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Tizzers Foxchase

Prok. Just. Let. Go. Geez. Move on, like I have. You'd think that a grey-bearded mature woman in the declining years of her life would move on to more important concerns like "How am I going to fund my retirement on the declining sales of a Boris Yeltsin autobiography translation nobody wants to read?" or "Is my CIA/AirAmerica pension going to be enough to fund my mental health treatment at Bellevue and my cat food budget?"

Frankie Antonioni

I think you Tizzers should move on. I assume that you are still griefing Prokofy. What does this make now? About 12 years. You are butt hurt because you lost your sim Longcat. You then got other sims, and even alts. All of those were removed. And don't think I don't have my eye out. Once I find you in SL, you will be reported.

It is you Tizzers that won't move on. I bet you still make effigies of Prokofy. Still coming to her land with alts.
Now let me tall you something what I came up with years ago. It is called adopt a griefer program. It where you monitor, and report a certain griefer. I adopted you. I always keep my eyes out just for you.
Now more than one person can adopt the same griefer. I say more the better.
If I ever hear that you are back in SL, then I will report you. I also have an alt. Don't use him much, but I will if you get another sim.

Frankie Antonioni

For some reason my post is not posting in the blog post above. About Spammers Impersonating Me.


@Frankie If you're having trouble getting your posts past the basic Typepad restrictions, I don't think Tizzers needs to worry much about your griefhunter roleplay. That's some JLU-level incompetance right there

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