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J Hill

I usually walk noobs through the steps for them to give me "edit" permissions on their objects. Then I move the objects for them. A hassle but it works.


I get it, you are probably fed up after being in business in SL for 15 years yada yada who cares, but to go and break ToS by posting IMs and talking about people behind their backs just makes you sound like a massive A-hole tbh. I have not and, certainly now, will not be renting from you ever.

Prokofy Neva

I don't need you to rent from me now or ever, elaynus, because you're the asshole.

For the billionth time, it is not a violation of the TOS to post chat OUTSIDE of Linden Lab's jurisdiction. They police their own servers. They cannot and do not police the servers of other companies.

In a closed society with no free press or independent judicial system, the only recourse you have is publicity. It helps deter bad behavior; it marks bad behavior and helps establish that it is wrong. You're free to think the bad behaviour is me, my rules, my publicity of some "helpless newb's" conversations.

I believe the bad behaviour is to rage at me, invent falsehoods that I have deliberately mistreated, evicted, or harmed someone who in fact spread their prims over the sim and their house over multiple lots, and then accused me of malice, theft of a precious possession and so on.

If the net effect of publication only leads some people not to rent to me, that's fine, because a few others will sympathize, and already have, not always here on the blog or in public.

Frankie Antonioni

Hey Prokofy, will you be doing an article about LL being bought out? I have been reading the forums. What are your thoughts?


Question to discuss:
My teacher told all the students that black kids would probably end up as mailmen, in menial jobs or prison. "Half of you need to prepare for prison", she said. Her name is Catherine A Fitzpatrick.

Stranger 2: Mailman is a good job though

Stranger 1: She's a troll who spends all her time in Second Life apparently. And had some conspiracy theory about black people sabotaging the Democrats because one guy on the team was black. or something. She's a total nut.

Stranger 2: Racists like her shouldn't be teaching kids.


Frankie, why don't you write something?

I usually don't answer insane falsehoods such as peddled by this griefer "Questor" but for the record:

1. I am not and have never been a school-teacher. My RL name is common.

2. I have never claimed that blacks "sabotaged" the Democrats in any way, shape or form. This is Woodbury griefing and vandalism that persists for years and years (since 2008 or so). I'm an Obama voter, so it's especially insane.

My blogs on the subject of the elections and the apps for them speak for themselves. My point was that Democrats (which included whites, Blacks and Hispanics, some of whom worked on Gore's campaign in the past) were hardly the people to be building Romney's apps. That's not because they "put bugs in them" -- that's ridiculous. And it has nothing to do with their race or ethnicity -- that's absurd.
But because as Democrats, their heart wasn't in it. It was about their political beliefs. Software of this type requires 24/7 dedication and insane war-like efforts -- as you can see from the Googlers who worked on Obama's apps and social media stuff. Romney was not as lucky. I didn't have to argue this by the next presidential election, when the GOP got their own app shops. The end.

The people peddling this bullshit about me should take their complaints to their businesses and employers in Silicon Valley who don't hire Black engineers.

Antoine Longhat

Catherine A. Fitzpatrick, you wrote an exceedingly racist screed on QuacTow forum where you lamented the presence of blacks in government and Congress because they was "non-honorable". Our great country can do without your "honor". Go back to Russia where you came from.

Anne with an E

Woodbury's griefing of you was "a social commentary on how the game is being played by others who uncritically take on the company vision describing what the world experience should be" writes Edward Clift's now-wife Burcu Bakioglu-Clift in 2019 in a scholarly article on Woodbury's "spatial storytelling" in their conflict with you. (As we know, her husband initiated, spearheaded, funded and directed this storytelling). Burcu was quite friendly with the woodburies too. The article is titled "Lore of Mayhem: Griefers and the radical deployment of spatial storytelling" and was published in the Journal of Gaming & Virtual Worlds.

She continues: Woodbury's SL presence and "elaborate pranks" belong "squarely into the realm of transgressive play." They are "wondrous acts of transgression" and WU griefers are "productive agents in game cultures".

"A group affiliated with Woodbury University intentionally deployed the persona of the griefer to create a more nuanced and robust type of group lore that further offended the Second Life community at large. Over time, they used an increasingly well-developed sense of story to engage in psychological warfare with other groups and individuals set on cultivating their own lore at the same time."

