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Reading this post it seems certain you have more patience than I do. I rent land and my neighbours and myself don't carry on like this brïαηηα ṿεɾïταṡ (singsorrow) person. You seem to have been exceptionally calm and as you said at the end of your post the fact this brïαηηα ṿεɾïταṡ (singsorrow) plays a vampire game and when she leaves suddenly an avatar called VampireDraegan turns up. I agree with you it seems an extraordinary coincidence, or an alt.

Looking at the problems tenants can cause, and the apparent very low rental rates you charge for your land I am amazed you continue with it, clearly profit is not your motive.

I have started reading you other blogs and am finding them interesting reading, while I may not always totally agree with your view on all things, I have yet to read a post where you have not facts, that you are prepared to publish, to support your position, something the people who say they are journalists in today's RL seem to think is totally unnecessary. They have gone beyond the never let the facts get in the way of a good story, to never even bother to find out what the facts are.

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