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Christopher J Neff

So Communists selling...gatchas

Prok is literaly describing capitalism.

Must be nice to have had wealthy enough parents to have send you to school in The Saint Pe and to have gotten you into a Canadian school in the first place.

Prokofy Neva

Nolan, if you're going to indulge in Google witch-hunting, you should recall how wrong you've been in the past and how wrong you are now serving up this crap.

What is "The Saint Pe"? St. Petersburg, Russia? It was known as Leningrad when I went to school there. My parents were not rich at all, but in fact poor as my Dad had been laid off from Xerox at the time. In fact I worked summers, including plenty of over-time at the US Post Office, to raise the money for the program in Russia, and my grandmother contributed her savings. So fuck you, once again.

As for "getting into a Canadian school," you have GOT to be kidding. You didn't need money or power to get into U of Toronto at that time; you had to have good grades and also the Grade 13 equivalent, which I achieved through taking college courses at night and AP scores.

The tuition at that time was *$750 per year* for Americans, which contrasted with $3000 or more at US state schools at the time -- which was among the reasons I went there. It was and is a great school, without the party and frat atmosphere of American colleges. My parents didn't have to do anything to "get me into" this school, where PS I had a scholarship for 2 years and one summer, and where I worked part-time the whole time I was there.

So once again, fuck you, and you are blocked for libeling me and inciting harm.

Prokofy Neva



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