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Don't EVER come to OUR sim again with your spam. You have been warned, duly, by two administrators, yet you continue spamming. You even continue spamming in spite of currently being banned(!) from Second Life on your main account as you said yourself (due to spamming no doubt). We will report you until all your accounts are banned permanently from Second Life, and Ravenglass Rentals has been permanently removed.

Prokofy Neva

You're revealing yourself to be a clueless git, Kaitlynn.

These "bots" are griefers impersonating me and having nothing to do with me, get a clue.


I'm not banned for these bots, but for "encroachment" in a completely unrelated story -- although it is part of a pattern of harassment of me, for sure.


I'm amazed that you'd "warn" an idiot griefer like this. Huh? You should immediately ban the bot and report it to the Lindens. It will be removed like the last 2 dozen. Yes, they spawn new ones but eventually the Lindens kill them off.

Ravenglass Rentals is not going to be removed at all because my company has not done anything wrong. You have.

Malte Maas

Again Prokofy responds the only way she knows how, a rambling wall of text that nobody will read in full without laughing. This must be what they mean by having only one arrow in the quiver.

arianna babbalooba

I realize its a year old, but I just came across this post today, and was pretty shocked at Malte Maas's response to Prokofy's plea to be heard. It is one thing to disagree with Prokofy's position, but to ridicule someone who is earnestly striving, and to do it in such a way that you maligne her personally, is to show yourself unworthy of credibility. You make yourself look bad, and you are wrong. I read the post without laughing, and from where I sit, it is far preferable to have a single arrow to let fly than to watch the battle sitting in the dust, sucking your non-opposable thumb.

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