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Worthy of a Tajik bot

All this is just misinformation worthy of a Russian bot.

In fact the well-established scholar Burcu S. Bakioğlu has written quite thoughtfully and nuanced on the war between Prokofy Neva and Woodbury University. Certainly both sides engaged in hilarious antics.

Some important scholarly papers on SL history mentioning Prokofy:

Burcu S. Bakioğlu: Lore of Mayhem: Griefers and the radical deployment of spatial storytelling, Journal of Gaming & Virtual Worlds.

Burcu S. Bakioğlu: Negotiating governance in virtual worlds: grief play, hacktivism, and LeakOps in Second Life, New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia

Some highlights from the first article: Woodbury University's spatial storytelling in their engagement with Prokofy Neva was "a social commentary on how the game is being played by others who uncritically take on the company vision describing what the world experience should be", and Woodbury's "elaborate pranks" belong "squarely into the realm of transgressive play." They are "wondrous acts of transgression" and the members of the university are "productive agents in game cultures (...) Over time, they used an increasingly well-developed sense of story to engage in psychological warfare with other groups and individuals set on cultivating their own lore at the same time. (...) Woodbury University took an unconventional approach. Instead of merely conducting virtual classes as most institutions did, it encouraged its students to explore and become involved with the culture of Second Life", and "playfully adopt[ed] the identity of the griefer". "the Woodbury group played creatively, spectacularly and subversively with the many perceptions associated with the griefer persona."

Woodbury engaged in "spatial literacy [in the] form of symbolic tactical interplay." She writes about Prokofy's "wild theories" and "symbiotic relationship" with griefers. (...) "The Woodbury contingency was quite bitter that group bans had been hastily applied to them without proper investigation or due process [...] creative content had been lost"

Her conclusion: "The Internet is more rightfully viewed as a dangerous place – and those who dare to log on must also be prepared to leave all hope behind."

Prokofy Neva

I don't have to prove my points at all. This post above does it for me.


Burcu Bakioglu (now Bakioglu-Clift) was a Woodbury University moderator who used to hang out in the sandbox. She was also present during some of Woodbury's expeditions to disrupt Prokofy's public debates. She is writing about herself and her husband, Professor Edward Clift, and their virtual "children".


Dr Bakioglu-Clift is now in charge of user experience at Thomson Reuters.

Prokofy Neva

I'm glad we're establishing the relationship between Clift and Bakioglu.

If she is "in charge of UX" at Reuters, why would that mean anything? There are all kinds of people in all kinds of positions justifying griefing and harassment online and pretending there is something 'progressive' about it.

Her husband flew around in blackface in a virtual world griefing sims with 4chan and his "educational" island was terminated by the Lindens for cause.

PS Reuters has made an agreement with Russia, so I don't think it's a paragon of media independence.


Yes, but her PhD (in comparative media studies from Indiana University, Bloomington) literally consisted of her griefing Prokofy and then writing those papers about it. With the qualification "PhD in griefing Prokofy" she became Thomson Reuters UX head.

Prokofy Neva

Well, I suppose that's one way of seeing it. In fact, it's an important way of seeing it.

But while she may ultimately be a pseudo-scholar and a grifter on this subject, I'm not a victim; I'm a person with a rentals community who abuse-reported them and blogged about them to tell the truth about their antics. I would find it embarrassing to make a PhD over a topic like this about "transgressive behaviour" blah blah in virtual worlds but it is indicative of the state of academic in general.

I suffered an incredible amount of abuse over this from the Edgelords of SL and -- among other RL media -- the creepy Wired journo Julian Dibbell who played games and was famous for supposedly exposing abuse in them -- which became suspect for me because his Wired piece was *part of* the griefing of me, not defending me.

Now, maybe Julian's parents or somebody got him a job in the Mayor's office in Chicago. Wild!

If these people feel they graduated from virtual worlds, dining out on their fake pseudo scholarship and pseduo journalism, and using it to propel themselves into prestigious RL jobs, that's great. I'm still in SL and I don't need to graduate. I have a life.




I know a Russian-speaking mental health professional in New York with experience in cat therapy.

Lorde of Russia

My songs are great.


Both Burcu and Edward were present when the RL life size papier-mâché effigy of Prok was burned at Burning Man a couple of years ago.


You omitted the part of you, Prokofy Neva, being a nuisance for the land market and rentals business, and in neighbourly relations, in SL for years on end. Twice you were a nuisance, first as a horrible neighbour always whining and complaining about what others did on THEIR land, and then by attacking our clubs with endless advertisements/bots even when told not to come here, resulting in customers leaving. We banned you from all our land land and you just continued. What made you this way? Why can't you do your business like a rational person and behave in a normal way to business owners inworld?? Shame on you.