She also writes about Prokofy's "wild theories" and "symbiotic relationship" with griefers, in which Prokofy "relied on" griefers to "reinforce his claims of victimization and to make a case for communist infiltration of virtual worlds". The griefers "in turn needed someone they could count on to promote their shenanigans with fancy conspiracy theories and who in turn could also become subject matter for future builds, events and memes."

AND "Woodbury University took an unconventional approach. Instead of merely conducting virtual classes as most institutions did, it encouraged its students to explore and become involved with the culture of Second Life", and "playfully adopt[ed] the identity of the griefer". "the Woodbury group played creatively, spectacularly and subversively with the many perceptions associated with the griefer persona."

"The Woodbury contingency was quite bitter that group bans had been hastily applied to them without proper investigation or due process [...] creative content had been lost"

Woodbury engaged in "spatial literacy [in the] form of symbolic tactical interplay."

Her conclusion: "The Internet is more rightfully viewed as a dangerous place – and those who dare to log on must also be prepared to leave all hope behind."


Wanna grab a beer (or bear) one of these days, Prok, and reminisce about the good times? Or are you hellbent on being bitter for the rest of your life? <3

SL Henchman


"Following President Barack Obama's reelection in November, 2012, Fitzpatrick alleged that Republican challenger Mitt Romney's campaign's digital operation had failed because the company responsible for much of its online and digital strategy had employed African-American programmers, who Fitzpatrick said were "96% likely Obama voters" and could not be trusted."

Prokofy Neva

Again, referencing a vandalized Wikipedia doesn't prove anything. It's the vandals claiming that I said this; it's not what I said.

It's easy to check what I actually wrote:

The text is not changed, merely some updates are added about Orca, and links to other relevant articles.

Nowhere does it say "Blacks cannot be trusted" (note this claim isn't in quotes).

Nowhere does it says "Black people put bugs in Romney's apps". That's absurd.

It simply says that Obama voters -- a Black programmer, a Hispanic who worked on Al Gore's campaign, a white man who worked on past Democratic campaigns and others who profile as Democrats with obvious Democratic campaign work in their past resumes -- are not going to do their best for Romeny. As I actually said, they are not going to stay up all night drinking Bull to get the job done and all the testing done that is needed.

Romney's digital manager -- a white man -- didn't do the necessary testing and messed up the job. He hired a firm that happened to be all Democrats -- that's what I focused on. While they didn't happen to work on his campaign form Orca, they worked on apps that failed. That's not because they deliberately sabotaged or "put bugs" in them, and that is not what I said. Software programming is hellish, picky, time-consuming, dedicated work. It requires constant bug-testing and fixing and more testing. You have to stay up all night for the client when there are hard deadlines. And if you are not a Romney voter, if you are an Obama voter, you will not go that extra mile.

Everybody knows this is the truth; it's merely that Woodbury and various geeks who disliked my criticism of their cults tried to smear me with the charge of racism.

As for this "scholarship" on Woodbury, it's pathetic and laughable. Perhaps I'll have time someday to answer all that nonsense, but not now. I will point out that it is a cherished illusion of the Woodburies that they somehow riled me, or made me froth at the mouth at fake communists, or react in some way. I merely abuse reported them and documented their antics instead of staying quiet as others did. They were banned from SL for cause, and not because of me, I was a footnote.

Dr Brian Ladd

Dear Ms Neva,

I have been made aware of your characterization of a paper in the Journal of Gaming & Virtual Worlds as "pathetic and laughable." The article was fully peer-reviewed and our reviewers found the article to be of high quality and an interesting contribution to the history of Second Life. I hope this satisfies your concerns.


Well, one of the reviewers was in fact Peter Ludlow, according to a "friendly exchange" between him and Edward Clift on FB a few months ago.

Second Lifer Aunt Priscilla

Her claims about black coders was one of the most vile, racist things I've ever seen. As I understand it Prokofy is from Alabama where her family were likely slave owners and where they apparently were big on chicken farming. She has a brother named Gregg who's apparently a racist too. Often involved in brawls in their hometown of Prichard, Alabama.

