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Edward Clift

Prokofy Neva is not in the people list and has been banned by Linden Lab. Welcome to the club, Prok! Maybe you should rethink your stance on the gross injustice educational institutions have suffered in Second Life too?

Prokofy Neva

My ban is selective prosecution and harassment instigated by griefers like yourself.

Your ban is just because you crashed sims, copybotted, and endlessly harassed people. I would think a professor at a university would grasp that going around in mocking blackface as a fake African-American in SL and harassing people with memes and creepy behavior isn't consistent with a legitimate educational mission. You don't have an island in SL for good cause that any proper review in good faith would review. If you are there in SL by stealth again with your creepy little former students harassing me, you only further discredit yourself.

LCdr Deborah Lipsitz, base commander

This is hilarious. Your ban is "selective prosecution and harassment", while someone else's ban is just? The fact remains that you are banned. Clearly for a reason. And clearly both bans are justified. You have continued to constantly harrass our base inworld, and myself, and I have in fact become convinced that you are behind your bots, despite your denials. Your ban only corroborates that further. Clearly LL has investigated this issue following my reports and concluded that your behavior warranted a ban. Hopefully that will be that last we see of you in SL.

Prokofy Neva

No, "Commander," you're hilarious. I'm banned for nothing, for an encroachment on a few meters of Linden Land by parking lots that sat there for 3 years, only to help me and my tenants drive on to a badly-built Linden road.

I'm not related to these griefer bots -- they are alts of the Woodbury gang who have harassed me for ages with this. All of their alts have been removed by the Lindens, including some this week. I'm still here -- and a 3-day ban for encroachment ginned up by some of the griefers themselves -- and slapped on me by cynical Lindens who don't mind enabling griefers and creating this confusion -- they're the problem, not me.

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