Sybil, Fairfield Mirror newspaper

Prokofy, do you regret your behavior towards students and academics in SL that once forced Woodbury University to leave its campus?

Sybil Johnson
Fairfield Mirror

Prokofy Neva

Sybil, you sound fake, and if you're a real journalist, you can contact me on email.

Prokofy Neva


You sound fake, and anyone else concerned can read what I've already written -- I don't use bots, I don't go to clubs, I don't join groups to spam, these are griefer impersonators. A clue is that they are usually only a few days old. Meanwhile, I'm 17 years old and wouldn't use such a ridiculous and crazy method to advertise my business.


Edward Clift

I see you're still interested in me, dear Prokofy. I can only reiterate what I once told you. Our program served mainly disadvantaged students and was a huge success in teaching them valuable skills that they have been able to use in their careers. We all believe in our students and the positive differences they can make in society. I always urged my students to engage the primum materium of Second Life and not simply recreate the traditional ivy-covered buildings and chalkboard lecture hall classroom found elsewhere. The interaction with others should be the focus.

The deletion of our campus, for inexplicable reasons and without regard for the platform's creative environment and viability, no doubt contributed to the poor reputation that Second Life now enjoys in the educational community and its relative decline in subsequent years, notably by scaring off universities. In that regard our project certainly was a creative highlight of the platform's existence, one that I'm very proud to have facilitated and one that Second Life's creators are bound to remember with fondness in the twilight years of their product.

I wish you would spend your time more productively, perhaps by enrolling in an online program to earn a degree. I wish you well in all your endeavours.


Prokofy said: "I'm 17 years old"

Um, hardly, you're a septuagenarian in a game made for kids.

Billy Bob

You're not a writer, you just write Russophobic screeds. Nothing you say is true. You are anti-Russia personified.

Shea Swauger

Your Galambosian corporatist fundamentalist stance shines through in this very lopsided and hostile history of a movement that pioneered free culture on the Internet. For example, reducing the creativity of Woodbury University and their brother contribution to SL culture to just "griefing" is dumb beyond belief. In sum, I'm not impressed. Not at all.

Punch Nose

Pixeleen shrugged


Prokofy, or Catherine, is a pompous self-referential fool who is unable to gain any critical distance from herself and who cannot bear others' criticism or allow any other point of view than her own. In all her screeds she fulminates with her weird anti-communist views and various people try to talk sense to her and she rants at them. She only listens to a few sycophants who yes her and flatter her. It’s the totalitarian mind at play. She is a perfect. All she does is great art, and something that we as academics ought to study.

Dave (Kreb Ansar)

This Prokofy woman is a true comedian. Although we've never even met and I've never talked to her, she suddenly started attacking me multiple times on this bizarre blog. Then I read her bizarre attacks on her own tenants, and her conspiracy theories about a communist infiltration of SL. My theory is that she acts crazy to draw attention to herself and create drama, to boost her business via increased name recognition inworld

Prokofy Neva

Edward, you sound fake. And fake or real, are you still between jobs? Why did they let you go from Woodbury? And do you think flying around in a virtual world in blackface isn't something that could get you fired especially nowadays?

This silly notion that Woodbury was for "disadvantaged" -- when its *virtual* version was all rich white kids -- is totally laughable, whatever the truth of the real Woodbury commuter college. This idea that their lovely creativity was somehow suppressed is also risable. They used illegal scripts, crashed sims, stole content, harassed people, etc. and were banned under the TOS. it's not about me or even my ARs as they had plenty of people ARing them. This "transgressive" behaviour is criminal, in RL as in SL, so don't be ridiculous.

I don't need any "online courses," I have a degree and work in my field. Do you?

Educators are certainly wise to the word-salad Woodbury has been spouting and that's not their reason for leaving SL; griefing by your students is. And the cost of sims.

Prokofy Neva

This is what Edward Clift was president of, evidently after he left or was dismissed from Woodbury:


Prokofy Neva

BTW, one explanation for Edward Clift's bizarre behaviour is that he "comes from money" and is related apparently to the famous actor Montgomery Clift -- although by now this family could be "distressed gentry" and not wealthy. But it could explain why he doesn't need to behave well and try to keep a job.



Note the one relative has the first name "Woodbury," imagine. Seems fake, but it's Getty images. But that's just a coincidence as the university is named for a Woodbury who was the founder (last name).

Montgomery Clift, said to be gay or bi, with a long suicide of a life, had no children. But his brother had three, one of whom evidently is Prof. Clift:

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