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J Hill

I usually walk noobs through the steps for them to give me "edit" permissions on their objects. Then I move the objects for them. A hassle but it works.


I get it, you are probably fed up after being in business in SL for 15 years yada yada who cares, but to go and break ToS by posting IMs and talking about people behind their backs just makes you sound like a massive A-hole tbh. I have not and, certainly now, will not be renting from you ever.

Prokofy Neva

I don't need you to rent from me now or ever, elaynus, because you're the asshole.

For the billionth time, it is not a violation of the TOS to post chat OUTSIDE of Linden Lab's jurisdiction. They police their own servers. They cannot and do not police the servers of other companies.

In a closed society with no free press or independent judicial system, the only recourse you have is publicity. It helps deter bad behavior; it marks bad behavior and helps establish that it is wrong. You're free to think the bad behaviour is me, my rules, my publicity of some "helpless newb's" conversations.

I believe the bad behaviour is to rage at me, invent falsehoods that I have deliberately mistreated, evicted, or harmed someone who in fact spread their prims over the sim and their house over multiple lots, and then accused me of malice, theft of a precious possession and so on.

If the net effect of publication only leads some people not to rent to me, that's fine, because a few others will sympathize, and already have, not always here on the blog or in public.

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