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Frankie Antonioni

While I have used FireStorm, I prefer Singularity. With Singularity, I can have the classic blue tabs, and not the black tabs. I do use FireStorm for alts. I use Area Search to find things at my store that are real small, or are invisible. Just a couple of months back, I bought some wares from a creator, and I dragged some out, and I had a hard time to finding them.

I put in request for Singularity, to have different IM sounds. One for group IMs, and one for person IMs. Not sure how it is going.

I have a question about Gacha prize machines. I got some in my store, but I don't know if I have too many items in each machine, or the right amount. Each one has around 48 items. About 8 of those are rare. 25 of the common items have road sign textures. These are stop signs, speed limit signs, caution signs, and so on. Should I take the sign textures out, or leave them full perm?

These are not freebie items. All are made by FeelGood Tripp, and his ex-wife.

Prokofy Neva

Does Singularity of Area Search?

48 is way too much for a gatcha. Gatchas typically involve 6-10-12 items, and rarely more. They should always be on transfer, as single items, not copy. If you have full perm items, offer them as freebies, not gatchas.

Frankie Antonioni

I have them set as transfer, no copy. They are not freebies. I paid 25,000 L$ for them. I got them full perm. Except for a door, for one house. I didn't put that in there. The items are clothes, cellphones, computers, answering machines, buildings, and a few other items. I used to have the computers, and cellphones on the marketplace. I took them down, and changed the perms. Were copy, no transfer.

Singularity does have area search. It is easier to use. Like the old SL viewer. I will set out more gacha prize machines later. I have five right now. Might take the textures out, and put them in a box.

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