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Beth Macbain

You are adorable, you fluffy little ragamuffin!

Don't you ever change! You are stunningly perfect just as you are, and don't let anyone ever tell you any differently!

Frankie Antonioni

I have seen Guy Linden a few times in SL. It was to set a land to abandoned. I talked to him a couple of times in world. I have also gone to Linden meetings, there I talked to Grumpity, and some other Lindens there. It is held the first Wednesday of each month.
I sent an email to Patch. I got a reply from Whitney Linden. Here is my email, and the reply from Whitney.
Late last month, I filed a ticket. It was about having a road built in
the Shikotsu sim, and would go to the other sims. I got a reply from Guy
Linden. He said that there wasn't enough land to build a road. I sent
him a reply. I told him something needs to be done. That there is lots
of abandoned land. I told him about one idea I came up with. That is to
have Minor Premium. MP would cost about $3.00 a month, or about $22.00 a
year. With MP, you could own land, but would get no stipend. Here are
the thing you would be able to get with MP.

1. No stipend. You will get no money. Nor any signup bonus.

2. No live chat support. You will get no live chat support, and some
support tickets won't be available.

3. No buying land on auctions. You will have to buy land from other land
sellers. You can buy land from LL, if you own land in the sim, and own
less than 1024 sq. meters.

4. No cutting of land, and selling the land. If they buy a 1024 sq.
meters of land, then they will have to sell it whole. They can divide
the land for search.

5. No Linden Home. You get no Linden home. You can only buy land on the
mainland. Or an estate.

Now onto something, but about land. Land that is less than 512 sq.
meters, can no longer be sold. Except to LL. I suggest that LL buy back
all land that is less than 512 sq. meters, or do a land swap. If they
have 460 sq, meters of land, then LL will give them 512 sq. meters for
the 460, or if there is abandoned land next to it, give them 52 sq.
meters. That would then be 512 sq. meters. Need to get all the mainland
to 512 sq. meters, and above. None of this 16 sq. meters here, and 32
sq. meters there.

About my suggestion about MP. Can you have some people that handle the
business end, to look at my proposal.? Would LL make more money? Would
they make less money? Or the same amount.
Here is Whitney's reply.
Hi Frankie Antonioni,

‚ÄčI just wanted to reach out and let you know that we did receive your email. I am forwarding all of your suggestions along to the appropriate people. Thanks so much for taking the time to reach out and let us know about the changes you think would be beneficial. We always love to hear from our residents and how we can make their Second Life better. Have a great weekend!


Whitney Linden
Land Product Specialist
Linden Lab
Now if LL were to implement my ideas, would that make me the new FIC?

Just another guy with a female avatar

No, it would make you a nobody in a dying video game.

Prokofy Neva

I think they should have a Poor Man's Premium for sure, it's a good idea. Maybe force them to go in all those Linden Homes they built that nobody likes now and few went into in the first place! And just a 512.

BTW, I recently found out that even if you try to sell yourself less than 512 to change it from one group to another, you can't. Now how annoying is that! You have to deed it to the group. And as we all know, even if you put "owner makes contribution" it won't go in the group UNLESS you have put tier in that group to receive the actually-covered piece. So that means you have to keep your wits about you, undertier a group, put the tier in to receive that under 512 bit, and hope you aren't interrupted and nothing goes round.

Frankie Antonioni

I don't think MP members should be allowed to own Linden Homes. Just mainland. I do think that Full Premium members should be allowed to own a Linden Home, and mainland. That would be 1024 sq. meters of mainland, and a Linden Home. There is another feature that I think the Lindens should offer FP members. That is a website. Not an Elvis Presley fan page type of website. But a website for vendors, and ad servers. Adds would be placed in an add server, and the add server talks to the website, and the website talks to the add board.

I suggest about 5 to 10 MB of space, and about 10 GB of bandwidth a month.
If you want more, then that would cost extra.
One other thing I thought about for MP. MP can own more land, if they pay tier. So if a FP member that is paying $99.00 a year, can drop down to MP, and pay $22.00 a year. But then pay tier to own more land.
So they could end up paying $99.00, or more a year, but end up owning more land.

This would mean that land sales would go up. LL also needs to advertise, and should do more product placement. If they don't, then they could end up like Marx Toys. They went out of business back in 1978.

Veritas - a happy left-wing enabler

Clearly Prokofy, Land Baron of the Mainland, has succumbed to a combination of age, the isolation of living a lone, solitary life in a RL city of millions, trying to remember what version of a story she told to who and the eventual realisation the only importance she has is in her own imagination.

Prokofy think what you could have achieved if only you had used the time you have spent in SL for good rather than the evil you frequently posted on your blog.

All those years spent boasting how you were running Ravenglass Rentals not for herself but only for the benefit of others.

The years of complaining about the students of Woodbury University, who like students the world over protested against her ultra right-wing capitalist rental property which gradually you expanded in your failed effort to squeeze them out.

The way you scornfully blogged about the good people of SL who spent hours lovingly crafting a hand puppet in your image.

I could go on, and on and on and on like one of your blog posts but it will serve no point as people know you for what you are.

I have watched your gradual decline. I place the start of the journey down teh slippery slope when you could no longer bother publishing the FIC list you complied.

Do you realise that the vast majority of people currently in SL neither know or care who you are.

Anne Prickles

I left your land years ago due to your horrible rental practices, and when it became clear you were just out to get my hard earned Linden money, and when I saw that you attacked all your tenants on your blog over petty grievances you had and accused them of "dementia". Land barons are the worst of SL and Linden Lab really ought to get rid of them. Why should anyone be allowed to own huge swathes of land only in order to bully their "tenants"? That's a dictatorship and reminiscent of serfdom in Russia. People should only be allowed to own 1 house in SL. You don't need to own 100 houses.


You have been invited to join the 11th anniversary celebration of Digital Woodburyhat.

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