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A well deserved ban:

In June 2005, Fitzpatrick received a notice that she was banned — permanently — from the Second Life forums. The official reason for her ban was "trolling," or being abusive to other members, but Fitzgerald says it was because she was being too critical of Linden Lab. Following her ban, a Linden Lab chat log surfaced on the Internet in which the Lindens plot a way to silence their biggest critic. "Prok [Fitzgerald's user name] never 'technically' violates the Community Standards," wrote one Linden. "So change them," another replied. Another spelled it out more clearly: "Ban Prok."

"When asked about the Lab's banning of Fitzgerald, Rosedale — who fields emails from her with some frequency — doesn't apologize for giving her the ax. "I do think it is reasonable," he says, "just like running a kindergarten.""

(From Rolling Stone)


Tizzers posted this comment


Post your name if you want access to winterfell and my bussy hon!

WOODBURY 2018!!!!!!!!"

The picture is clearly Jordana (after plastic surgery in South America), in front of his famous "virtual battlestation", proving the comment was posted by him.

And here someone asks on 7 January this year:

"how the hell do i get into winterfell to get tizzers banned again?"


Charity Stohr has also claimed Tizzers is his "ranking officer".

So at the same time as he frequents 4chan to ask people to join his "WOODBURY 2018!!!!!!!!" he claims he has no interest in SL, no longer logs in, and is busy being adult and mature with no time for silly games like Second Life.

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