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I don't appreciate you harrassing us on a private blog like this. Yuo have no special authority in Second Life. You are just a miserable bad landlord/old lady who drives all her customers away. I read that you griefed a university so it had to leave Second Life. People like you make Second Life a bad place.


Happy belated International Workers' Day!





It is extremely unprofessional for a business to put drama out on a blog. Especially putting correspondence out complete with people's names is rude, uncouth and pathetic. What kind of "business" does that? Sounds like these people dodged a bullet. This "landlord" sounds very unstable by putting messages between renter(or potential renters) out on a blog. There are far better rentals.

Prokofy Neva

Publishing people's bad behavior in SL so that other businesses are warned is a necessity -- given the lack of a free press and independent court system. Don't like being published? Don't behave badly -- you are warned on my profile.
As for "tinkerbell" that's just the usual griefing bullshit from Woodbury that itself was the griefer which I reported and they were banned from SL.

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