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Madame Aprille Shepherd

It is very inconsiderate and aggravating behavior on your part that you are posting private information here, attacking those under my care, and against the law. You may not post anything from inside SL on a public forum outside of SL. You are hereby formally given notice to remove this material at once. You are also banned, as a public nuisance and disturbance, from the Toy Slaves Brothel and all associated and properties and friendly groups. In accordance with the TSB charter you are declared a felon who may not enter our properties.

On behalf of the TSB

Madame Aprille Shepherd


If I know second life, madame and the slave will both be accounts owned by the same mentally ill "genderfluid" guy who sits there alone in the dark pleasuring himself while escorting online. Odds are he has some furry accounts too

Prokofy Neva

"Madame," like others before you, you simply have your facts wrong. There is no law in any RL country that you can't post something from a virtual game world with avatars on an outside blog. That's because these identities and their speech are fictional as you well know.

I will not be removing a thing because I haven't done anything wrong. This is legitimate journalistic work.

The rule in Second Life is that you can't post chat between two avatars on the forums or inworld or anywhere on the *servers of Second Life*. It ONLY applies to that context. Read the jurisprudence on this and the TOS. Linden Lab does not attempt to police its users OUTSIDE OF Second Life. It can't. It's TOS does not apply. Do grasp this essential point of law and practice.

It's truly hilarious to hear I'm banned from a place I would never go to knowingly anyway.

As for the idea that the dominatrix and the slave are the same RL person with two avatars, I had never heard of that or contemplated it (ugh). But I suppose it could be true.

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