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Ani Aunerfal

Hello Prokofy Neva! I've contacted you before in my capacity as administrator of Sculptyworks. I've contacted you inworld without a satisfactory response, to so I googled you and I'm posting this here for everyone to see:

For several years now your bots have spammed our residents with your advertisements.

You do NOT have our permission to spam our residents.

We have now reported you to Linden Lab and encouraged all our residents to do so, and we WILL again report you to Linden Lab every time your bots disturb the peace here.

Prokofy Neva

I don't use any bots whatsoever in my business.

Get a clue, what person in business seeking actual customers would EVER use a technique like spamming groups with racist and crazy nonsense?! These are griefers impersonating me.

You can read my past posts on the subject.

Please DO abuse report any alts abusing my business name and reputation in this way. You can be assured you will not affect me because they are unrelated to me but you might succeed in getting rid of some day-old accounts or even older ones the Lindens failed to ban.




Prokofy Neva

This post allegedly from Ani Aunerfai itself could be fake and an example of griefer social engineering. I decided to send him this message inworld as all. When I looked him up, I found that I had blocked him, which suggests that he contacted me in the past with this nonsense. Now, he claimed not to know me.

[20:56] You have blocked this Resident. Sending a message will automatically unblock them.
[20:57] Prokofy Neva: Ani, as I've already told you in the past, I DO NOT have any bots, and any avatars impersonating me or misusing my business name are NOT releated to me. These are griefers. What person in their right mind would EVER use a method like this to get customers?! DO please get a grip. Read my posts on this which explain this issue and do indeed AR these accounts in the hopes that the Lindens will keep banning them, as they have in the past, even as new ones are made. Notice I am in business for 18 years and not banned.
[20:57] User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[20:57] Prokofy Neva: https://3dblogger.typepad.com/second_thoughts/2017/10/rental-dementia-griefer-bots.html


[20:57] User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[20:59] Prokofy Neva: I'll have to conclude that you are a remnant of Woodbury or some other griefer group yourself and AR you as well since you've persisted with this insanity.
[20:59] User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[21:08] Ani Aunerfal: What is all this about? I don't even know who you are.
[21:12] Prokofy Neva: You posted on my blog
[21:12] Prokofy Neva: https://3dblogger.typepad.com/second_thoughts/2022/09/some-people-got-their-way-duplicate-forum-post.html?cid=6a00e54fce13cf883402a2eed65aef200d#comment-6a00e54fce13cf883402a2eed65aef200d

Ani Aunerfal

Are you now suddenly claiming this one from last week isn’t you? Your bots have been pests for years. Hardly believable.

[14:21] RavenglassBot74: (This is an automated message, I don't read responses): Howdy Sculptyworks! Rent from Ravenglass Rentals today! In business now in 29th year! Real America and MAGA community. Only senior citizens, thank you! (60+) No liberals or Biden fanatics allowed. The election was rigged from day one and Biden isn’t a real president! No muslims or Mexicans!

Visit our SionChickens in Belarus for only 50L an hour. Belarus is a beacon of hope against the Bidenists!

Your abusive IM is my permission to publish your chat and report you to Interpol.

Tinkerbell is a nasty liberal griefer who is exposed on my blog here: http://3dblogger.typepad.com/second_thoughts/2018/05/rental-dementia-our-dolphin-need-not-leap-when-we-are-not-here.html

I don't rent to griefers like him, I expose them aggressively across the grid! Griefers should take this as a warning. Liberals NOT WELCOME!

Prokofy Neva (Manager, Ravenglass Rentals)

Prokofy Neva

Of course it's not me. I have never sent any such messages, nor do I endorse any of these "causes". I'm a registered Democrat, opposed the MAGA. My rentals are not age-related, I no longer even have newbie rentals, any age in SL or RL are allowed. I don't consider liberals and Biden voters as fanatics, and Biden was legitimately elected and is indeed a real president. My rentals are open to any race, ethnicity, creed, or lifestyle or absence of same. I run the International Bazaar in Ross where I encourage visits to Hispanic and Mexican sims, for example, and I maintain the only working mosque in SL now in Ross. There is no "visiting sion chickens for $50".

PS since you wrote to me inworld "I have no idea who you are" -- although I had you blocked which means you may indeed have complained to me in past years about impersonator-griefers, I can't be certain this post with your name is really from you.

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