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Look what Tizzers uploaded here a few weeks ago: You!


We all hate "Porkefy" that's right, "Porkefy", not Prokefy

To funny Tizz is an airtist

Michael Thornton

You are mentioned in this thread, celebrating 10 years of Woodbury University: http://www.sluniverse.com/php/vb/show-tell/134788-10-years-woodbury.html

Michael Thornton

It's just about perspective, says Tizzers in celebratory speech on the 10th anniversary of Woodbury University, one of the nation's premier creative universities.

Tizzers, 2018: "Griefers! Miscreants! Cyberbullies! Leninists!

Residents of SL that were around during the "Prokofy" years may have heard that Woodbury was the virtual boogieman that was out to wage war against digital chickens. Over the years these residents painted a picture of our group from their perspective, and that reputation is what most people remember over 10 years later."

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