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Rory Serpente

After all the years you have been in SL Prok I am surprised you don't know that if you rotate the object to the orientation you wish, eg, facing West, then take it back into inventory, when next you rez it it will be facing West.

However if you want it to always Rez facing you, regardless of what position on the compassions you are then you will have to add a script to the object, presuming it is modify.

Helpfully yours


Prokofy Neva

No, Rory, you're an ignorant little twat. Normally, I'd delete any comment you'd put here as you are banned from my blogs for chronic harassment. But since you've put INCORRECT information people have already read, let me set you state.

Obviously you didn't read the post OR understand what "rez object on touch" is about.

It DOES NOT MATTER what orientation the object has inworld as you rez it out normally, which is obviously something you fix with changing the numbers on the object or using the XYZ rotation. This has ZERO effect on this set-up as you take it back in inventory and put it into the rezzer object.

And it's not AT ALL about adding a script to the object rezzed -- that's just pure stupidity. It's about the script in the rezzer, the "rez object on touch". THERE in that script, you have to type in the numbers for the proper orientation.

But only some of the scripts have a more complex write-up that enables you to put in a number like 90 or 270 representing traditional degrees on the axis. Others require integers of 1-4 or whatever which is why it is so difficult. Or they don't have that option at all.

I got a scripter to rewrite one of my scripts to make it work better but the other may not be able to do this without more additions.

So fuck off, completely.

Prokofy Neva

BTW here's the script updated by Rolig Loon, originally by Old Bohemian

touch_start(integer total_number)
llRezObject("Hand of Glory Aflame", llGetPos() + , ZERO_VECTOR, llEuler2Rot(*DEG_TO_RAD), 42); // edit object-name and change relative coordinates of rezzed object if desired - default: .5m above rezzer object

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