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Looking at the expansive text above, it appears that somebody, named Auntie Cathy, thinks this talk page is their personal blog.

You are the strongarmed daughter of a poultry farmer. Your dad John Fitzpatrick and your evil cousin ran the worst and most evil poultry farm for many miles. No wonder you lever worked and lived off the chickens' pain and your dad's chicken-based wealth.

As a Russian writer myself, I'm appalled that you claim to represent all the Russias and Russians.


"By 2009, their sims had developed a full-blown Soviet theme, which only appeared to confirm Prokofy's conspiracy theories linking the group to a higher communist regime. The Woodbury group thought that being marked as “griefers” and perceived to be dangerous because of their use of certain images and jargon was ridiculous. They played with these perceptions creatively, spectacularly, and subversively."

"Negotiating governance in virtual worlds: grief play, hacktivism, and LeakOps in Second Life" by Burcu S. Bakioğlu https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/13614568.2012.746742

Burcu is the girlfriend of Dr Edward Clift according to his Facebook profile. She was essentially researching the people her boyfriend supervised. Is that cool or what??

Prokofy Neva

There's more evidence of my Wikipedia page being vandalized. I'm not any of the anonymous editors there -- I don't even know how to edit Wikipedia nor would I wish to participate in their totalitarian system. This is a good example why their editors should all be publicized with real names.

I put in the comment from "Catfitz" which is my recognizeable name on Twitter to serve as a disclaimer. Of course, nothing is good enough for these freaks who actually imagine I would make an entry like this for reasons of vanity. Insane.

I don't have any conspiracy theories about Soviet themes or communism in SL or anything. It's just banal stupidity by griefers. Makes sense that Burcu, promoter of griefers, is Clift's girlfriend.

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