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Mark Hodge

Prokofy for someone who states they worked in the area of Human Rights you certainly do not show any genuine consideration to the fact this persons first name may, in some language, actually be a male name.

Even if it isn’t SL is a virtual world where things can be anything one wises them to be, provided they do not breach the Linden Labs ToS or the laws of the country were LL’s servers are, which I assume is still the USA, or the laws of the country the person operating the avatar is in. A classic example of being who or what one wants to be is yourself a woman in her mid sixties whose avatar is a man of a much younger age.

This is your blog and subject to Typepads Terms and Conditions and various international laws you can publish what you wish. My question is do you thing many people would have bothered to take the time to read the very lengthy account of what is a disagreement between two virtual characters? If you don’t believe many would have then why did you bother posting it on your blog? I ask out of curiosity and for no other reason.

One thing that does interest me is the way you frequently quote how because you live in New York State which you say has a one party consent policy relating to publications, and frequently use this as a justification for your reporting of your conversations with various avatars, you appear to either be totally unaware of or totally disregard the β€˜moral rights’’ of the other avatar who is the author of their words and who I am almost completely certain you do not obtain permission to publish from.

Perhaps it is time you realised that while once may have had a devoted following in much the same way β€˜shock jocks’ did/possibly still do SL has moved on and I suspect most of it’s current residents have no idea who you are or simply do not care.


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