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Reed McDow

My response to your Youtube comment in the "Response from journalist accused of lying" (by d3adlyc0d3c) video:

Dude, get a grip - Josh wasnt running an racist, anti-gay griefer group... Sure he did a bunch of crazy stuff in second life, but they weren't serious about the politics. They literally were just trying to screw with the system with "fear," and being bad asses because they knew how to mod the game, past the "rules" of the game. Although i never played Second Life myself, i heard plenty from Josh while he was still with us. He never treated anyone without respect unless they deserved it; he wasnt racist or prejudice in the least. Your right to "free media" was clouted on you being so quick to judge a kid who was just tired of following the rules of the game. He was just exploring into the world of the interbutz, and it was harmless. He was never malicious; however, in the end of his illness he could have had some dementia and it could have changed (i wasn't there at the very end)... But that was because he had AIDS. I dont know why you still had to post this comment trying to defend yourself from a dead man. Had i seen this post when you had posted it, i would have probably cussed you out. Now that its been so long, all i can do is feel sorry for you. But from the articles i saw about him, written from you, shows how much of a piece of sh*t you are.

Reed McDow

And the link in case you forgot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYirBMAbaro

Prokofy Neva

Get a grip yourself, big guy -- and what a liar!
Josh indeed ran a racist, anti-gay griefer group -- it was an SL version of 4chan. Hello? This is all well documented, and not only by me. Look on the SL Herald old issues.

4chan has evolved into the alt-right that even kills people. I was right then and now to document and condemn them and AR them.

Flying around crashing sims -- which is what Josh admitted to -- isn't just "a bunch of crazy stuff " -- it's criminal in SL and RL.
Um, "mod the game" is hacking, and against the law.
All of this mentality is bullshit and I call it out.

He was not "exploring," he was being a total asshole. Even he admitted that.

He was not "harmless" -- he was malicious, harassing people, spreading hate messages, crashing sims, griefing. That's not "exploration". It's criminal.

I don't give a fuck who cusses me out, who doesn't get what blogging and journalism is, and what a civil society is. Your problem. What's amazing is that YEARS after this guy died, his little asshole friends are still trying to justify this crap.

And most of all, his little friends and fanz don't grasp that there is something wrong with this story. You don't get AIDS "all of a sudden" after having one bad love affair on SL with a "woman" who is actually a man -- and "discovering you're gay". You don't get AIDS that quickly and then die of it so quickly, within a year. That didn't happen then and doesn't happen now. So we're missing pieces of this back story.

We're told that Josh "didn't take his meds" which is why he died so quickly. That story is sketchy, too, as many, many people take meds and go on living, and the meds are not so horrible as to make their lives not worth living -- not at all. Again, we're not getting the whole story.

That somebody would choose to leave their mom with their one video to remember them as BEING THIS -- a crazy rant against an online blogger in a virtual world merely speaking the truth -- is also hugely weird -- and again, we're not getting the story.

The reason no one believed Deadly Codecs is because he constantly lied. Somebody flying around, griefing, putting out anti-gay and racist particle spews in SL, who suddenly says he is gay and has AIDS -- when part of the griefing raids involved spewing out particle images saying AIDS etc. -- he's not going to be taken seriously. It's not about me. It's about him. This has to be said again and again and again for the liars and the dense.

I'm not the piece of shit. I didn't grief people and crash sims. I didn't lie about my life story. I didn't spew particles ridiculing and attacking gays and blacks and shouting AIDS in chat -- and then tell everybody I had AIDS and get mad if they didn't believe me when I really had it.

His life stands as it is -- as a tragedy of self-delusion that failed ultimately at deluding other people, as griefers always try to do. The end.

Calling up the funeral parlour to *check the facts* which is what *journalists do* when somebody keeps lying -- and when there are people claiming he had died already when he had not, in fact -- that's normal. What's not normal is everything else about this story.

Reed McDow

Dude, you were the one who chose to leave a comment on the video of a dead man, four years(!) later, defaming him and his family. Your behavior toward his family has been nothing but nasty. You called his mother to gloat about his death. Is that sick or what? You should be the last to lecture others about "still trying to justify this crap" years after the fact. Your ongoing crazy vendetta against and obsession over Tizzer, 10 years+ after the fact, is emblematic in this regard.

And leave Deadly Codecs' family alone from now on.

Prokofy Neva

You can go fuck yourself.

I never called Josh's mother or any other relative and they know that -- it's an outright lie.

I haven't harassed his family in any way -- I have never contacted them -- you're telling bald-faced lies.

I don't have an "obsession" with Tizzers -- I abuse reported his criminal actions in SL and he was banned for cause. The end.

Again, go fuck yourself. The press remains free, and I will comment and report on public matters as and when I see fit.


If you have not been reminded today Prok, you are not a Journalist, you are not Press and you are not a Reporter by any stretch of the term.

What you are is an elderly woman with some mild mental health issues who makes a few bucks by exploiting losers and autistic people in a dying video game. Oh and you have a blog, used for petty revenge against whoever you perceive to have wronged you today.

That's as journalistic as it gets.

So with that back in perspective, why were you -an insignificant mediocrity with a blog account- calling up funeral parlors and asking about their corpses?

Prokofy Neva

No, I am a journalist and am a blogger, and I get to report on SL as and when I please, the end.

I am not "elderly" as 62 years old is not "elderly" in this day and age.

I do not have "mild mental health issues" -- criticizing griefers in a virtual world is, if anything, a sign of mental health and refusal to be bullied.

I have no need for "revenge"; I report on people who behave badly, especially if they threaten me, as there is no other recourse in SL.

It's perfectly normal to CHECK FACTS. There is no other way to check the fact of someone's death other than calling a funeral parlor. Unlike people online on social media, who can be fake personas and who can lie, they are real and will tell the truth.

The end.

Nicholas Landers

If you are a "journalist" as you claim, which reputable media company do you work for? One I have heard of, as a Brit, like the BBC? No, I didn't think so. But perhaps an exceedingly obscure local paper? No? Not even that? You get my point. You aren't a professional journalist by any standard. And yes, 62 IS old. Only a few years and you'll be 70. You are an elderly unemployed woman who plays a very outdated and dying video game for losers that is about 10-12 years past its prime. Like your horrid man-child "President" would say: SAD!

Whether you have mental health issues, I don't know for sure. But your addiction to SL, combined with your age and life situation in general (you aren't a teenage kid, so you aren't really excused for playing video games most of the day), and the fact that you write long screeds against perceived enemies in that video game, would be fairly good indications for any professional in this field (social work, mental health professions) that you do indeed have some mental health issues. It could for example be depression, possibly due to your lack of success in life? You should seek some professional help; it could very well improve your wellbeing and life situation drastically.

Prokofy Neva

Who is "Nicholas Landers"? Only some sad loser griefer in a game?

I am not elderly. I am not unemployed but work often more than full time. I am employed and published by real media and everyone who can Google knows this. I didn't vote for Trump, but for Hillary, but it's this fellow's fellow 4-chan griefers who make up the alt-right that got Trump elected and support Russia, too, more's the horror. SL isn't a game, but it is for griefers. I think it's a great creative endeavour and I'm glad I've been involved in it. I don't suffer from any depression, but I imagine that people who have time to cross the street and harass a blogger like me would have, or worse.

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