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DJ Duck Tales

Everyone knows Prok and Henry been french kissing...

Best place for Ravenglass is down the toilet

Mr. Skinner

In fact, Tizzers said, insisted, in 2012 that he had "moved on" and "never logged into SL anymore" etc. etc. Of course we all know that wasn't true. Only a few months later Tizzers' new group and sim Sandvich were deleted and he and dozens of his friends were banned, again. He publicly admitted all this and said it was all deliberate, an attempt to troll Linden Lab (ummm, ok?). And he had new sims and groups that were deleted/banned in both 2014 and 2016 if I remember correctly. And right now, Tizzers has a new sim and a new group, again. It must be the 7th incarnation or something. So AFTER Tizzers claimed he had no interest in SL and never logged into SL anymore and bashed those people (like Prok) who "remained in SL", a "dying game", he has had AT LEAST FOUR new sims/groups/communities that he invested huge amounts of time and effort into. The trouble is, when you repeatedly lie, year after year, people won't believe anything you say.

Tizzers hosts parties in a sim known as Winterfell these days, where people dress up as Potteresque schoolchildren. Rumor has it that Prokofy is widely mocked for her writings at these parties.

Jim Korpov

What year is it? It's 2018, and the "90 pounds of boy in 100 pounds of man" who is really too old for this is still griefing to shore up her poor self esteem and poor upbringing on the Internet without parental love and supervision.

If it isn't "actually Tizzers" it's some comrade of hers or some spawn of hers, doesn't matter. Bolshevism has survived 100 years with these methods.




Mike Lorrey

You know, its been many years since the silly times in SL passed. You'd think that a mature woman in the declining years of her life would move on to more important concerns like "How am I going to fund my retirement on the declining sales of a Boris Yeltsin autobiography translation nobody wants to read?" or "Is my CIA/AirAmerica pension going to be enough to fund my mental health treatment at Bellevue and my cat food budget?"
Yes Tiz has moved on, has a fantastic six figure job in Hollywood. I'm much the same in the gaming and blockchain industries.
We should all recognize that all the drama was there because Linden Lab was such a shitty company building a shitty virtual world. Their walled garden business model is abominably anti-human and exploitative.
I am dreadfully sorry that I trolled the shit out of you for so many years, siccing you on Woodbury in the first place, then getting you to quit SLCC by offering you a panel position to debate Moot of 4chan, among many other things. I knew you'd freak the way you did because you are entirely predictable, like a bot.
I'm even sorry I posted a pic of your apartment building on the SL Facebook group this past February or whatever. I've got far more important things to do in the world than to perpetuate old grudges and dramafests. Same goes with Tiz. Tiz and I learned to bury the hatchet, when we figured out who the real enemy was who was manipulating us all (no not you Kalolz, you are a putzy pawn too). Do try to grow up and demonstrate the wisdom of your years?

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