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Saffia Widdershins

My bad - I was VERY late in getting out the gift at the LitFest site, so I apologise. It's by the FilmFest part of the build, near the giant screen that's currently showing The People's choice from the Wafflie awards at FilmFest. It's a brooch/badge/button for Harland Quinn and the Omega Hex, and there's a sign telling you to click - you get information about the FilmFest too. That site was built by Aoife Lorefield, Briony Writer, Gwen Enchanted and Dawny Daviau (with me adding signage and gift).

There's also gifts on the Designing Worlds site - you can get postcards from some of our most iconic shows, each one with a message from one of the Designing Worlds teams. This site was built by Mavromichali Szondi and Aisling Sinclair, and it relates to our New Babbage shows and the central character who crops up in them of Mr Biggins.

And thank you for your coverage of this - you've certainly given me some ideas for the DW show!

Steadman Kondor

Thanks for checking out my SL19B site (the septopus) Muahaha nightmares yes sirree!

Prokofy Neva

Saffia, I will write in another post about this, but the criticism of your build and lack of gifts isn't personal, it's not about you, and it's not a slam on your incredible hard work at SLB19 and many other venues. It's about how people are stretched too thin, it's about how they have no incentive, and it's about a lot more which I will try to explain. It's also about some of the big types around you who have much more publicity and income who could be doing more and not putting it all on you.

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