH imploded in 2014 and Tizz hasn't had anything to do with them since. Actually pretty well documented here: http://secondlife.wikia.com/wiki/The_Wrong_Hands#Final_Years

That said, you're probably correct in that the people continuing to harass you came from those groups back in the day. But let's be real: anyone who finds the same joke funny after nearly 10 years simply isn't that sharp. At the time we would have called them "useful idiots"; now they're just idiots. Tizzy and the rest of us have moved on to more interesting things to do with our lives.

Did we do some pretty terrible things back in the day? Absolutely. Are the folks currently harassing you shitheads? Absolutely. But I don't see what stating this accomplishes; they're still going to be shitheads and I'm still an old irrelevant has-been in SL. :-)

~ Kate


Kate just bothered making that super long post because they want things to die down as much as possible so no one comes on here and tells you about tizzers's new base of operations, Winterfell.

snizlefoot Burger

Kevin, it's kind of pointless to respond to this rant and you're in nu Woodbury just not the sim since it can't be known it's Winterfell so Tizzers can hope he avoids getting banned.



FYI: "Kate" is a manipulative middle-aged (50+) little man from southern Texas, with a long history of griefing. Nothing he says is true. I hear he's still involved in sim crashing and wreaking havoc in SL.


FYI: "Kate" is a manipulative middle-aged (50+) little man from southern Texas, with a long history of griefing. Nothing he says is true. I hear he's still involved in sim crashing and wreaking havoc in SL.


FYI: "Kate" is a manipulative middle-aged (50+) little man from southern Texas, with a long history of griefing. Nothing he says is true. I hear he's still involved in sim crashing and wreaking havoc in SL.

Edward Clift

Woodbury University is primarily a minority-serving institution whose students are often relegated to the margins or unjustly castigated as troublemakers. The faculty at Woodbury University very strongly believes in its students and the positive differences they can make in society. The destruction of the Woodbury 2.0 campus years ago was, in my view, an egregious shot across the bow of academia. All institutions of higher education are put on notice that they better not do anything too ambitious or “enlightening” unless they want to risk being shunned and eventually expelled from the Holy Grid.


Tizzers hasn't moved on. He's still very much a greifer. Maybe he doesn't greif Prok anymore, but I know for a fact that he greifs others and that he's still addicted to SL, now with a new island.


I don't think Tizzers *personally* griefed Prokofy at all, at least not since 2007 or something. Tizzers' role was more that of an inspirational figure who didn't want to get her hands dirty. Anyway, Prokofy made enemies in more than one community, not just WU, and the cult involving the griefing of Prokofy started its own life, not related to any particular community but more like a part of SL culture more broadly. The recent methods seem unrelated to past griefing. Also, new people are recruited even today, thanks to ED and Prok's behavior on Twitter etc.


Tizzers commented on 4chan, in response to this blog post:

">when you grief somebody so hard that years later after the world has changed, technology, culture, international affairs have all changed drastically, as has your own life, the trolling itself is more just a fond memory of a carefree youth, maybe with a bit of remorse, but overall been and gone as you and your friends consider it nostalgia
>and the person you trolled is STILL MAD"

Some of his "friends" said:

"shut up tizzers, you'll never be a real woman"

"Holy fucking shit. Neither of them are letting go. Seriously."

Prokofy Neva

I'm not going to deal with all the word salad here now as I'm at work, but let me address Prof. Clift's
utterly vapid disinformation worthy of a Russian bot. And say, read any papers in St. Petersburg lately
on the economy, Ed?

Whatever the RL Woodbury University's merits as a low-cost commuter college serving minorities which we could
only support -- it's irrelevant to this discussion as some kind of silly guilt-trip inducer or excusing of griefing. Huh?

Prof. Clift, you yourself wore blackface in SL with a black avatar and big Afro, taken out of the "Pool's Out" Anonymous meme.

That's the sort of activity that gets real black people in real life very angry now and gets professors fired.

You're proud of that episode, and the fact that you bought land next to me to harass me with particle textures showing
Bill Cosby and jello and African-Americans with "Pool's Out," Edward?

