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Ali Farhad Karimi

To each what one what she deserves. After unleashing a barrage of Islamophobia on the forums, on Twitter, during office hours and so forth, you get some pushback from people who who dare to say "no" to intolerance and rude behaviour. Which you clearly deserve. It's astonishing how you manage to squeeze in your Islamophobia in pretty much every conversation you have, even in a trash virtual world. Which just proves once again how the international crime of Zionism IS racism.

Prokofy Neva

All of this is bullshit, of course, as these anti-Islamic spams of groups aren't from me, but from griefers impersonating me.

BTW, the anti-semitic canard that "Zionism is Racism," which has been disproven in a hundred ways, has been repudiated in the UN. In the 1970s, with the help of Soviet disinformation and agitation, this was put over, but by the 1990s, under Kofi Annan, this was repudiated and denounced.


Sounds like a lot of second life drama over a small number of lindens. I would suggest that everyone put their big boy and girl pants on and just delete it all and forget about it.

Prokofy Neva

"Jim," why do you think it is, that you had to find this post and make a comment on this subject? You're either the same stalker, or someone the stalker has harassed, or someone merely harassing me anyway, so it's in the line of duty.

I don't delete posts. I put a correction in them if I am persuaded it is necessary.

It's not necessary here. The lady boy can put on his own goddamn pants. The end. Fuck off.


Four years ago, you have mistaken me for someone else. You made up a story and insulted me in your blog when all I did was pay you rent. There is nothing else to this story except for what you made up.
I don’t care what your policy is. You made a mistake therefore you will correct it. I also said that when the alt troppicolori is deleted your ability to make a decision is over. Whatever you think I did the punishment was not worth 4 years of humiliation and me breaking shit in my house. FIX IT. Now it’s the end. (Troppicolori is still online but I asked to have her deleted 2 days ago.)

Prokofy Neva

No. Fuck off.



I can approach you with a sound mind knowing that I gave you the opportunity to delete the page. I know who you are and my revenge will come with your illegal sims. When you think I am not there, I will be.

Prokofy Neva

Not a single thing this person has said exhibits any soundness of mind, and "knowing who I am" isn't hard to do because I'm a public figure in both SL and RL and link the two handily. I don't own any "illegal sims" -- what ever that means! -- and it's quite possible that some *other* poor soul in this crazy person's target, who is imagined to have "illegal sims" will find themselves harassed because from other indications, involving another crazy account harassing me, this entire thing could be a case of "mistaken identity" regarding *me*. No one who had their alts exposed in 2018 in a blog post that was noticed for five minutes and forgotten would keep up a vendetta for nearly five years over nothing. Finally, nothing that any one does in SL can cause another avatar to "break everything in their house" nor can they "fix" that problem which indicates mental instability or ignorance of technology or both.

So I believe I've called this correctly, and once again: Fuck Off. Block/ban. Anyone who threatens damages against me or any other person on my blog is blocked from further comment. The IP address and its location is reported to the FBI Internet Center.

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