Second Lifer Aunt Priscilla

When Prokofy grew up in Prichard, Alabama, she would often taunt black students, I'm told by those who knew the Fitzpatrick family of Prichard. Does it surprise anybody?

Her father Billy Bob Fitzpatrick was a drunk and manual laborer (farmhand) who used to complain a lot to the school board over desegregation.

Second Lifer Aunt Priscilla

Prokofy also has a sister named Crystal who's in jail.

Tarquin Pedestrian

Prokofy, I don't appreciate you bullying my friend. Who on earth would want to rent from a supposed "landlord" who constantly bitches about her tenants being "demented" on an insane blog?



Jaime Loveless

Why are you atttakking Yessica Haircut???


Yessica Haircut says this Prokofy guy is the worst landlord in Second Life. Rips off newcomers and orphans every day. We banned him from our beach club for being a nuisance and invading us with bots spamming everyone with ads a while ago.


WU is back. They even have a sim and use the uniforms: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewSnmHb-MRU

taktika stalina

Prok's Marriage control glasses. Now for sale in sim.


Indeed the paper and similar ones are laughable and pathetic and are like parodies of academic research. They are filled with factual errors and politicized conjecture and just plain goofy self-dealing (as you can see from the comments, one author is married now to Clift who -- in blackface, for which he should be deeply ashamed -- was one of the Woodbury Griefers himself inworld, who were all rightly banned from SL for cause, unrelated to me, i.e. for their sim crashing, griefing of others, and copyright theft.
Peter Ludlow being a reviewer is like having Stephen Miller review ICE performance. They are all old friends and co-conspirators.

They have a cherished shared delusion that I am somehow bitter, enraged, obsessed, etc. about their griefing. It helps give meaning to their empty lives. I abuse reported them, chronicled their bad behavior, and did the right thing. I was an early voice of warning of how groups like these are to be opposed as they spill into RL and cause havoc and violence there. And here we all are now. Bet you won't see any of these griefer professors studying the chain between 4chan and anti-fa. Instead, they'll keep laughing and imagining that anyone who condemns such nihilism is the chump.

Once again, I've never made any outrageous claim that Black people put bugs in Romney's code. This is sheer insanity conjured up by Woodbury and used to grief me. My blogs of years ago stand on the record and I stand by them.

Once again, it bears repeating each time this libel appears, I said that Democrats who worked in the past for Gore and other campaigns could hardly be expected to have their heart in making sure Romney's code works, including a Black coder who was a likely Obama voter. Since 94% of blacks voted for Obama, this is a truism. It's not about them being incompetent as coders; it's not about them deliberately sabotaging anything, as neither point was ever said or implied. It's rather about the absence of a positive drive to get Romney to win. And that's not disputable.

Making code is a 24/7 crazy emotional overdrive -- as anyone who watched Google stars who worked on Obama's code in his campaign could tell you. That's all. It's about whether you go way overboard to make picky and balky code work when there is no time to test it, or not. And they didn't. This isn't something that either they or anybody close to this story contests, and now the Republicans have smartened up, as much as they can ever be said to do such a thing, and stopped hiring Democrat coders. The end.

I never lived in Alabama, we had no chickens, I lived in upstate New York. If there is any Fitzpatrick in Prichard, a place I have never heard of and have never been to, they aren't any relation as it is a bog common name. I don't have a sister. I have never posted on the forum noted nor made any comments anywhere about Blacks in Congress.
Others posting here are fake people who are not related to this hapless tenant and are just griefing. No one named "Christia Fleur" has ever rented from me so her threats are silly.

People who claim that I spam groups with racist pro-Trump nonsense have encountered Woodbury griefers impersonating me with names like Ravenglass Bot. I don't have bots or use them. I don't use any accounts with that name in my rentals. And so on. It gets tiresome to explain it but since most of the people who seem to "care" about this are fakes, some with even multiple alts on the same URL, it's not worth continuing it. Again, for the record:


Frankie always makes a point of breathlessly telling about some fresh horror of Woodbury, yet he never does anything about this, and after awhile, you wonder how he finds out, unless he hangs out with them.

When I'm less busy with RL jobs and SL chores, I will do more blogs on topics of interest. Meanwhile, I will close the comments as they are merely libelous tripe and I'm not required to keep space open for people who incite damage against me or others.

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