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Malte Maas

The lady protesteth too much

Arabella Steadham

Prokofy, why do you invite these people to your lands? You've monotonously interacted with them for something like -- 11? years now, you both play the same game, with yourself as the villain and the others as the children teasing the big troll. If you ever had wanted to end it, you could just have changed your land settings. But you don't want to, for some very odd reason. Instead you use it as a source of alleged victimhood, a coveted status in today's society (Rachel Dolezal comes to mind). Do you care to explain why you keep going on like this?

Henry Hutchence

HAHA This is hilarious -- these idiots think they can spoof the account that my son uses. Ridiculous.
No apologies to these fools who are destructive griefers who were quite properly banned from SL.

-- Prokofy

I admit my griefing and sincerely pray Prokofy abstains from all this drama in future...this is not the way to healing, mother...hold me..let us confess our sins and emerge as responsible residents. Sincrest apologies to Tizzers and Ed Clift for the pain we might have caused.

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