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Luna Bliss

Prokofy, I fear there has been a grave misunderstanding between us.
I entered into the thread to challenge you regarding the demonization you frequently exhibit toward all technology. When I spoke of animats related to artificial intelligence I was referring to nanobiotechnology, and I asked you to look the word 'animats' up for a clearer understanding. This refers to the way 'tiny robots' could help us medically in the future, and is a very exciting field. Instead, you lumped me in with some sort of technocommunism ideas of yours by accusing me of being part of some kind of techno-cult, and I received the following message from you, which you failed to mention here in your blog:

" Prokofy Neva: Coming into a thread about finding facts regarding griefers,
and spouting your theories, which I don't support at all as they are fascistic, is a
form of harassment itself. It's not about you "disagreeing with my ideas." It's
about harassment with your theories that only support griefing in the end, in a
thread seeking ways to curb them. So I saw what you did there. It's not merely a
derail. It's a form of harassment with ideas that you seek because you imagine they
give you power or your group power or some cult power but they are abusive to
others. You have not been democratically elected in a liberal democracy under the
rule of law to provide your "help" on "AI"."

Basically, you are saying here that I'm an abuser...a facist, a harasser, supporting griefing, part of some sick cult, trying to circumvent democracy or rule of law. THIS was what I responded to. I guess you forgot about the above message from you?

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