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Interesting: Shea Swauger is the uber woke librarian from Colorado who got the librarian Jeffrey Beall (see Wikipedia) fired some years ago.

Swauger describes himself on Twitter as "PhD student, librarian, abolitionist". He seems to believe the US is a horrible country and that it’s his duty as a librarian and library supervisor to offer resistance to big companies and the evil US government.

This is how Beall described Swauger: "They also put an unqualified, mendacious supervisor over me, and he constantly attacked and harassed me."

Shea Swauger was apparently a member of Woodbury University in SL a decade ago or so and seems to be friends with Tizzers. He cares about "digital inclusion": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tf__-W7grjI

Burcu S. Bakioğlu-Clift

Thank you for your concern and interest in Ed's career. Yes, he is employed and he is doing interesting work. He is also writing on a forthcoming book about the future of the metaverse. We both hope you'll read it. We have both, all, learned so much from interacting with you in the metaverse's infancy, about the human dynamics of the metaverse, so you've certainly made your mark.


According to a Facebook comment from earlier this year Clift now works in R&D at Facebook.

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