Really, you think that's a discourse on transgressiveness in our society today? Or a defense of minorities?

I would call it racist idiocy in violation of the TOS which in fact properly led to bans or deletions for those using these memes and harassing others with them.

More to the point, let's look at the racial/ethnic/minority status of the children in your "digital arts" class.

They were not black, Hispanic or even Asian from what we know of their appearances at real-life meet-ups, amply documented.

They were suburban white kids, sometimes from wealthy families who couldn't get into better schools because their grades were too poor or their drug addiction or dysfunctions too great.

Tizzers and all her gang of merry miscreants are WHITE PEOPLE. Perhaps you'll try to dig up some minority aspect to some of them but they are white. So let's not be children here.

That idea that persecuted racial minorities in the United States writ large, served by your university with its programs -- a worthy cause -- is somehow "equivalent" to the banning of these rich or poorly supervised white kids harassing people in SL is just completely ludicrous.

It does a grave disservice to the experience of real suffering from real minorities.

And let me suggest that your supervisors eventually understood this, and certain Linden Lab did, which is why all your islands are gone now in Second Life.

There is no free-speech or academic freedom issue here because you could have any discourse you like as long as it did not involve destroying others -- crashing their sims, disrupting their meetings, paralyzing their sims with particle wars with horrendous and racist imagines and all the other delights of 4chan.

Which you did, and allowed, and participated in.

Everyone knows 4chan or Anonymous are not academic freedom issues, but disruption of academic freedom.

Perhaps the Chronicle of Higher Education was snowed enough not to understand that, but any judge, college president, real journalist etc. looking at this will get it. They never had a chance to because you engaged in Russian bot-style disinformation about it.

Whether a spoof or clueless kids' antics, the Soviet-themed and Russian style troll methods you previewed and prototyped in SL bear a startling resemblance to the forces that disrupt our nation today at the highest level.

And *I'm* the crazy cat lady for pointing these destructive forces out 15 years ago?

You weren't "expelled from the Holy Grid," you aided and abetted crime and prevented free speech and association of others. That's not trivial.

As for all this other "Move On" horseshit. I'm awfully glad that this bunch has admitted their activities even up to
2014 -- which hey, means if I AR'd them in 2010 or 2011 or 2013 -- then they said BACK THEN they'd "all moved on" they were lying.

What a surprise.

Prokofy Neva

When you attempt to smear people, it's important to spell their names correctly.

The account of my RL son in SL is Henry Hutchence.

It's an account in good standing and not used much because he is a back-up for me if I'm out sick or have to travel, he's busy in RL.

Neither he nor I have anything remotely resembling any copybotting or griefing or any offenses of this nature in our records which is why the accounts are online.

If they are taken off line or hidden or put on busy in the system, it's only to prevent customer messages piling up and people getting frustrated, not because they are "banned" -- these accounts are in the search and active as the Lindens and group members know.

This kind of cheap smear tactic is so easily refuted merely by looking inworld, if not being a real journalist and calling the Lindens, that it's not worth bothering with, except I see how these things get airplay so I refute them for the record.


Prokofy, you are clearly OBSESSED with Tizzers ( as seen in this psychotic article: 3dblogger.typepad.com/second_thoughts/2009/10/tizzers-boudoir-or-the-irresponsibility-of-woodbury-university.html ). Over more than a decade you have written HUNDREDS of pages about Tizzers on your blog. No person figures more prominently in your *life's work.*


Prokofy: Isn't the transgressive Armenian-American transwoman Transtizzers a minority?

Carla Sinclair

Prokofy, you seem to find joy in being rude and obnoxious towards others. Did you expect SL to provide you with a free lunch? A platform for you to abuse other people, while they didn't fight back? Why is it that so many very different people in very different settings have objected so strongly to your behaviour?

Kalel Venkman

"Mature" and "law-abiding" Tizzy about the Ban Prok incident (which he himself was responsible for) in 2009: "Neither do I [know who did it], that's horrible."

