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Google Translate of https://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catherine_A._Fitzpatrick

"As a technology commentator, she is a critic of "Google, the Internet, web 2.0, the open source movement, techno-communism (a term invented by her), software cults, singularity, and other geek-religious doctrines." In 2010, she criticized WikiLeaks for being motivated by anarchy.

In online games, she is best known as a critic of Woodbury University's Second Life campus, which resulted in a ban on Second Life educational institutions that garnered much attention, [4] [5] [6], and also as writer about online poultry farming games"

Prokofy Neva

My Wikipedia entry is repeatedly vandalized. It's longer than many real famous people who have done far more things as a result -- its very existence is due to griefers.

I didn't invent "techno-communism," as writers like Andrew Keen and others used it long before me.

My criticism of Woodbury isn't what led to its repeated bans and confiscation of islands -- if that were true, I wouldn't have spent 7 years on it. Their crashing of servers, theft of copyrighted items, harassment of multitudes of people led to their bans. I was merely one case of one person regularly abuse-reporting them.

I'm not a writer about online poultry farming. I had some artifically-intelligent sion chickens I wrote about a few times which griefers went about killing.

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