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Foxchange hosts parties in a new sim these days, where people dress up in an Imnotgoing-like way (Imnotgoing being one of the stalwarts there). Rumor has it that Prokofy is widely mocked for her writings.

Frankie Antonioni

Hey Craspin, I messaged you in SL. Can you message me back?


Why are you attackin Dave? What has he ever done to you? You came to our sim dozens of times and spammed everyone. We have no interest in your war with whoever, just leave us alone. The fact that you post Dave's replies to your bot only demonstrates that it's you. 100% proof. So stop with the excuses. And apologise to Dave.

Chibi Illios-Souther

While it is unfortunate that you have people harassing innocent bystanders in your name - and I certainly feel this is an unfair tactic to use against anyone - I believe the vitriolic wording of your SecondLife profile may be part of the reason you are coming under attack. Perhaps if you spent less time actively pissing other people off, they would spend less effort attacking you.

Also, the line in your SL profile "Your abusive IM is permission to publish your chat in one-party New York State." is in violation of SecondLife Community Standards, and if it can be proven that you publish any private communication in whole or in part, that could be grounds to have your account terminated.

I am not making threats. I am simply advising you of the potential ramifications of your publicly stated, open threat.

Clare Portsmouth

New York is not relevant, Prokofy. Linden Lab is not based in New York. New York is as relevant legally as Zimbabwe.

However, this isn't really a matter of law. It's a matter of Linden Lab being a private company that is free to enforce its own terms of service and its own community standards. If Linden Lab says its customers MAY NOT publish private communications in any medium, they may in fact not, *if* they want to retain customers of Linden Lab.

Of course you can disregard the terms of service completely, but Linden Lab is also free to suspend or ban your account if you violate their terms of service, for instance by publishing other residents' in-world communications on your blog.

Lowbridge Hightide

Craspin, maybe you can help me. I cannot understand why the woodburies will go after mentally ill people like furries while also happily associating with a mentally ill man with a fetish for naked children, like Imnotgoing

Priscilla Todd

Imnotgoing was a member of Woodbury back in the day. He/she was (is?) also a high-ranking member in good standing of NCI and a number of other influential communities of SL. So I think it's more a matter of the Second Life community not caring about Imnotgoing's bedroom preferences. I think the woodburies weren't that interested in that aspect of Imnotgoing. He/she was perceived as an NCI insider and generally an ok person, and that was that.

The woodburies, like Prok, saw themselves as above the ordinary residents and as part of the political system governing/influencing SL as a virtual world (although: the woodburies viewed themselves in much the same way as a terrorist group would view itself). They hung out with Mark McCahill, this "inventer of the Internet" and inventer of SL's main competitor in the platform's early history, and their professor friends who gave them an academic alibi. They laughed at people with sexbeds and the 99% of SL residents.

Prokofy Neva

@Chibi Illios-Souther all of what you are saying is arrant bullshit. Linden Lab does not have jurisdiction outside of its servers -- it makes no claims to do so. Chat or any statement of any type published outside of LL's servers is not something they can take action on under their own TOS, and they never have. I remember a Linden who once became wildly upset about a resident who wrote something snarky about all the m2f avatars who would be undone by voice. She wanted to take action against this blogger. But she couldn't then and can't now. What people write on their blogs outside of LL is not something LL can police.

It is not a violation of the TOS to publish chat on your blog outside of LL's properties. It's a violation to publish it inworld, if it was private chat, or on the forums.

Of course, LL can terminate you for any reason or no reason and they may do so and it might be in theory some chat you published. I really don't think they are at all likely to terminate a customer in good standing because he published the chat of griefers and assholes on his blog. They have never done this in 15 years.

There are always little smarmy net nannies like you in every game or world, run along now.

@Clare Portsmouth - same to you, you're just an ignorant asshole. The TOS does not say you cannot publish chat "anywhere"; its jurisdiction with a TOS is only over its own property, which established by law and practice. The restriction applies to publishing chat inworld, sending it to other avatars inworld, or on the forums. The end.

It doesn't matter where Linden Lab is physically located -- that's not the point. I realize this may fly over your head, but the point about personal phone calls -- OUTSIDE of anything to do with LL -- is that in some states, there is a rule that both parties must give consent before conversations or letters can be published.

But in NYS, only one party has to give consent. That one party is me. Talk shit to me, your chat is exposed, and see you in court in NYS, where one-party consent applies. Once again, this is UNRELATED to anything LL says. Some people, cognizant that LL has no jurisdiction outside their servers, still try to threaten you and talk shit to you thinking they have impunity because they can sue you in RL. Again, all of this is bullshit -- and no judge in the land is likely to accept a suit involving...anonymous avatars.

So run along and find something else to fuss about.

@Imnotgoing is a completely creepy RL middle-aged male who plays a girl child in SL and really pushes the envelope on "age play" in every regard. Every one knows that. Most people find such "age play" creepy, and the Lindens crack down on it when they can. "Immy" joined in griefing with the Woodburies, joined their groups AND joined their griefing parties which was documented, which is why he got banned not just from my sim but why NCI had problems with him. He and some other griefer-coddlers then reacted by creating trouble for Carl Metropolitan, who was the respected leader for many years, and he ended up quitting. Then eventually NCI collapsed and is no more. This is the destructiveness of one hugely dysfunctional age-play creep who can never rest until he has brought down other people to his level.

It could well be Immy doing these impersonations, BTW, as some of the other Woodburies have moved on and wouldn't bother (btw that would not include Tizzers who is still creepily obsessed with griefing in SL and keeps coming back.)

There is nothing edgy, or progressive, or special, or creative about the Woodbury griefers. They are banal assholes, likely on the spectrum, for whom repetition is perhaps a palliative to their condition. The Lindens banned them for unlawful script use, crashing sims, stealing intellectual property -- serious offenses that go far beyond any harassment of me with particle spam on my sims or spam in groups impersonating me.

Linda Callion

The woodburies who griefed for the sake of post-post-modernism were indeed quite creative and rather edgy. So many of them now work for Disney etc. Others have joined academia.

The ghost of Skills Hak

I would not be expecting much consistency from the Woodbury spergs when it comes to mental illness. Have you seen their leader IRL lately? LOL


As I understand it Tizzers hasn't been much of a leader since 2014 when he fell out with many of his former minions who now hate him. Tizzers is a RL leader in the communist community in West Hollywood though.

Frankie Antonioni

Hey Greg, if you do know if Tizzers is in SL, can you send me a message?

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