15:30]  Tizzy Teardrop: Hiiiii
[15:30]  Prokofy Neva: Is there a reason for you to be here?
[15:31]  Tizzy Teardrop: We are looking for the donkey
[15:31]  Prokofy Neva: so you're in on the conspiracy are you Rodney?
[15:31]  Rodney Linden: pardon?
[15:31]  Tizzy Teardrop: 8D
[15:31]  Prokofy Neva: Why are you here, Rodney?
[15:31]  Rodney Linden: I got a TP
[15:31]  Prokofy Neva: and what for?
[15:32]  Rodney Linden: exploring for now.
[15:32]  Prokofy Neva: do you help out griefers?
[15:32]  Prokofy Neva: as you "explore"?
[15:32]  Rodney Linden: f course not.
[15:32]  Rodney Linden: i kick griefers if i see them griefing.
[15:32]  Prokofy Neva: this person was permabanned and is back on an alt, and is the person who invites all the griefers into Woodbury who come and crash my sims and kill my chickens
[15:32]  Prokofy Neva: um I'll bet
[15:32]  Rodney Linden: kill your chickens?
[15:32]  You decline Rodney Linden's Bear from Rodney Linden.
[15:33]  Prokofy Neva: I don't want your bear Rodney
[15:33]  Prokofy Neva: Keep your damn bear.
[15:33]  Rodney Linden: ?
[15:33]  Rodney Linden: um.. ok
[15:33]  Prokofy Neva: What was the reason you needed to TP here?
[15:34]  Prokofy Neva: yes, Woodbury University builds grief builds, harasses pepole, and has killed my chickens
[15:34]  Prokofy Neva: go read the tickets
[15:34]  Prokofy Neva: some are removed from the people list already
[15:34]  Rodney Linden: ah, i dont handle support tickets, im not able to view them.
[15:34]  Prokofy Neva: yea I'll bet!
[15:34]  Rodney Linden: different department.
[15:34]  Prokofy Neva: so are you the Linden who chalked BAN PROK on your own building
[15:35]  Rodney Linden: afraid not.
[15:35]  Prokofy Neva: You're "afraid" not
[15:35]  Prokofy Neva: but you wish you had
[15:35]  Prokofy Neva: so who did, Rodney?
[15:35]  Rodney Linden: i really wouldn't know, and I don't know why someone would do that.
[15:36]  Tizzy Teardrop: Neither do I, that's horrible.
[15:36]  Prokofy Neva: gosh, that's amazing that you wouldn't know something that your little gal pal Tizzy knows
[15:36]  Prokofy Neva: totally shocking, that you wouldn't know what eveyrone knows
[15:36]  Rodney Linden: i dont follow that sort of thing, sorry.
[15:36]  Prokofy Neva: um right
[15:37]  Prokofy Neva: so what *do* you do at LL, Rodney? are you in the code cave or do they sic you on the customers?
[15:37]  Rodney Linden: Im in operatons, we keepthe grd onlie.
[15:37]  Prokofy Neva: on lie
[15:37]  Prokofy Neva: right
[15:37]  Exchange: Where do I get money?
[15:37]  Prokofy Neva: except when you don't, and you let your friends the Woodburies and b-tards crash sims
[15:37]  Prokofy Neva: then you laugh like hell don't you Rodney
[15:38]  Rodney Linden: grid online/
[15:38]  Prokofy Neva: "grin online"
[15:38]  Rodney Linden: um? what?
[15:38]  Prokofy Neva: keep typing maybe you'll get it right
[15:38]  Prokofy Neva: um? w-hat?
[15:39]  Prokofy Neva: It's time to write to Dr. Rosen again.
[15:39]  Prokofy Neva: about the "students"
[15:39]  Tizzy Teardrop: Dr. David Rosen is an amazing person and is a huge supporter of our virtual campus project.
[15:39]  Rodney Linden: Prokofy: i dont know what all you're talking about, did you have anything specific you needed from me?
[15:40]  Prokofy Neva: Um, why are you here?
[15:40]  Prokofy Neva: this sim is online - for now anyway
[15:40]  Prokofy Neva: because tizzy didn't crash it yet
[15:40]  Prokofy Neva: but of course, that could change
[15:40]  Prokofy Neva: and if Dr. Rosen doesn't get it, maybe his board members or the State of California will get it, whatever
[15:40]  You decline Glass of Kool Aid from Tizzy Teardrop.
[15:40]  You decline Rodney Linden's Bear from Rodney Linden.
[15:41]  Rodney Linden: Well, it was nice meeting you, please have a bear.
[15:41]  Rodney Linden accepted your inventory offer.
[15:41]  Tizzy Teardrop accepted your inventory offer.
[15:41]  Prokofy Neva: have a dead chicken
[15:41]  Rodney Linden: oh, a chick?
[15:41]  Prokofy Neva: I've got lots
[15:41]  Tizzy Teardrop:  ☆* Thank You *☆
[15:41]  Prokofy Neva: your reason for being here Rodney?
[15:42]  Rodney Linden: ah, thank you!, it was a pleasure meeting you.
[15:42]  Prokofy Neva: shame on you
[15:42]  Prokofy Neva: shame, shame

Kalel Venkman

Sorry about the wall of text. Here's the link:



@Kalel, when you post logs that long it's a lot easier to read if you put in line breaks before the timestamps.

@Waterfallz Though I hate to say it, Prok is right in this article. Tizzers repeatedly says stuff like "You have to let go of the past" while slinging nonapologies and putting the fault on the other person while doing nothing to address any criticisms leveled against him for his past misdeeds.

@Barb I have joined tizzers at at least one of prokofy's meetings that have occurred after 2007. But you have a point with: "didn't want to get her hands dirty" He typically didn't do any dirty work himself but that didn't stop him from bragging and accepting credit for successful plans.

@Edward Clift



Robble, Tizzers practically raised you. He fed you, gave you shelter and taught you English. And yet you are so ungrateful and bitter.


Obvious fake is obvious LOL. LL knows there isn't any such chat log and PS I don't have any connections to LL, they harass me , too -- Prokofy

[21:22] Henry Hutchence: log in at 03:00 and my alt will im you

[21:22] Henry Hutchence: i have about 1,000+ vehicles, just 500L, you can rez them in a sandbox but watch out as sometimes ppl click on view profile if it looks like yr rezzing hundreds of new good items

[21:23] Henry Hutchence: my mom is well connected with LL tho so dont dream of trying to fuck with me

Jellyvan Fisher

Tizzers was the Queen of Woodbury: Adored, loved, respected by everyone. She didn't grief anyone. She merely happened to be the head of state of a people that enjoyed griefing. Her people loved her, and she loved her people. If you are intent on blaming her for something, blame her for her compassion and love of her people, not for things she never did.

Ramona Moonsoo

Wow. What a coincidence that Tizzers, Robble, Fizgig and Kalel "I hassled a dead kid's family in real life" Venkman all seem to be have been passing Prok's blog in the past fortnight and felt compelled to leave a comment. Remarkable stuff.

The biggest shock to me is that Prok even has a RL son. Does he stay with you? Has he ever left the front door, or do you lock him in his bedroom, 'Carrie'-style?

Malte Maas

I liked the part best where he said he has a career and mortgage :D

Arnoldo Maltese

Well, Tizzers has a career, sort of. Basically he serves coffee and runs errands while volunteering at a transgender community center.


Prok has said all that needs to be said:

"On the group charter, it tells people to contact Tizzy Teardrop for further information, indicating clearly that this person supervises the group and its membership and can be contacted for an invitation. That scores of other members might have that permission doesn't mitigate the conscious and deliberate nature of this problem of inviting people into the group with names like Niggerflavored Coleslaw and Soviet Admiral or Lulsworth Sharktooth. I have to say that this is a common pattern, as over and over again, Woodbury members will come to grief me in the exact same way in the exact same places with the exact same type of avatars (er, because it *is* the same people) because it is deliberate and Tizzers does deliberately foster it."


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